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Archives of Spring, 2004 Events

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Some highlights

* Talking to the Wall - (through March 24) - How WalMart destroying small town America. Is Europe Next?

* Imagine Creating Understanding in Troubled Times (March 27)

* Arsenal of Hypocrisy: The Space Program and the Military Industrial Comples (March 28)

* War Taxes Demonstrations - April 15, 2004

* 12th Annual international Conference Resisting Empire: Understanding the Role of Space in U.S. Global Domination
(April 23-25)

Core Group's Sarah, Sunny, Charlie, Irene and Jamie (Not in photo - Eric, Paul and Norman.)

Please call 413-773-7427 and email us if you have suggestions for listings. Thanks! For Western Mass events, we suggest you also check out the AFSC/Western Mass calendar.

This calendar describes events sponsored by many peace and justice organizations. It has announcements sent via email and listservs, including listings sent out by WMass Jobs for Justice, WMass AFSC, Cambridge United for Peace and Justice, Arise for Social Justice and many other organizations.

Western Mass and Vermont
Boston Area
New England and New York State
New York City
Ongoing - Western Mass and Southern Vermont
Weekly Vigils for Peace
Other On -Going Events

Western Mass and Vermont Events

Thursdays to -June 17 (note changes) PLAYING WITH MONEY 7-9:30pm, Bangs Center, Boltwood Walk, Amherst. Join Class Action in this creative and fun exploration of money and class. We will meet monthly on Thursday nights to engage in an exploration of our attitudes and feelings about money and class. We will use a variety of forms including simulation games, drama, and art for this exploration. Break this powerful societal taboo and have fun too! Each evening will stand alone, but the evenings will complement each other. You can come every month or just once. Suggested donation $5-$15 per session. Info: 585-9709;;

February 12: Honey and Money: Intimate Cross Class Relationships-Partners; March 18: Fulfilling Our Dreams: Money and Class as Help or Hindrance; April 15: DoBeDoBeDooo: Work and Identity; May 13: The Elephant in the Middle of the Room: Organizational Dynamics & Class; June 17: Personal & Political: Living Your Values in a Global Context.

March 20-April 4 MASSACHUSETTS MARCH TO ABOLISH POVERTY The Green-Rainbow Party, Economic Human Rights Project, and Sisters Together Ending Poverty are founding sponsors of a 16-day, history-making march through the lowest income communities in our state. Other sponsors include: Low Income Welfare Organizing Collaborative, Campaign on Contingent Work, National Welfare Rights Union, Survival News, Fairness In Taxes for Everyone, National Association of Social Workers, Arise for Social Justice, Mass Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, United for Justice with Peace, Mass. Jobs with Justice, SAGE, Family Diversity Project, Citizens for Participation in Political Action. Approximate WMass dates: March 24: Southbridge/Ware; March 25: Springfield/Holyoke; March 26 S. Berkshires/Pittsfield; March 27: N Adams/Greenfield; March 28: Northampton/Amherst; March 29: Montague/Orange. Ending in Boston April 4. Info, route map: Contact Arise, 734-4948;

March 24 and April 14 - Reel World 7-9pm, Arms Library, Shelburne Falls. Information: (413) 625-9543 ˝Reel Worldţ is a documentary film series organized by West County residents seeking to uncover events and analyses not often found in our usual news sources. The theme of this series is an investigation into the national and international impact of the foreign and domestic policies of our government. Films from the first series have been donated to the Arms Library by "Reel World" and are now available for borrowing. Anyone interested in replicating this series in their own community please contact Liz Kelner.

Rest of Series: See PDF flyer




March 27 - The Conscious Communication Institute Invites you to a Day-Long Conference - Imagine Creating Understanding in Troubled Times, Saturday, March 27, 2004 - 9 AM to 4 PM, Bement School in Old Deerfield, MA.

Connect, celebrate, & learn new skills for Compassionate Effective Communication * with partners  *  families  *  in classrooms, * workplaces * in the wider world.  

Ten Co-sponsors. Literature tables.
8:30:  Registration and refreshments

9:00:  Opening. Music with Sarah Pirtle

10-12:  Workshops

12-1:  Lunch. Music with Molly Scott

1-2:  Participant-led discussion groups

2-4:  Workshops & Closing

$10 with pre-registration by March 20    $15 at the door
Childcare provided with pre-registration
18 yrs. and under- Free
Fragrance- Free event requested
For information call Gaella Elwell:

See detailed description. Download poster (pdf file - 792 kb)

March 28, Sunday - Arsenal of Hypocrisy: The Space Program and the Military Industrial Complex, talk and discussion with Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator, Global network Againt Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space. 2:30 pm Refreshments, 4:00 - 5L30 pm - Program at the Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse, 121 North Pleasant St., Amherst, MA. Presented by Franklin/Hampshire Chapter of CPPAX (Citizens for Participation in Political Action) and co-sponsored by Social Justice Committee, Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst, WMass AFSC, and Traprock Peace Center.

March 29, Monday, at 4:30pm, South Hadley, MA - Odine de Guzman Five College Women's Studies Ford Associate University of the Philippines Overseas Filipina Labor Migrants and the Regulation of Sexuality De Guzman's study uses narrative analysis to understand the ways in which Filipina contract workers in Asia cope with alienation and the commonly stringent employer and receiving-state regulations as these impinge on workers' personal and sexual lives. She examines the "evolving" forms of intimate relationships among the women in light of receiving-state regulations on pregnancy and the growing incidence of HIV/AIDS among overseas Filipino workers. Unless otherwise noted, all events will be held at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center, 83 College St (Route 116), South Hadley. All events are free, open to the public and handicapped accessible. For more information call our event line at 538-2527.

Tuesday March 30 EVE WEINBAUM: "TO MOVE A MOUNTAIN: FIGHTING THE GLOBAL ECONOMY IN APPALACHIA 7pm, Odyssey Bookshop, 9 College St (Routes 116 at 47), in the Village Commons, S Hadley, 534-7307 or 800-540-7307;; Weinbaum, Associate Professor at the UMass/Amherst Labor Center, discusses her new book.

April 1 - Thursday, at 7:30pm, South Hadley, MA - Ariel Salleh Five College Women's Studies Research Associate University of Western Sydney. Gene Tech, Ecofeminism and People's Science. Local resistance to gene technology as a form of cultural domination is being led by ecofeminists like Diverse Women for Diversity, by class based groupings such as Via Campesina, and by ethnic indigenous organizations such as Tebtebba. In this grassroots alliance, anti-globalization activists encounter the hands-on skill that many women and non-industrial peoples have in meeting daily needs while still preserving the web of metabolic exchanges that make up the ecosystem. The common thread between women's and indigenous knowledges is their material grounding in reproductive labor and practical understanding of human embodiment in habitat. This people's science destabilizes the dualist logic and instrumental rationality of commodity production with a relational model of humanity-nature links.

April 2-4 ANNUAL REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS CONFERENCE Hampshire College, Rt 116, Amherst. From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom, sponsored by the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program and the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College. This conference has a broad understanding of reproductive rights, encompassing the struggle for racial equality, economic justice, civil liberties, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender and intersex rights, environmental justice, peace, youth liberation, access to education, healthcare and childcare, welfare rights, disability rights, immigrant and refugee rights, and freedom from violence. It makes the connection between reproductive rights and other social justice movements in order to enliven our mutual efforts for justice and equality for everyone. The conference weekend will include time for learning, listening, speaking, networking, and connecting. It will begin at 4pm on Friday April 2 and end at noon on Sunday April 4. The weekend will include an abortion speak out, performances, a networking reception, and over 25 workshops on topics such as abortion access, human rights, population control, international women's health, immigration, art and activism, welfare, globalization, spirituality, sex education, and caring for ourselves as activists. The conference is free and open to everyone. Housing, childcare, and sign language interpretation are available with advance registration. Info, to register: 559-5416, mailto:clpp@hampshire;

April 8 - Thursday, at 7:30pm, South Hadley - Karen Rowe Five College Women's Studies Research Associate University of California Los Angeles "Women, Write!": The Female (En)gendering of American Print Culture When Fanny Fern called women to "arm" themselves with the pen rather than darning-needles, she advocated a nineteenth-century vision of self-instituted psychotherapy to stave off the mental annihilation of unhappy womanhood. Given a choice between the marketplace of publishing and an insane asylum, little wonder that many women became prolific contributors to the culture of literacy--and to the sociopolitical debates--that refashioned Republican mothers into progressive New Women. Female editors and journalists, among them Maria Stewart, Lydia Maria Child, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Ida B. Wells, and Harriet Farley, founded a thriving print culture to give public voice to the daunting challenges facing American women--abolition, suffrage, the working girls' labor strikes. How did these mid-nineteenth-century editors and journalists, the prototypes of modern-day talk show hosts, recompose elitist middle-class magazines and newspapers into populist pulpits from which to preach new social ideals of womanhood, political reform, and feminist activism? Unless otherwise noted, all events will be held at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center, 83 College St (Route 116), South Hadley. All events are free, open to the public and handicapped accessible. For more information call our event line at 538-2527.

April 15 - The Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters (PVWTR) invite you to their umpteenth annual demonstration against the spending of our tax dollars for military purposes and in favor of funding human needs on Thursday, April 15th. Demonstrations will be held in front of the post offices of Greenfield from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., Brattleboro at 1 p.m., and Amherst (downtown post office) from 2-4 p.m.  The theme of the Greenfield demonstration will be “Is this liberation for Iraq?”  We will have large papier mache puppets representing Iraqi mothers mourning their children that have died as a result of U.S. actions.  We invite you to come and be one of the Iraqi mothers, to hold a poster, to help us pass out leaflets, or simply to lend your presence and your witness to our message. This year PVWTR is redirecting its resisted war tax dollars to two human needs organizations, the Amherst Survival Center and the Youth Programs of the Franklin County Community Action Commission. Representatives of these organizations will receive the redirected tax dollars and speak at 11:30 a.m. in Greenfield. We encourage supporters to contribute their redirected war tax dollars, even symbolic amounts, or donations, to one or both of these organizations, or to alert us as to the amount and the recipient of their redirected dollars so we can announce it at the demonstration.  To participate, please mail your contribution or information to PVWTR, P.O. Box 223, or call Juanita Nelson at 773-5180.

April 15 - Thursday, at 7:30pm, South Hadley, MA - Sally Steindorf Five College Women's Studies Research Associate Syracuse University. Television and Girls' Real and Imagined Life Prospects in Rural India. In rural north India, once girls become sexually mature, their parents restrict their movement around the village. They are often prohibited from talking to boys outside the family, and going to places, like the bazaar, where they will encounter the male gaze. If parents allow their daughters to earn money, their jobs almost always consist of tasks like sewing, which can be done from the home. Yet, interviews with village girls show that the jobs they most often dream of directly contradict the lives they are living, like work in the police and Army. This paper explores the contradictions between village girls' real and imagined lives, and considers the role of television as a window to viewing and imagining alternate life paths. Unless otherwise noted, all events will be held at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center, 83 College St (Route 116), South Hadley. All events are free, open to the public and handicapped accessible. For more information call our event line at 538-2527.

April 22 - Thursday, at 7:30pm, South Hadley - Linda Tomol Pennisi, Melanie Braverman, Gail Thomas and Amy Dryansky. Poets The Ups and Downs of Publishing Personal Poems:An Evening with Perugia Press and Friend. Four accomplished poets will read and then discuss the risks and joys of making public some of their more personal work. This unique, thematic presentation will address what many poets discover as they move from the private sphere of writing poems to the public sphere of publishing and giving readings. More intimate than the average poetry reading, this event will showcase each of these women's poetic talents and allow time for conversation. Participating poets are Linda Tomol Pennisi, author of Seamless (Perugia Press, 2003); Melanie Braverman, author of Red (Perugia Press, 2002); Gail Thomas, author of No Simple Wilderness (Haley's, 2001) and Finding the Bear (Perugia, 1997); and Amy Dryansky, author of How I Got Lost So Close to Home (Alice James Books, 1999). Susan Kan, founding editor of Perugia Press (, will be on hand to add to the discussion about the collaborative work of publishing. Unless otherwise noted, all events will be held at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center, 83 College St (Route 116), South Hadley. All events are free, open to the public and handicapped accessible. For more information call our event line at 538-2527.

April 22-24 - Transforming Globalization Through Community: The 2004 New England Conference on Economic Justice

Place: Mont Marie Conference Center, Holyoke, Massachusetts Main Keynote Speaker: David Korten, Co-founder and board chair, ˝Positive Futures Networkţ; author of When Corporations Rule the World Theological Speaker: Richard Horsley, Professor of Religion, University of Massachusetts, author of Jesus and Empire Sponsored by United Church of Christ Justice and Witness ministries; UCC Conferences of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont. In collaboration with: Western Mass American Friends Service Committee, Empire Working Group of Pioneer Valley, Interfaith Coalition For more information, brochure, map, and registration form, contact Sandy Evans, Western Area Office,, (413) 589-7034

Saturday May 1 ANNUAL NORTHAMPTON GAY PRIDE FESTIVAL The organizing committee is trying to get Rosie O'Donnell to speak. The theme will be gay marriage as May 14 will mark the state Supreme Court's 6-month deadline for legislative action. Pride At Work will have a table. Info: David Jarnes, 493-8020,

May 8 and May 12-June 2 Unlearning Racism as a Path of Liberation, a series of groups/classes co-sponsored by BPF, Zen Center on Main St., and Dhamma Dena Meditation Center. Led by Arinna Weisman, Catherine Hondorp, and Maia Duerr. For more information, please contact or At the Zen Center, 78 Main St., Northampton.

May 22 - Saturday AMY GOODMAN HAMPSHIRE COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER Amy Goodman is host of Democracy Now!, a national, listener-sponsored public radio and TV show, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the country. The program was launched six years ago as the only daily election show in public broadcasting. Because of its success, Democracy Now! broadened focus and became a national news show committed to bringing the voices of the marginalized to the airwaves on issues ranging from the global to the local. In 1998, Democracy Now! went to Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, to document the activities of US oil companies in the Niger Delta. The program won the 1998 George Polk Award for the radio documentary "Drilling and Killing: Chevron and Nigeria's Military Dictatorship." In November of 1999, the Democracy Now! team headed to Seattle for an eight-day special on the Battle of Seattle, documenting the street action and the explosion of anti-corporate globalization activists onto the world stage. Info: Yaniris M. FernÓndez, Assistant Dean of Faculty, 559-5781,

July 4 - Annual Traprock Picnic on Woolman Hill, Deerfield. Good food, good speakers, good music and wonderful neighbors. Call 413-773-7427 to volunteer or for information.

July 10-11 - Sitting for Peace, Standing for Justice BPF New England Conference at Amherst College, Information:

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Boston Area and Central Mass

Ongoing - (followed by calendar events)

Bring the Troops Home Now working group of United for Justice with Peace (Boston Area) - Coordinators: Charlie Richardson and Nancy Lessin ( , Paul Shannon (617-497-5273) Last meeting of working group: Feb 3rd, 7:00PM, AFSC, 2161 Mass Ave, Cambridge Everyone is invited to come on Feb 3rd and create concrete campaign actions!

UJP Israel/Palestine Task Force Meetings, Claredon Hill, Presbyterian Church in Somerville, MA. Coordinated by the UJP I-P Task Force: Naila Jirmanus ( Š, Marilyn Levin ( Šand Abby Yanow (

Stop the War/Stop the Budget Cuts (Boston) Coordinators: Chuck Palson ( , Carol Pryor ( Š, Paul Shannon (617-497-5273), Anna Meigs ( Š, Richard Sherman ( Š, Otto Klein ( Š This working group will meet on Monday, February 9th at AFSC, 7:15 to continue developing the campaign. Meanwhile, a bulletin board has been set up on the UJP website, for the working group to continue framing the campaign. You can reach this bulletin board at Ă or contact Chuck Palson to join the e-mail list.

Boston Social Forum: organizing the peace and justice track Coordinator: Duncan McFarland ( Š The next meeting is Tuesday, February 10, AFSC, 2161 Mass Ave, Cambridge.

Second Wednesdays JOBS WITH JUSTICE HEALTHCARE ACTION COMMITTEE 4pm, Carpenters Local 107, 29 Endicott St, Worcester (508-755-3034 or 508-755-1920). Making final plans for Nation Healthcare Day of Action. Info, directions: Tiffany, 617-524-8778,

Stop the BU Bioweapons Lab. It would bring Ebola and other incurable diseases to this lab in a heavily populated neighborhood. Coordinators: Judith Roderick ( Šand Lew Gittleman ( Š

MARCH 20: The World STILL Says No to War! Global Day of Protest on the One-Year Anniversary of the Iraq War Visit to endorse, download leaflets, find a list of local protests, and more. Watch Traprock's site for a photo-journal and interviews (audio).Eastern Mass contacts: see United for Justice with Peace coalition -

Wednesday, March 24 7:15 to 9:15 Watertown An Alternative to Preemptive/Preventive War: A Policy of Common Security Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies. St. John's Methodist Church 80 Mount Auburn St., Watertown. For More Information 617-926-8560*2

Thursday April 1 MASSACHUSETTS JOBS WITH JUSTICE ANNUAL DINNER Suffolk Downs, Boston. Details coming! Info: 617-524-8778;;

Wednesday, April 27 7:15 to 9:15 Watertown Fundamentalism: At Home and Abroad. Speakers to be announced St. John's Methodist Church 80 Mount Auburn St., Watertown. For More Information 617-926-8560*2

Friday July 23 - Sunday July 25, 2004 University of Massachusetts, Harbor Campus Boston Boston Social Forum: Another World Is Possible On the eve of the Democratic Party's National Convention For information on how to join or participate in the organizing of the Boston Social Forum contact 617-338-9966 or

July 26-29 - Protests and educational events being planned for during the Democratic National Convention; more information to follow. Call Traprock at 413-773-7427 or AFSC/Western Mass at 413-584-8975.for Western Mas information; .See United for Justice with Peace coalition -

Other New England and New York State

April 23-25 - Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space - 12th Annual international Conference Resisting Empire: Understanding the Role of Space in U.S. Global Domination. Dr. Helen Caldicott, keynote speaker. Woodfords Congregational Church, 2002 Woodford Street, Portland, ME.

Download Brochure (964 mg) for information and registration.

2004 marks the 12th anniversary of the Global Network and each year we hold an international event in a different part of the world.  This year we will meet in Maine, the home of Bath Ironworks (BIW) where the Aegis Destroyer is built.  The Aegis is outfitted with interceptor missiles as part of the Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) system that will be “forward deployed” in the Middle East and used to surround China, which will of course build more nuclear weapons in response.  Representatives from peace groups worldwide will be in attendance to share their work to stop Star Wars.  Included in the events will be a protest at BIW. This event is being cosponsored by Maine Veterans for Peace, Peace Action Maine, Pax Christi Maine, Maine WILPF, Traprock Peace Center and Witness for Peace Maine.

1. Wild Iris Inn
273 State Street, Portland
Tel: 207.775.0224 or 800.600.1557
Cost - $76.50 per night (per room) includes tax.
2 miles from the conference location.
We have reserved all seven rooms in this cosy B&B.
Please notify Bruce to secure your reservation.
(We prefer that you utilize this location.)

2. Inn at St. John
939 Congress Street, Portland
Tel: 207.773.6481 or 800.636.9127
2 miles from the conference location
Cost - 79.70 double bed, 89.70 two double beds, 84.70 queen - plus 7% tax
Contact hotel to reserve room

3. Day's Inn
461 Maine Mall Rd., So. Portland
Tel: 207.772-3450 or 800.329.7466
5 miles from the conference location.
Cost -$66.00 plus 7% tax - all rooms. There are 10% discounts for senior citizens, AAA members, traveling on business. If you reserve on the website you may find better discounts.
Contact hotel to reserve room.

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New York City and Metropolitan Area

Ongoing listed first

NYCLAW meetings (watch for announcements).

NEW YORK CITY* All from the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut region are invited to attend a PLANNING AND MOBILIZATION MEETING for March 20 Join students, labor unionists, anti-war activists and many more to participate in a discussion, pick up flyers, posters and stickers, and learn how you can become a volunteer or an organizer for March 20 and how you can help spread the word. For more information call 212-633-6646 or email Weekly Activist Meetings will take place every Tuesday at 7 pm at 39 W. 14th St., Room 206

March 20, 2004 Saturday - A World Says No to War

Subject: NYC M20 youth & student meeting Reply-To: Mobilizing plans for the March 20th demonstration in New York City are in the works. In order to maximize the number of young people involved in the planning process, the March 20 Mobilizing Committee started a youth and student working group, which hopes to begin a discussion about how to reach out to and mobilize a large youth contingent on March 20th.

Subject: NYC M20 ANTIWAR LABOR CONTINGENT March in NYC with Labor═s Contingent Sat., March 20, Noon Madison Square Park (Madison Ave. & 23 St.)

U.S. Out of Iraq & Bring the Troops Home Now! *End War & Occupation in Palestine, Afghanistan, Everywhere! *Stop Bush═s War on Workers Ă At Home & Abroad! *Fund Jobs, Health Care & Schools Ă Not War! *Fight Racism Ă Defend Immigrant, Civil & Labor Rights!

Labor Endorsers include 1199SEIU, CWA Local 1180 NYC Labor Against the War, UAW Region 9A NYC For more labor info:; (917) 282-0139

Sunday August 29 & Thursday September 2 2004 - THE WORLD SAYS NO TO BUSH: WORLDWIDE PROTESTS DURING THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION New York City and around the world. In the last three years, George W. Bush has presided over a radical right-wing takeover of the US government whose ramifications have been felt all over the world. Not only has he waged two wars, killing thousands of innocent people, during his short time in office, but he has also implemented a policy of pre-emptive war that violates international law and threatens global security. On the home front, unemployment soars, the federal budget deficit swells into the billions, and states prepare to slash funding for everything from healthcare to education, yet Bush responded with two huge tax cut that will primarily benefit the wealthy rather than the people who are most in need. On every issue - from environmental regulations and international treaty participation to worker rights, civil rights, and civil liberties - Bush has pushed for unprecedented and destructive changes in US foreign and domestic policy that even more sharply favor corporations and the wealthy, especially Bush Administration supporters, at the expense of the people of the world and our environment. The Bush Administration shamelessly uses the tragic attacks of September 11 2001 to justify its aggressive and militaristic policies. In its most recent attempt to exploit the grief and fear that were provoked after September 11, the Republican Party pushed back its 2004 convention to August 28-September 2 2004 and will hold it in New York City, not far from Ground Zero. Initiated by United for Peace and Justice (212-603-3700,, a US anti-war coalition with more than 600 member groups.

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March 29-April 4 NATIONAL STUDENT LABOR WEEK OF ACTION Students and workers celebrate the lives of Cesar Chavez and Dr Martin Luther King Jr by joining together to demand justice for workers on their campuses and in their communities. March 31 is Cesar Chavez's birthday and April 4 marks the 36-year anniversary of Dr. King═s assassination. In 2003, students and workers came together for over 280 actions during the fourth annual National Student Labor Week of Action. Students and labor came together to win concrete victories and build a more powerful movement, addressing a range of issues from sweatshops in the factories and fields to living wages to the right to organize for campus workers. Info: The National Student Labor Week of Action is sponsored by SLAP, a joint project of Jobs with Justice and the United States Students Association. Partnering organizations for the National Student Labor Week of Action are: United Students Against Sweatshops, National Movimiento Estudantil Chicana/o de Aztlan, TransAfrica, Student Action with Farmworkers, Not with Our Money, and the Organization of Chinese Americans. "My friends, the time for action is upon us. The enemies of justice want you to think of Dr. King as only a civil rights leader, but he had a much broader agent. He was a tireless crusader for the rights of the poor, for an end to the war in Vietnam long before it was popular to take that stand, and for the rights of workers everywhere. Many people find it convenient to forget that Martin was murdered while supporting a desperate strike on that tragic day in Memphis, Tennessee. He died while fighting for the rights of sanitation workers. Dr. King═s dedication to the rights of the workers who are so often exploited by the forces of greed has profoundly touched my life and guided my struggle. During my first fast in 1968, Dr. King reminded me that our struggle was his struggle too. He sent me a telegram, which said: ´Our separate struggles are really one. A struggle for freedom, for dignity and for humanity.═" ä Cesar E. Chavez

Saturday - Monday, April 16-18 Chicago, Il National Nonviolence Conference For more information contact: Peter Lems,

April 22-25 PROTEST IMF/WORLD BANK Washington DC, during the World Bank & International Monetary Fund (IMF) semi-annual meetings, on the 60th anniversary of their creation - the creation of: * the institutions and structures that have designed economic programs for over 100 countries; * the subordination of global ecology to corporate profits; * the reduction of public resources and public policy to instruments of private profit; * the institutionalized domination of the wealthy over the impoverished - the new form of colonialism! Protesters will demand: * Open all World Bank and IMF meetings to the media and the public. * Cancel all impoverished country debt to the World Bank and IMF, using the institutions' own resources. * End all World Bank and IMF policies that hinder people's access to food, clean water, shelter, health care, education, and right to organize. (Such "structural adjustment" policies include user fees, privatization, and economic austerity programs.) * Stop all World Bank support for socially and environmentally destructive projects such as oil, gas, and mining activities, and all support for projects such as dams that include forced relocation of people. * Fully fund the Global Fund to Fight AIDs, Tuberculosis, and Malaria and end support for trade initiatives that undermine access to affordable and generic HIV/AIDs and other lifesaving medications. Visit for details and updates.

Sunday April 25 THE MARCH FOR WOMEN'S LIVES 10am assembly on the Mall, Washington DC. Info: 866-444-3652,,

May 28-31 - The National Network to End the War Against Irag Convenes in Bloomington, Indiana on Memorial Day weekend. Recommend your favorite speakers, topics and workshops. 'Depleted' uranium (DU), sustaining the movement, fairness and accuracy in reporting, etc. will be central topics at the National Networks' annual conference This will be another conference with modest costs.


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May 9-19 - St. Petersburg, Russia. 12th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution: "Sharing Tools for Personal/Global Harmony" This is Part of a 2004 series of 5 major international conferences in 3 countries that focus on exploring and advancing the consciousness of peace. Sponsored by Common Bond Institute (USA) and Harmony Institute (Russia) - see CBI websiet for information -

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Traprock Peace Center Community Meals
, at Second Congregational Church in Greenfield. Everyone is welcome at these community feasts - Traprock volunteers have fed as many as 75 people in need of a meal! If you´re interested in helping, call Matthew Leighton (774-5156) or Marjorie Reid (774-4122). In case of bad weather, call the church (774-4355) to see if the meal has been cancelled. Traprock is one of many community organizations that do a community meal each month.

October 16-19, 2003 - World Uranium Weapons Conference, Hamburg, Germany. For more information, contact: Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen - Co-Coordinator: Marion K┘pker, BeckstraĄe 14, 20357 Hamburg, Germany Phone +49 40 4307332 - Email: Š


Please EMAIL us with revisions. We suggest you also check out the AFSC/Western Mass calendar for regional anti-war events.

NOTE: We are not certain that all of these vigils, especially the daily ones, continue.

*Everyday - Putney, VT - 12 noon to 1 PM. Bring your own sign.
*Everyday - Great Barrington - 5 -7 pm candlelight vigil.

* Mondays - Cummington - 7:30, at the Creamery in Cummington study Nonviolence throughout history & do direct actionprojects, sponsored by the Hilltown Nonviolence Study Group, call Leni in advance 413 634-5591. Magazines needed for exchange racks at three locations, for diversified news.

* Tuesdays - Greenfield - 12:30-1 pm, Greenfield, Vigil initiated by the Mediation & Training Collaborative, all welcome.

*Wednesdays - Brattleboro - the Community Vigil, 4:30 - 6 PM at the Well Fountain in downtown.

*Fridays, Amherst, 12-1, Women in Black vigil in front of Fleet Bank, Mary Wentworth, 256-6005
* Fridays, Northampton courthouse, noon, Women in Black peace vigil
* Fridays, Springfield, 4:30-5:30, Court Square, Springfield, weekly Peace Vigil
*Fridays, Greenfield, 5:00, Town Common, Greenfield, candlelight vigil.

*Saturdays - Amherst - 11:00 am - noon - The South End of Amherst Common - "The World Says No to War"
*Saturdays, Greenfield, 11-12, Greenfield - Neighbors vigil on the Common, Main & Federal St, Mary McClintock 413 369-0117
* Saturdays, Northampton, 11-12, a silent vigil at the Northampton Courthouse cosponsored by the Northampton Committee to Lift the Sanctions and Stop the bombing in Iraq. Claudia Lefko, 413 584-0068.
* Saturdays, Shelburne Falls - 9:30-10:30 at Shelburne Falls in front of the library on Bridge Street.
* Saturdays, Orange - Women in Black peace vigil. Contact Pat, 978-544-7035
*Saturdays, Holyoke, 1-2 pm, at the Yankee Pedlar, corner of Beech and Northampton Street .Info:

* Sundays, Amherst Common, 12-1, , Peace Vigil which has gone on almost every Sunday since July 14, 1979, often still enjoying the presence of Lee and Margaret Holt at age 91. Please pay your respects if you have a chance to visit! Great weekly flyers from educate the public. 413 549-4515,
* Sundays, South Hadley Common, 12:30, , Routes 116 & 47 - Jean Grossholtz, 413 533-5895,, or Joan Grenier, 467-3944,
* Sundays, Westfield, NOON to 1:30 , center of town=20 near library. Contact:
* Sundays, Huntington Common, 7PM, Candlelight vigil,
* Sundays, Belchertown Common, 7PM, Candlelight vigil,

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* POTLUCKS, often Thursdays at Traprock Peace Center. Call ahead to make sure we´´re having a potluck that week.
DIRCTIONS to Traprock Peace Center: , Deerfield, 1/2 mile south of Greenfield off route 5 & 10. A blue state highway sign directs you from 5 & 10 to the Woolman Hill Conference Center. Come to the top of Woolman Hill and make a hard left after the sign.

Monthly meetings include potluck of local foods at 5:30 pm, announcements 7 pm, interfaith sharing, presentation on an environmental concern and group reflections. The Interfaith Environmental Justice Group meets each month in Franklin County for a ritual, information, reflection & action. For more information call Sunny Miller, Traprock Peace Center at (413) 773-7427, Rev. Kate Stevens, 625-6967 or Mark Benjamin 625-6965.

Eric Wasileski and other volunteers bring conscientious objection literature and personal conversations to the lunch rooms of area high schools, and other youth groups. Volunteers bring provocative 1/4 page quotes, basic questions that would be asked by a draft board and news about current legislation in Congressional committee on the draft. This version of abill is unlikely to pass. It contains no provision for exempting conscientious objectors from boot camp. Veterans especially welcome. Please call to participate. 413 773-7427

* UNDERCURRENTS, WMUA, Mondays, 5:30-6:30 PM, 91.9 FM
Jennie Traschen, Sunny Miller and other local hosts air recordings and interview wonderful guests, including Arun Gandhi, Scott Ritter, and Randall Forsberg.

*Saunas - Wednesday nights - between 6 and 10 pm at Touchstone Farm and Yoga Center, Easthampton, MA. $10 donation.

*Devotional Singing, A Benefit Event for Peace in Palestine - Every Wednesday evening at 8 pm, Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center, Easthampton, MA. Call 413-527-8723 or email:

(Third Tuesdays) FRANKLIN/HAMPSHIRE HEALTH CARE COALITION 7:30pm, Cahill Housing Community Center, Fruit St, Northampton (parallel to Conz between Old South & Smith Sts). Organizing for the Mass. Health Care Trust Fund Bill. Contact the Markhams, 586-0345; Franklin/Hampshire Health Care Coalition, PO Box 3011, Amherst 01004, 586-0345, The Massachusetts Health Care Trust Fund Bill (S.686) calls for a universal health care system, providing universal access, a comprehensive range of physical and mental health benefits, choice of provider, quality, unified financing and cost controls, accountable governance, and stability. A Massachusetts Health Care Trust Fund will be a "single-payer" of all health care costs, statewide. The goal is to bring the bill to a vote in the Senate this year. Please call your Senator and urge them to sign on to S.686. If you do not know your Senator go to: Please report any feedback you get from your legislator to MASS-CARE: 800-383-1973;; Visit website for details of the Bill, action ideas. At a public hearing on October 8, the Massachusetts Senate Health Care Committee heard the elements of the health care crisis, including the needless suffering inherent in the present system and the inadequacies of the system to deal with a public health epidemic. The Committee now has the power to move us toward a solution by voting S.686 OUT OF COMMITTEE WITH AN "OUGHT TO PASS" RECOMMENDATION. The bill can then go on to Ways & Means where the economics can be addressed. Citizens can email the Committee -;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; - urging them to vote S.686 out of committee with an "ought to pass" recommendation.

(Third Wednesdays) PIONEER VALLEY CENTRAL LABOR COUNCIL 7:30pm, AFL-CIO Hall, 640 Page Blvd, near corner of Osborne Ter, across the street from the old Westinghouse, Springfield. Community and labor activist guests are welcome, but contact Steve Dondley, 732-7970,

(Third Wednesdays) MASS SENIOR ACTION COUNCIL - GREATER SPRINGFIELD CHAPTER 1:30pm, Good Life Center, 1600 E Columbus Av, Springfield. Mayor Charlie Ryan will attend. MSAC tackles vital issues, including single payer health care and prescription drug price relief, including adding Rx coverage to Medicare and stopping Medicare privatization and how to get prescriptions filled in Canada. No age requirement! For info or a ride: Linda Stone, 533-9235,

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March 27th was Wally's Birthday -

In loving memory of Wally Nelson- March 27, 1909 - May 23, 2002 Our dear and wonderful friend Wally died quietly at 9 pm with loved ones close by. Eight hundred people attended his memorial service on Sunday, June 2 at the big tent at Deerfield Academy off Route 5 & 10 at 2 pm, followed by a celebration of his life, here on Woolman Hill. Juanita Nelson led a procession from the conference center winding around their cabin, singing, "Oh When Tose Saints Go Marching In!" Would you like to help put Wally's wisdom with a thousand peace cranes? We've begun folding. Come fold with us on sidewalks, at playgrounds, at summer camps. (photo ©Charlie Jenks, 2002)

WALLY NELSON's definition of NONVIOLENCE: Nonviolence is the constant awareness of the dignity and humanity of oneself and others; it seeks truth and justice; it renounces violence both in method and in attitude; it is a courageous acceptance of active love and goodwill as the instruments with which to overcome evil and transform both oneself and others. It is the willingness to undergo suffering rather than inflict it. It excludes retaliation and flight.

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Call Traprock Peace Center at 413-773-7427 for latest information.

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