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Two Memos (Obtained by Doug Rokke)

"Proponency" Takes Priority over Environmental Concerns

The Los Alamos memo of March 1, 1991 acknowledges that "[t]here has been and continues to be a concern regarding the impact of DU on the environment." It raises a concern that DU weapons could become "politically unacceptable" and advocates "proponency" when "after action reports are written."

'Depleted Uranium' Poses Threats to Health, per Defence Nuclear Agency

This Defense Nuclear Agency Memo was written by Gregory K. Lyle, LTC, USA concerning what "can, must or should be done with the millions of expanded rounds of depleted uranium ordinance" in Iraq. It notes that clean up procedures "were not meant to support shipments of thousands of DU rounds from site restoration." It goes on to note "As Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), ground combat units, and the civil populations of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq come increasingly into contact with DU ordnance, we must prepare to deal with the potential problems." Further, "Alpha particles (uranium oxide dust) from expaneded rounds is a health concern but, Beta particles from fragments and intact rounds is a serious health threat, with a possible exposure rate of 200 millirems per hour on contact." The memo warns that "specific DoD guidance concerning the disposition of DU material in the post combat period/restoration phase is currently lacking." The writer hoped that "expression of our concerns over the side effects of DU use will help ensure protetion for our troops and allies." This memo is undated - Dr. Rokke says he received it around the same time he received the Los Alamos memo in 1991. [Note: For a discussion of acceptable millirem limits, see Per the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, allowable radition does to a member of the public is 100 millrem per year, for a continuous dose. It's obvious that continuous or repeated exposures causing radition of 200 millirems per hour would quickly exceed the National Regulatory Commission's limits.]

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