Hear Galloway-Hitchens Grapple in the Apple

[Update: Galloway debates Hitchens on C-SPAN three times this weekend! Go to MrGallowayGoestoWashington.com for all the details. Then don’t miss your chance to see him in person.

9/18 – Madison w/ Jane Fonda
9/19 – Chicago w/ Jane Fonda
9/20 – Seattle
9/21 – San Francisco
9/22 – Los Angeles
9/24 – Washington, D.C.

Please forward widely!

All ticket info at MrGallowayGoestoWashington.com


Debate Announcement:

In what promises to be the best debate on the war to date, George
Galloway will take on the notoriously pro-war Christopher Hitchens
this Wednesday. The debate starts at 7:00 EST and can be listened to
online at kpftx.org

I’d encourage people to listen in and take
notes … It would be a great way to jump start a semester of
exciting anti-war activities … forward this announcement along to
all of your anti-war listserves. – Snehal Shingavi

You may see it or hear it live live via webstream. at Democracy Now.

You may see it re-broadcast on CSPAN.

Watch or listen to the Baruch Assault on Hitchens and then get your tickets to see him in person in your city.

Galloway – Hitchens Debate
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
7:00 PM ET

Two years after the invasion of Iraq, British MP George Galloway and
journalist Christopher Hitchens will debate the causes and
consequences of the Iraq war. Moderated by Amy Goodman.

George Galloway is Respect party MP for Bethnal Green and Bow in East
London. He recently electrified the United States with his appearance
at a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing on May
17, when he turned the proceedings into a condemnation of the war in

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer described Galloway’s speech in the Senate as “a
blistering attack on U.S. senators rarely heard” in Washington. His
new book, out in September, is “Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington” (The
New Press).

Christopher Hitchens is a widely published polemicist and frequent
radio and TV commentator. He is the author of “A Long Short
War,” “Why Orwell Matters,” “The Trial of Henry Kissinger,” and many
other books. The London Observer calls him “One of the most brilliant
journalists of our time.”

This debate is part of a national tour of the United States by George
Galloway, “Stand Up and Be Counted: No to War and Occupation.” The
tour will culminate in Washington, DC, during the anti-war protests
on September 24th. For a full list of cities and events, please see
the George Galloway National Tour Website

For more info on the Galloway tour, contact: Galloway2005@comcast.net
or 415-607-1924.

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