Bonnie Weinstein’s San Francisco Report

Mission High School held at least 1200-1500 people in its
auditorium last evening to hear George Galloway’s gripping
presentation. The audience was brought to their feet on
several occasions as he lambasted the hypocrisy of U.S.
support to Israel, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,
the racist and inept handling of rescue for the tens of
thousands of displaced hurricane Katrina victims, and the
courageous stand of Cindy Sheehan for the immediate
withdrawal of U.S. troops. .

The turnout reflects, I think, a new awakening among
the American people to the crisis the world is in due to
policies of our own government.

I think we will see the same marked increase in turnout
for Sept. 24th. Galloway pointed to Cindy Sheehan’s
resolve to speak to Bush and the horrendous response
to hurricane Katrina by this government as the driving
forces behind this new realization by the American people
that there is something very wrong with our government.

It was very inspiring to be at this event.

I’m stoked!

In solidarity,

Bonnie Weinstein
Bay Area United Against War

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