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Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) History - page 7 (most recent)

CAN students speak on student movement
at Socialism 2006, NYC, June 23, 2006

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field (NYU/CAN), Charles Peterson (HCC/CAN) and Charles Jenks (Traprock Peace Center) on "Free Speech and the Movement Against Military Recruitment" 63:26 minutes - 29.1 mg. The panel was moderated by Monique Dols, a CAN alumnus and former CAN Coordinating Committee member.

Campus Antiwar Network Sponsoring Regional Student Antiwar Conferences
"From Protest to Resistance"

CAN report on March 27, 2006 immigrant rights and antiwar demos in San Francisco

March 24 Update on Pace U.

No Expulsions, but students face discipline if organizing not approved by university
by Pace student, Brian Kelly

Students Protest Repression at Pace University - Join Cindy Sheehan and Leading Activists in Defending Students. Sign the Petition to Protect Campus Free Speech

Join Cindy Sheehan, Camilo Mejia, Kathy Kelly, Howard Zinn and students who’ve fought repression and won at Berkeley, SFSU, CCNY, HCC, GMU, Kent State, Hampton, and Madison, in supporting…

National Week of Campus Action
First Reports Back
Press Release on Call for Actions
March 13-17
leading into anniversary of war and
global days of action, March 18-19

Endorsed by AfterDowningStreet, Bay Area United Against War, Bloomington Peace Action Coalition, Goldstar Families for Peace, International Socialist Organization, Progressive Democrats of America, San Juan Peace Network, Stop the War Coalition (UK); Texans for Peace, Traprock Peace Center.

CAN website

CAN Meets Students and Activists
in London

Alys Elica Zaerin (School Students Against the War convenor) with Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Campus Antiwar Network, at reception for US delegates.

Video & photos of student meeting.

Students Pav Akhtar, Suzie Wylie (both of the UK's National Union of Students), Elizabeth Wrigley-Field (Campus Antiwar Network) and Peter Leary NUS). The British students are active in the Stop the War Coalition. photo © 2005 Charles Jenks.

198 Photos of 9/24/05 DC March
2000 joined "College Not Combat - Relief Not War" contingent, called by Campus Antiwar Network. 500 marched in the San Francisco contingent.

San Francisco 9/24/05 Photo-Album.

San Francisco's student contingent.
© 2005 Campus Antiwar Network

CAN Counter-Recruitment pamphlets by Bill Linville and Paul Pryse (doc) (pdf)
College Not Combat
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

Campus Antiwar Network - CAN news
Relief Not War - CAN relief missions
Counter Recruitment - CAN actions
Campus Voices - student writers

Resisting Repression on Campuses
San Francisco State University
Pace University

Hampton University
Kent State
Harold Washington College
George Mason University
Holyoke Community College
(scroll down to October, 2005 at linked page)

High School Students form new CAN chapter when RIT Antiwar Counter Recruits at their school.

photo ©2006 Ken Love

Dec 15 - CAN organizers and other antiwar activists interviewed by Democracy Now on Pentagon spying on civilians

Initial Reports from CAN Chapters
Dec 6th - National Day of Counter-Recruitment

Defend Free Speech at U Wisconsin Madison

Dec 6th protest by WMass students

Counter-Recruitment Day Sweeps U.S. Colleges

Endorsed by Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn, Camilo Mejia, Pablo Paredes, Dahr Jamail, Tim Carpenter, Randy Kehler, Berkeley City Council and many other national and international activists and organizations.

CAN Natl Conference Photos - Audio

CAN photo-history Can website

Army Handbook for Recruiters (pdf) (doc)
"School Ownership is the goal." Sec. 1-1.b.

Update on Campus Free Speech

Hampton Students Not Expelled

Students not expelled at "Kangaroo Court" held at Hampton - 20 hours 'community' service imposed.

650 sign petition

Hampton University is an historically black university in Virgina. Pictured above are Hampton U. student activists who have been disciplined for peaceful protest.

Kent State Students Prevail
Kent State cancels disciplinary hearing against David Airhart

See photos and hear entire Kent State student news conference.

© 2005 Eric Ruder

See letters of support and transcript of David Airhart's Nov 5 speech in Chicago

Support Harold Washington Students
More campus repression

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
New Battleground on Campuses (pdf)



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Here, we present an index to the history of CAN from October 26, 2002 to the present. There is much that is not included, such as coverage of regional CAN conferences in other parts of the US (we're in the Northeast), and CAN's highly successful campus speaking tours (coordinated with partners such as the Muslim Students Association). We encourage people to visit for upcoming events, resources and information about CAN. Please consider ways to uplift this independent, democratic and grassroots student antiwar network. Special thanks to Katrina Yeaw, Kirstin Roberts, Emily Goldstein, Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Monique Dols, Desmond Gadfrey, and Phil Gasper for giving suggestions on content, contributing photographs or sending writings.


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