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Stop War with Iraq - 2003
For Current Material, go to Homepage.
See also 2002 archives, 1998-99 archives - amazing and tragic how the older writings still apply to today's events. See continuing
Ban DU Campaign

2003 Photo-Journal Archives
haved moved to their own page to ease download times.
for Most Recent News & Resources
Stop War Against Iraq - 2002 Archives
On Blair having 'sexed up' its dossier on Iraq

BBC threatens to sue Alastair Campbell - Blair's spin doctor. "No 10 did sex up dossier and claims that they didn't are utter rubbish" See also "Spinning Out of Control."

Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the butt - Microsoft hidden code shows that Blair aides 'sexed up' dossier: Glen Rangwala broke this story originally.

UK Soldiers fear they're acting illegally if Blair lied.

Where are the WMD's?

How will US explain to famililes of the dead that US was wrong (or lied) about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction?

Mark F. McCarty wrote on this here on June 5th. See The 'Winnebagos of Death' ' - Just Another Scam? on 'suspected mobile bioweapons labs'

Now it's 'OFFICIAL' - Iraqi mobile labs had nothing to do with germ warfare, per British government report. Observer (UK)

A great set of links.

What Weapons of Mass Destruction?
May 8 - George W. Bushês war on Iraq was waged on a –bodyguard of lies.” Scott Ritter
Chasing Phantoms? Glen Rangwala
Iraq Weapons 'Intelligence Fiasco' - open letter to President Bush
This War is Illegal under
International Law
Mar 28 - Illegal War - Robin Miller
"We are not liberating Iraq, we are destroying Iraq" -
Scott Ritter, interviewed by Vincent Browne on RTE1, Ireland. (RealAudio)
US Illegal Act - Joan Russow, Ph.D.
Editorial in The Independent
View from Australia
Did Bush Claim God told him to Invade Iraq?
Israeli newspaper Haaretz - In case link 'disappears' we have copied story here.
Brian Willson
Open Letter to John Kerry
Robin Cook and Claire Short Iraq Testimony
Lessons of Iraq - Commons Foreign Affairs
Committee Hearing
Important to Remember
September 24, 2002
Tony Blair fueled hysteria about Iraq with claim that Iraq could deploy chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes. Bush praised 'Blair Dossier.' See MSNBC report , which refers to the Counter-Dossier and quotes Jeremy Corbyn. Was Blair push part of a coordinated effort to ratchet up support and fear in the US and UK?

From UN - July 22

Kofi Annan statement to Security Council

Briefing to the Security Council by Sergio Vieira de Mello
Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq

Press encounter with Sergio Vieira de Mello

Annan's UN Iraq-Related Report (Short - Accessible - Very Important to Read)

Thanks to Nathaniel Hurd, Consultant on Iraq Policy

Let's not forget about the economy

Bush's Data Dump by Russ Baker

From Bush I thru Bush II

Hiroshima Invites Bush - learn from Hibakusha.
Our State of the Union' Press Conferences
Stories w/ Photos of Greenfield and Orange
David Keppel - June 17 - By our own action, we would make the "war of civilizations" a full - and terrible - reality. - Letter to Sen. Richard Lugar
Fast for Peace -- Civil Disobedience
US House Letter to Pres. Bush


Republican Funders Get Contracts - Neil MacKay
Carving Up the New Iraq - Neil MacKay

Hawks in the Hen House
(amazing online resource - soon to be an ebook)
Halliburton deals questioned by Congress

Republicans Want Patriot Act Permanent

What Happens Next? - Neil Mackay
Privatization in Disguise
See Financial Times special section

Iraq: Devastation
Mar 26 - "Badhdad's Shock and Anger"
(US denies it was their missile, but does that
miss the point? Would it have happened
but for the attacks on Baghdad.)
Photos of Civilians in Baghdad hospital
(warning - sad and disturbing)

Mar 22 - Baghdad's Night of Terror

Voices from Iraq

Rick McDowell has been to Iraq 15 times.
He remnds us of the Victims of War.

Interview with Iraqis who had been refugees in Saudi Arabia -
Laura Covello - with letter to UN High Commissioner for Refugees

George Capaccio has made many
trips to Iraq.
"Peace...a mighty prayer."
Baghdad... 5 million people
George Capaccio in Baghdad

Joe Quandt was in Baghdad for October with Voices. Open Letter to Baghdad.

Mary Burton Risely - What's on my heart.

Felicity Arbuthnot on Iraq

Vietnam and
Gulf War Vet
Doug Rokke,
'Depleted' Uranium Expert

U.S House Members


Gulf War Syndrome, The Sequel¾
'People Are Sick Over There Already'

Steve Rosenfeld interviews Doug Rokke

WBAI (NYC) Panel on DU with scientist Leuren Moret, Sunny Miller and others
Hear and download (45 min - mp3 file).

Mar 31 - Rep. Jim McDermott introduces
'Depleted' Uranium Bill - HR 1483

(follow link to press release, House bill,
letter to colleagues and resources)
Contact Info:
U.S House Members

Doug Rokke interview by Sunny Miller, (published in YES!) or listen to original Tufts Univ. radio (mp3)

April 5 - Sunny Miller on 'depleted uranium
at CAN anti-war rally in DC (mp3 audio - 3 mg. file)

US use of 'depleted uranium' is illegal -
Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald

Discounted Casualties - The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium - links to book and resources

Summary of Toxic Exposures during Gulf War I - Doug Rokke

Tons of DU to be used in Iraq - BBC

Mar 24 - DU Must Not be Used - - Doug Rokke

Mar 24 - 'Depleted' Uranium - Army Regs ignored

March 6 Press Conference with Reps. Conyers,
McDermott; Nader, Veterans and Families

GI's At Risk - See also Nov. 02 - Action Alert

Feb 21 - Congress: Ban 'depleted' uranium -
Leuren Moret (pdf file - doc file) Ref. Groves Memo

Feb 15 - Bio-Chem Protection faulty - Doug Rokke

"Their ignorance is breathtaking" - Helen Caldicott

"This is absolutely criminal" - Major Doug Rokke

See Ban DU Campaign for more resources
"Reality of War" by Doug Rokke
Doug Rokke's Reply to Mother of GI
VA Report on Gulf War Casualties
GAO REPORT - GI's at Risk
US Exports of Bio Materials to Iraq documented
in the Reigle Report
- pdf file, html page.

Blix and ElBaradei transcripts

Hear March 7 Reports

"Unresolved Disarmament Issues - UNMOVIC Working Document"
6 March 2003
(pdf file)
(.rtf file) (doc.file)
Important declassified report to UNSC
More by Glen Ranwala Response to Powell -Feb 16
Blix/ElBaradei Reports-
Feb 14
co-author of 'Counter Dossier'
Media Outreach Into the Belly of the Beast II- AM talk Radio
Hussein Kamel
Glen Rangwala on UNSCOM
interview of Hussein Kamel

(if busy, try UK site)
*Media Coverage and Links
*Normon Solomon Commentary
Glen Rangwala 'Counter-Dossier II' March 18
Update debunks latest bio weapons claims
VX Claims Fall Apart - March 15; See Section on VX,, part of 'Counter-Dossier II'
Student Peace Movement Growing
Campus Anti-War Network
(CAN) launches student website.

Students Request
Meeting with President

Doe v. Bush March 18 - Court Won't Rule on War
March 17 Press Rlease;
New Court Filings (pdf file) (doc file)
3/ 13 Press Release (pdf file) (doc file) - Court Decision (pdf file); (doc file) - 3/ 12 Update; Pleadings

Myths and Lies Used to Justify Massacre

See Glen Rangwala's analysis of claims of Iraq's proscribed weapons
Updated March 15

Rachael Corrie
Murderd in Gaza

Myth - 'Depleted' Uranium is safe
Fact - "This is absolutely criminal"
Major Doug Rokke
Fact - "Their ignorance is breathtaking"
Helen Caldicott
Myth -
Iraq tried to buy uranium from Afirca.
Fact - US used forged documents to make case. Chicago Tribune
Alleged - Saddam gassed Kurds at Halabja
The Truth? - Stephen C. Pelletiere in NY Times
Also see Memo to Sandy Berger (1998)

Distortion -
Iraq many have 1.5 tons of VX.
Fact - VX stocks would have deteriorated quickly after production - Glen Rangwala
(CNN grossly exaggerated US claims by saying 1000 tons unaccounted for.)
Half-Truth - Details of Iraq weapons programs revealed by Hussein Kamel in 1995; US relies on allegations to build case against Iraq.
Fact - Kamel's interview hidden by UNSCOM - he also had told UNSCOM Iraq destroyed these weapons -
we were not told that.

False - US already has authority under previous UN resolutions to attack Iraq.
True - "Please see the editorial in The Independent, which points out that the Security Council chose "serious consequences" in 1441 because France, Russia, and China were unwilling to authorize force in advance, as the phrase "all necessary means" might have done. It's this distinction France is making when it rejects 'automaticity.'"- David Keppel
Also a view from Australia.
False - October's Congressional Resolution gave the Bush Administration authority to act without UN authorization.
Truth -"It expresses three basic ideas; Congress supports the Presidentês diplomatic efforts; Congress authorizes the President to use force as necessary to protect American and U.N. troops; and should the Security Council determine that use of force is necessary, Congress will likely supply the constitutionally required declaration of war or equivalent action at that time." Memo, s. 1 B, Doe v. Bush
So, why did two
US diplomats resign?



April 12 - worldwide

April 5 - National student protests

Mar 29 - Boston
Mar 28 - Die-in - March -
Civil Disobedience

Protests Mar 20-22
Mar 22 - 54 arrested at Westover AFB
March, Rally and Civil Disobedience)
Mar 20 - San Fran

Analysis by Jake Asbin, Decorated
US Veteran and Writer
On-Line Petitions
to Stop the War
UN Contact Kit
Petition calling for Peacekeepers to Iraq.
Petition asking General Assembly to demand
immediate ceasefire under powers of
'Uniting for Peace', Res. 377.
To Our British Friends Save Us (and everyone) from Ourselves
Letter writing to UK media
Campaigns of Faith Helen Caldicott's Campaign
(with media reports)
US Dirty Tricks US Arm-Twisting Index
(Thanks, Nathaniel)
Robin Miller An Illegal and Immoral War
*Ask Congress to Vote on Iraq
*Bombing kills more in Afghanistan
Feb 26 - Labour MP's Revolt - UK Promises Parliament Vote
Alice Copeland Brown Avoiding the Fate of 1930's Germany
Power Point Slide Show - Download for Use
Felicity Arbuthnot In Memory of Iraq - a letter from a broken heart
Nathaniel Hurd Who Will Sell and Buy Iraqi Oil?

It's the Oil, Stupid. Thanks, Michael!

*Useful Quotes from
*Pentagon PLanning for US Agenda

Norman Solomon
on Media

See Norman Soloman Archives

David Keppel

"We must commit ourselves to global cooperation..."
To Sen. Richard Lugar, Chair, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

This FLYER (pdf format) was passed out at the Indiana University commencement. Thanks to David Keppel and Bloomington Peace Action Coalition. Here it is in Word format

April 23: Letter to Sen. Richard Lugar on his Meet the Press comments about North Korea - See Nicholas D. Kristof's analysis

* 'Creative Destruction' and 'Total War'
* Is Congress Hiding? Proposal for a New Resolution
* On the Plundering of Baghdad
* The War for Liberalism
* Public Seems to Accept War's Death Toll
* "Our solidarity with American troops cannot mean acceptance of the policy of this war. Such acceptance would vitiate democracy."

*- Letter to Sen. Lugar
*Breaking Taboo on Nuclear Strikes
*It's Not a Game, It's Not Over" (pdf file)


*Sen. Byrd Floor Speech
*"...Not a Case for War" by Rangwala, Hurd and Millar
Bill to Repeal War Resolution
Feb. 25 - UN fears humanitarian crisis
*Pentagon Budget
*War is All About Oil
* 3,000 bombs, missiles to target
Iraq in first 48 hrs.


UN Contacts
(pdf file)

US Senators
US Reps

Contact French, Chinese and Russian
UN Missions
212 308-5700; fax 355-2763/ 421-6889
212-665-6100; fax 212-634-7626/27
212 861-4900/4901/4902; fax 628-0252

Special: Postcards to Senators, French UN Ambassador, President Bush, (pdf file) by David Keppel - writer, Traprock and MoveOn contributor. (or download Doc version)

The Impact of a New War on Iraqi Children
by The International Study Team

Medact: "human catastrophe in Iraq"

UN Report - War Could Put 10 Million at Risk

What was US hiding by editing Iraq Report?
US Gov. and Corps. Helped Arm Iraq (Dem Now)
Plea to Jimmy Carter on Iraq
(pdf file - or - doc file)
Keep Turkey Out of War
Uniting for Peace Petition to UN
Petition for Emergency United Nations Resolution on Iraq
Individuals may read or sign Petition HERE
Organizations may read or endorse the Petition HERE.

NEWS ITEMS (for current items, go to homepage.

(We prefer to link directly to the source rather than reprint under 'fair use.' Sometimes, we do reprint, particularly where the source changes its links, e.g. by moving the article into an archives folder. Why link rather than reprint? Researchers would rather go to the source, organizers would rather print from the source, and a media source that has produced fine reporting 'deserves' the web traffic to the article in question.

Attacks on US troops "becoming routine" - Wash Post

Iraqi alleged to have met with 'al Aaeda hijacker' captured -
Perle says he could tell a lot - "Of course, a lot depends on who is doing the interrogating," Perle said. Thank you for being honest, Mr. Perle. Wash Post

JUNE 18: Sen. Levin blasts CIA: "Did the CIA act in this way in order not to undermine administration policy?"

May 4 - 'Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction.' Neil Mackay

May 1 - Iraq Weapons 'Intelligence Fiasco'

April 29 - Ted Kennedy Warns on US Nuclear Tests

April 22 - Where are Weapons of Mass Destruction? Wash Post

April 20 - How America Nukes its Own Troops

Apr 19 - Failure to find WMD's in Iraq will confirm illegality of war

Eyewitness Accounts from Baghdad

Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

Mass Bill Would Charge Protestors for Costs

April 29 - Ted Kennedy Warns on US Nuclear Tests

April 25 - Former Shell chief 'to run Iraqi oil industry'

April 22 - Where are Weapons of Mass Destruction? Wash Post

April 20 - Israel seeks pipeline for Iraqi oil

April 20 - Army ignored warning on Iraq museum

April 20 - Pentagon expects 'long-term defense relationsihip' with new Iraq

Apr 19 - Failure to find WMD's in Iraq will confirm illegality of war

Apr 18 - Stop World War IV - see also James Woolsey, former CIA head and proposed Minister of Information of Iraq on World War IV

April 12 - Iraq Gives Up Its Grim Secrets

April 11 - MA bill targets civil disobedience

April 10 - The Iraqi Killing Fields

April 7 - Pakistan a 'fit case' for US attack, says Indian Foreign Minister

Feb. 19 - 114 NAM Nations Oppose War
Feb 13 - 10 Million to Join World Protest
Feb 12 - *US Media Censors Terrorist's Tape
*US Plans War by Early March
Feb 10
- We will defy Paris and Berlin"
Russia backs French/German peace plan.

Feb.9 - "US pulls out diplomats in final prep for strike on Iraq." Independent (UK)
*It's Not a Game, It's Not Over" (pdf file) - Keppel
*French/German idea (in German)
*From Daily Star (Lebanese News):
*Cyprus refuses bases; Chirac Stands Firm

*Australian Senate censures govt. over Iraq
*Statement by Pres. Jimmy Carter
*Powell at UN - by Phyllis Bennis
*Occupation at Sen. Kerry's Office
*US Wants Space Nuclear Power
*UN Report Points - Phyllis Bennis
*C.S. Monitor - Peace Movement Swells

on Media
NPR propaganda - Anja & Shaker
Networks Magaphones for Official Views - FAIR with contact info for US TV news
Leuren Moret
'Smart Dust' and Micro Bugs (pdf file - doc file)
UK Dossier
*Glen Rangwala on Dossier Scandal
Myth of 'New' Europe's Support
Project for the New American Century
(900K pdf file)
"It is a choice whether or not to maintain American military preeminence, to secure American geopolitical leadership. and to preserve the American peace."
Robin Miller
Iraq: The Torrent of Deceit
Media Archives

Local Peace Resolutions

Jan 31 - Mulnomah County (includes Portland, OR, 56 local government to pass anti-war resolution.
Jan 29 - Washington, DC during Address
Jan 28
- LA County Fed of Labor passes anti-war resolution; as have cities of Cleveland, Philly, Chicago, San Fran, Detroit - (46 as of Jan. 23.)

Cairo Declaration
David Keppel (Traprock and MoveOn contributor) writes
to Sen. Lugar, Chair - Foreign Relations Committee
War on Iraq: - Hans C. von Sponeck

"The Art of Being Kind (for Laurie)" Listen to this wonderful song by Kristina Olsen now via RealAudio.

UN SCR 1141 and Potential Use of Force Against Iraq
by Nathaniel Hurd (pdf file or doc file)

'Shock and Awe.' (part of US battle plans).

Touchstone - for the Children of the Holy Land

750 Women Go Nude to Protest War in Australia

Please Follow this Link to Stop War 2002 - Archives and Resources

Click Here for Anti-War Media Archives

Links - War and Sanctions Against Iraq

U.N. Observer & International Report - William Rivers Pitt with Scott Ritter

Medact - Great Resources on Health Costs of War

Peace Connection, a project of Earthville Network

No More Victims - Resources and Portal Site

National Labor Committee - great worker rights site

Gulf War Veterans Resource Links - a great resource links

Eurolegal Services

Democracy Now

UN Security Council - contact information

National Network to End the War Against Iraq - coalition of over 70 peace organizations working to end sanctions, the bombings and the impending invasion of Iraq. This is a "must see" website and a leading anti-war network.

United for Peace - National campaign to end the war against Iraq.

Stop the War Coalition - A great coalition of groups in the United Kingdom working to end the war against Iraq.

The Campaign of Conscience - a joint initiative of AFSC, FOR and Pax Christi-USA; another "must see" site for another interested learning about the devastating impact of sanctions against Iraq and doing something about it. For example, you can help build a new water project for an Iraqi community.

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center - yet another great organization, EPIC works to change U.S. foreign policy and raise public awareness in support of human rights in Iraq and peace in the Middle East.

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq - this great site in the UK aims to raise awareness of the effects of sanctions on Iraq, and campaigns on humanitarian grounds for the lifting of non-military sanctions. The site includes an excellent lising of links to campaign groups.

Iraq Action Coalition - an online media and activists' resource center for groups and activists who are working to end the war against the people of Iraq.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) - has a listing of media resources, including an audio program with Scott Ritter, and links.

The Critical Moment - creates graphs to show the magnitude of of anti-war campaigns; an excellent portal site with news.

NEW: EUROLEGAL SERVICES - has a great page on the US/Iraq conflict with history, commentary and resources. Wonderfully organized; scroll down for a very rich page.

United for Justice with Peace - Key New England based coaltion organizing regional events.

NEW: Arab Media Watch- It's goal is to tackle what it sees as a "traditional bias, ignorance and misunderswtanding in the British media regarding Arab issues. It has great resources on British media.

Truthout - premier news and opinion e-zine

U.N. Observer & International Report.

War Times - is produced to help broaden and deepen peace efforts by compiling information and analysis, and putting them into the hands of large numbers of readers.

Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network - provides resources and links.

Austin Against War and Citizens Concerned for the People of Iraq - - terrific regional peace groups.

For the general peace links page, click HERE.