November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became one of the most populace sites in the US, and an important resource on the antiwar movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored virtually all of its web pages and multimedia content (photographs, audio, video, and pdf files. As the author and registered owner of that site, his purpose here is to preserve an important slice of the history of the grassroots peace movement in the US over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and to the many friends of Traprock Peace Center. Blogs have been consolidated and the calendar has been archived for security reasons; all other links remain the same, and virtually all blog content remains intact.

THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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DU Campaign with Doug Rokke -- DEC 10 WMass Actions -- NOV 3 Boston Rally Photo Album --- OCT 26 DC PhotoStory


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NOV 20
- students protest war - see reports from campuses;

See Student Activism

Go to VIGILS to see calendar of weekly vigils throughout area.

Dec. 21
- Hannah and Hallie holding Peace Quilt that they made with children at the Concert for Peace for the Western Mass. Interfaith Coalition for Peace & Justice. The quilt will be taken to Iraq on a peace mission.

Dec. 10
- Springfield, MA - WMASS rally against war. After rally, Arise for Social Action led over 50 to Mayor's office in support of human services spending. Mayor agreed to meeting, after which he issued statement in favor of spending on human needs rather than war. See Dec. 10 WMass Actions and Springfield Photo Album.

Dec. 10 - Greenfield - Traprock organized collections of medical supplies for a hospital in Iraq with Franklin and Hampshire neighbors. After the post office refused to accept it, the bounty of aid was gathered up and given to George Gapaccio of Voices, who will take it to Iraq. See webpage on Dec.10 WMass Actions and Greenfield Photo Album.

Nov. 16 -Major Doug Rokke spoke to 150 people in Seattle. On Nov. 11, Rokke (at left) spoke to local activists and veterans at the Boston Community Church. Sponsored by United for Justice with Peace with co-sponsors Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety and Traprock Peace Center. This was the 4th stop on a 6 state tour organized by Traprock with Dr. Rokke on the dangers of "depleted" uranium. Rokke says the US Army places our own soldiers at risk with scaled down DU training. Dr. Rokke had led the US Army's DU Project in Iraq. On Nov. 11, 80 people gathered for discussion with Major Doug Rokke on Veteran's Day in Greenfield. On Nov. 10 he spoke in New York City and at Yale, in Boston on Nov. 12 and Portland, ME on Nov. 13. See 'Depleted' Uranium Campaign and Resources for a story on the tour.

Nov. 3: Boston Rally draws 15K Young and old rallied and marched for peace in Boston. The crowd of 15,000 was much bigger than the 5000 expected, responding with enthusiasm to speakers including Howard Zinn (at left), Tim Robbins, Bishop Tom Shaw, Randall Fosberg and Sunny Miller. See the Story with Photo Album of Rally. .Sponsored by United for Justice with Peace, a coalition formed in Boston after 9/11. (Photo of Howard Zinn by ©Charlie Jenks 2002).



National Student Coalition Forming

Oct 26 - One of the first good things that happened after the March was a convening of student organizations at George Washington University. About 200 students from 30 colleges and universities met to network with each other and to create a listserv.
See Story with more photos (updated Nov 21).


Washington, DC, Oct 26
Over 100,000 protested against war with Iraq in DC on the 26th, while up to 80,000 gathered in San Francisco. NPR and the New York TImes have corrected their gross underreporting of crowd size. See FAIR's Update with original Call to Action.. In our view, it was a great rally with a huge and enthusiatic throng. See our PhotoStory. Maybe you'll see you or someone dear!


The current crisis has brought many together to work to stop this war and all wars. We need to hear and to learn from each other. We offer Humble, sung by Anja
Daniel and friends at Touchstone Farm & Yoga Center. See Touchstone's offering to the Children of the Holy Land.


Media Archives

Listening to Each Other
Special: European Peace Activism
Insights from Europe
Jeff Moebus
Heather Peck on MLK

*Uranium Contamination in Afghanistan
See also Marc Herold report
( pdf file - or - doc file )
UN Prepares for Crisis in Iraq
US Hypocrisy on Kurds/Iraq
Iraq has leftover chemical 'weapons'
- so what!

Important New Media Articles and Letters

Bush to Propose that ISP's Monitor Net
HBO Retells the Big Lie about Incubator Babies
Lettes to NY Times on Scott Ritter Article

Iraq Peace Journey
Philip Berrigan
Dec. 5: Horror into Profits
Statement of US Bishops on Iraq
"Growing Wave of Popular Dissent"
Carter on Iraq
Definitive Statements Given to Congress on Lobby Day
Chicago Interfaith Letter
Statement of US Bishops on Iraq
Dec. 19 - Iraq Alert
"On UN Draft Resolution" - Glen Rangwala
David Keppel on US resolution
Oct 31 Protests in UK
Oct 12: 23 Senators and 133 Reps oppose resolution.
Sen. Byrd's final speech
"Bush planned Iraq 'regime change' before becoming President"
- Sunday Herald
Sept 24/25: Traprock and WILPF:
Counter-Dossier taken to Congress
Legality War with Iraq
Letters to US Media; UK Media
Letters and Postcards to Members of Congress
From Hans C. von Sponeck
Contact info: Senate Armed Services, House Armed Services ( see press release) and House International Relations (see press release) Rep. Hunter, Sec. Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers statements
Missing Witness:
Who Was Missing from Congress Hearings
9 Key Questions from The Nation
Letter from Sen. Debbie Stabenow, (D-MI);
10/3 LETTER to Sen. Kerry
Barbara Lee - "Alternatives to War"
CENSORED STORIES barely reported
US Rep. Nick Rahall Message in Iraq
Oct. 4, 2002 Rally, Boston
Weapons Inspections Education Campaign
Yugoslavia - a "Warning" on Iraq - Michael Collon
(pdf file - doc(Word) file - rtf file) Thanks, Branka

How would US bombing affect Iraqi civilians?
Consider the Afghan experience.
Or the Nato bombing of a refugee column of ethnic Albanians
(warning - images of horrors or war.)

"The Art of Being Kind (for Laurie)" Listen to this wonderful song by Kristina Olsen now via RealAudio.

Oct 11 - Western Mass. neighbors and Traprock members were denied entrance to John Kerry's office after his vote in favor of the war resolution. Nine of us gathered outside the building to vigil after individuals had been shut out. We then went to the office. A nice staff person came to talk wtih us at the door but would let no one in. Another 5 came along while we were up there. Some had been told there was no room in the office (note one of the empty chairs) and that people would pose a fire hazard. See the PHOTOSTORY of this visit! (photo by Charlie Jenks). A certificate of achievement given to whoever identifies the peacemaker in the picture!

October 7
-Hundreds gather in Western Mass. towns to protest going to war. See Community Protests.

Oct 4 - Boston rallies at Noon and 6 pm. Hundreds attended noon rally at Seaport Hotel where George Bush was doing a fundraiser for GOP candidate.About 2000 attended 6 pm rally and marched through Boston; see photo album.

Oct 24 - Over 150 students gathered on a brisk day for a rally in support of the Oct 26 march. Radical Student Union and Traprock members painted the banner that the UMass Anti-War Coalition will carry in the March. At the rally, students signed the banner in support of the March. Pictured at left is Ryan Coughlin, with the Radical Student Union and rally organizer. See Photo Album.

Oct 21 - Western Mass Stop the War Coalition named in solidarity with Stop The War in the UK and it's nationwide protests & civil disobedience on October 31.

September 30, 2002: Traprock took the Counter-Dossier, Parts I and Parts II to Washington for Emergency Lobby Day. We had received the final draft of Part II from its author, Dr. Glen Rangwala, Lecturer in politics at Cambridge University on the 28th and rushed it into publication for Lobby Day.Part II is brilliant and serves as the definitive rebuttal to Tony Blair's dossier. As reported by Education for Peace in Iraq Center, "coming from 23 states across the country, 140 concerned citizens came to Washington, DC to participate in Emergency Lobby Day. Advocates met with 102 Congressional offices and urged them to vote against a war resolution on Iraq. Lobbyists reported a mixed picture of Representatives and Senators, many afraid to stand against a war resolution despite a majority of constituent pressure to oppose it. Congressional offices reported getting thousands of letters, emails, faxes and calls in opposition to a war on Iraq.

September 24, 2002 - Sunny Miller and Charlie Jenks made new friends in Washington, D.C. when we brought the Labour Against War Counter-Dossier to 31 members of the US Senate. Upon arrival, we met with Gillian Gilhoul, Legislative Organizer for the Washington office of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and intern Teresa Hansen. Marliese Diaz, our friend wo worked with us on the final event in Baltimore of Scott Ritter's Heartland Swing, had put us in touch with Gillian. Thanks Marliese! The next day, Adele Lehr and Teresa brought the Counter-Dossier to each co-sponsor of Barbara Lee's alternative, non-war resolution, HR 473.(Pictured at right: Teresa, Gillian and Sunny)

We then headed to the Senate office buildings. We visited 31 offices in the Russell and Hart Buildings and we met with Christina Martin, foreign policy aide to Senator Kennedy (D-MA). Charlie later met with Melissa Allen, foreign policy aide toSen. Kennedy. we appreciated the warm reception we received from her. We presented the Counter-Dossier to Ms. Martin, as well as our CD of Scott Ritter's talk in Gloucester, MA on July 2nd and War On Iraq, William Rivers Pitt's book with Scott Ritter. (Pictured at left: Charlie and Christina; photo by Sunny Miller.)

We then headed to The Education for Peace in Iraq Center, where we met with Eric Gustafson, Executive Director, and Chris Fitz, Iraq Speakers Bureau coordinator. We shared our booklet of the Labour (UK) Against War Counter-Dossier; Eric decided to include the Counter-Dossier in their legislative packets for Lobby Day on Sept. 30. We left 85 booklets for lobbyist trainings. Eric asked us to print another 200 copies of the booklet for distribution on Lobby Day.



Click Here to go to Traprock's Stop the War Campaign with Scott Ritter

Traprock Peace Center started working with Scott Ritter last Dec, 2001, starting with Sunny Miller's interview with him on WMUA radio at the University of Massachusetts. Since then, we have initiated 10 public speaking events in Massachusetts (7); Wichita, KS, Indianapolis, IN and Baltimore, MD, as well as editorial board interviews with the Greenfield Recorder, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune. Out of this work has flowed many radio, tv, and newspaper interviews and stories. (We had massive statewide coverage in Indiana, for example; that event led to story in In These Times; the July 23rd event in Boston lead to an explosion of internet activity due to William Rivers Pitt's Truthout article on the talk and to a book - War on Iraq - by William Rivers Pitt that was released last month with a 125,000 distribution.) There have been many requests from groups all over the country that want to sponsor an event. We are not Scott's agent and happily pass on such requests to him and stand ready to assist groups with advice and, if practicable, organization. Schools and university need to work through his agent; please call Lisa Bransdorf at 800-326-4211 for such events. Our page at has a chronology (most recent first) of our work with Scott Ritter.

Interfaith Coaltion: On August 13 in Northampton, more than 80 people attended the Interfaith Organizing Meeting, representing a wide range of faith traditions, including Episcopalean, Jewish, Muslim, Roman Catholic, United Church of Christ, Ba'hai, Buddhist, Friends (Quakers), Unitarian Universalists, Unity, and more. The evening was guided and held beautifully by Susan Theberge, Jo Comerford, Sunny Miller, and Andrea Avayzian, among others. Clergy and lay leaders of all faith communities were invited to a program and planning meeting at St. Mary’s Church. This meeting is initiated by the Interfaith Coalition for Peace which has been meeting in Amherst. Jo Comerford, Director of the AFSC/Western Massachusetts, had recently returned from a Quaker delegation to Iraq and shared news. Faith leaders were asked to share thinking about the ways faith will help overcome momentum toward war and the further devastation caused by sanctions. Traprock Peace Center is a member of this Interfaith Coalition. Here is this event's press release.

June 27 - Jo Comerford, Director of the AFSC/Western Massachusetts, came back from a mission to Iraq. She spoke at a Traprock community Pot-Luck and gave an absorbing slide show presentation that demonstrated the human devastation caused by the economic sanctions against Iraq. 28 members and friends of Traprock attended the event. Many wrote fax letters to Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) urging him to meet with Scott Ritter (see below) and to call for hearing on the plans to start a ground war against Iraq.. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Kerry can initiate hearings. Help revive the democratic process. Call for Sentate Hearings on proposals to commit 70,000+ ground troops to a war in Iraq. Mail us your letter or FAX direectly: Senator Kerry, fax, 202 224-8525, or your local Senator. For more information on the sanctions and your Congress person's position, visit The Education for Peace In Iraq Center. AFSC is a sponsor of the Campaign of Conscience, co-sponsored by FOR and Pax Christi-USA and endorsed by Traprock and many other peace organizations. (Photo of Jo by© Charlie Jenks, 2001).

June 20-21 - Professors Marc Herold and Connie Chow at Press Conference and Vigil on the Loss of Life in Afghanistan. Follow the above link to his amazing data base and articles on the tragic deaths of civilians in Afghanistan. 3100-3500 were killed directly by the bombing, while eating, sleeping, playing in a park, praying in a mosque, farming, evacuating bombed areas, etc. (Pictured: Sunny Miller, Marc Herold and Connie Chow; photo ©Charlie Jenks, 2002)

Marc Herold will be the keynote speaker at Greenfield Community College at noon on Wednesday, September 11, co-sponsored by the Peace Center. Watch for details on a week full of activities involving music, poetry, visual arts, etc.




Resources Archive

Archive of selected mainstream media resources. (Pictured below: Sunny Miller, Scott Ritter & Alan Berger (the Boston Globe) on July 1; © 2002 Charles Jenks.)

Click Here for Anti-War Media Archives

HEAR Scott Ritter Now via RealAudio version of Traprock's CD of speech against going to war.
Scott Ritter on C-Span August 1 - watch it on Real Video
“Peace in Iraq: A State of the Movement Address.”[C-Span, June 15, 2002], Scott Ritter & Kathy Kelly in Washington, DC given at The Education for Peace In Iraq Center; Video viewing requires RealPlayer 7 (free download) or higher.
Charlie Jenks to Editors of  Los Angeles Times - September 9 and USA Today - September 10
David Keppel letter to Senator Lugar - August 29
Open letters to Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) and U.S. Representative John Olver.

See the Truthout "perspective" piece on Scott Ritter's talk - "The Coming October War in Iraq" by William Rivers Pitt. Congratulations to Mr. Pitt for his fine article with its extensive quotes. He produced this very quickly!

Contact Traprock Peace Center for a broadcast quality video of Scott Ritter's July 23 speech in Boston or to obtain an audio CD of his July 2nd speech in Gloucester. The CD is 53 minutes long and suitable for re-play on radio. (Thanks to Martin Voelker,, for producing both; Peace Center intern Scott Morris and Meagan Kennedy for making copies and labeling, and For the Record for promoting the CD in Amherst and donating free fax service to people contacting Congress about the Iraq crisis.) You can now HEAR streaming RealAudio of Scott Ritter in Gloucester.

An Open Letter to Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) - We Need Senate Hearings on Plans to Invade Iraq. (This letter had been fax'ed to Senator John F. Kerry, urging him to call for Senate hearings, along with scores of other fax'ed letters individuals calling for hearings.)

Weekly Vigils

1. Everyday – 4:30 –5:00 pm – rolling fast vigil at Post Office, Main Street, Greenfield, MA. People read statements as they pass off and receive the rolling daily fasts.
2. Mondays, 7:30, at the Creamery in Cummington study Nonviolence throughout history & do direct actionprojects, sponsored by the Hilltown Nonviolence Study Group, call Leni in advance 413 634-5591. Magazines needed for exchange racks at three locations, for diversified news.
3. Tuesdays, 12:30-1 pm, Greenfield, Vigil initiated by the Mediation & Training Collaborative, all welcome.
4. Fridays, 12-1, Amherst, Women in Black vigil in front of Fleet Bank, Mary Wentworth, 256-6005
5. Fridays, Northampton courthouse, noon, Women in Black peace vigil
6. Fridays, 4:30-5:30, Court Square, Springfield, weekly Peace Vigil
7. Fridays, 5:00, Town Common, Greenfield, candlelight vigil.
8. Saturdays, 11-12, Greenfield - Neighbors vigil on the Common, Main & Federal St, Mary McClintock 413 369-0117
9. Saturdays, 11-12, a silent vigil at the Northampton Courthouse cosponsored by the Northampton Committee to Lift the Sanctions and Stop the bombing in Iraq. Claudia Lefko, 413 584-0068.
10. Saturdays - 9:30-10:30 at Shelburne Falls in front of the library on Bridge Street.
11. Saturdays, Orange - Women in Black peace vigil. Contact Pat, 978-544-7035
12. Sundays, 12-1, Amherst Common, Peace Vigil which has gone on almost every Sunday since July 14, 1979, often still enjoying the presence of Lee and Margaret Holt at age 91. Please pay your respects if you have a chance to visit! Great weekly flyers from educate the public. 413 549-4515,
13. Sundays, 12:30, South Hadley Common, Routes 116 & 47 - Jean Grossholtz, 413 533-5895,, or Joan Grenier, 467-3944,
14. Sundays, NOON to 1:30 in Westfield, center of town=20 near library. Contact:

Some Links - War and Sanctions Against Iraq
(see home page for these and more)

U.N. Observer & International Report - William Rivers Pitt with Scott Ritter

Medact - Great Resources on Health Costs of War

Peace Connection, a project of Earthville Network

No More Victims - Resources and Portal Site

National Labor Committee - great worker rights site

Gulf War Veterans Resource Links - a great resource links

Democracy Now

UN Security Council - contact information

National Network to End the War Against Iraq - coalition of over 70 peace organizations working to end sanctions, the bombings and the impending invasion of Iraq. This is a "must see" website and a leading anti-war network.

United for Peace - National campaign to end the war against Iraq.

Stop the War Coalition - A great coalition of groups in the United Kingdom working to end the war against Iraq.

The Campaign of Conscience - a joint initiative of AFSC, FOR and Pax Christi-USA; another "must see" site for another interested learning about the devastating impact of sanctions against Iraq and doing something about it. For example, you can help build a new water project for an Iraqi community.

The Education for Peace in Iraq Center - yet another great organization, EPIC works to change U.S. foreign policy and raise public awareness in support of human rights in Iraq and peace in the Middle East.

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq - this great site in the UK aims to raise awareness of the effects of sanctions on Iraq, and campaigns on humanitarian grounds for the lifting of non-military sanctions. The site includes an excellent lising of links to campaign groups.

Iraq Action Coalition - an online media and activists' resource center for groups and activists who are working to end the war against the people of Iraq.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) - has a listing of media resources, including an audio program with Scott Ritter, and links.

The Critical Moment - creates graphs to show the magnitude of of anti-war campaigns; an excellent portal site with news.

NEW: EUROLEGAL SERVICES - has a great page on the US/Iraq conflict with history, commentary and resources. Wonderfully organized; scroll down for a very rich page.

United for Justice with Peace - Key New England based coaltion organizing regional events.

NEW: Arab Media Watch- It's goal is to tackle what it sees as a "traditional bias, ignorance and misunderswtanding in the British media regarding Arab issues. It has great resources on British media.

Truthout - premier news and opinion e-zine

U.N. Observer & International Report.

War Times - is produced to help broaden and deepen peace efforts by compiling information and analysis, and putting them into the hands of large numbers of readers.

Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network - provides resources and links.

Austin Against War and Citizens Concerned for the People of Iraq - - terrific regional peace groups.

For the general peace links page, click HERE.