November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became one of the most populace sites in the US, and an important resource on the antiwar movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored virtually all of its web pages and multimedia content (photographs, audio, video, and pdf files. As the author and registered owner of that site, his purpose here is to preserve an important slice of the history of the grassroots peace movement in the US over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and to the many friends of Traprock Peace Center. Blogs have been consolidated and the calendar has been archived for security reasons; all other links remain the same, and virtually all blog content remains intact.

THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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2003 - Photo Stories (through
on Ending War, Preserving Civil Liberties and Social Services and Fostering Community

See Also Special Section on Campus Anti-War Network and Student Activism

NEW: CAN Newsletter

CAN's Monique Jeanne Dols (Columia) with UK student (Stop the War Coalition) Omar Waraich. Hear Omar's address and invitation to CAN to join UK student mission to Iraq. photo © Charlie Jenks

Campus Anti-War Network (CAN)
National Conference - Nov. 1-2, 2003, Chicago. CAN accepts UK student invitation to join mission to Iraq.
See Photo-Journal

Points of Unity discussion at CAN conference.

Oct 25 - CAN marching in San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Katrina Yeaw (SFSU)

CAN - the democratic student-organized network of over 150 grassroots campus groups - has organized the Speaking Truth to Empire national speaking tour with the Muslim Student Association. See the tour schedule. Report from Berkeley - a stop on the CAN/MSA campus speaking tour.

Katrina (SFSU), Michael (Berkeley), Kirstin (UIC), Sam and Chris (Wisconsin) and Khury (RIT) CAN website. See CAN history. © 2003 Charles Jenks

Berkeley Students face Discipline
on Oct 14 for Peaceful Sit-In


Jamie (GW), Monica (UMass-Boston), Emily (Vassar), Warren (Texas), Kathleen (Vermont) and Kevin (Northeastern) © 2003 Charles Jenks

Dec 19. 2003 - Scott Ritter engaging about 400 students at
Mohawk Regional High School.
See photo-album and resources -
hear the talk and read the transcript.

photo © 2003 Charlie Jenks

October 16 -19, 2003 - World DU/Uranium Weapons Conference, Hamburg, Germany

200 scientists, veterans, oragnizers and citizens from 21 countries gathered for share information, network and plan an end to radioactive munitions. Audio Index, photo-album and resources

September 20 - Amy Goodman spoke on the war against Iraq and Civil Liberties to an overflow crowd of hundreds at the One World Fair in Cummington, MA. Download and listen to her 60 min. talk as an mp3 audio (big file - 21 mg) or RealAudio. photo © 2003 C. Jenks

September 20 - Greg Palast speaking at the One World Fair in Cummington, Mass. on the crossing of blacks off US election rolls, the intimidation of the US press, and the war in Iraq as the 'weapon of mass distraction' as corporations and corrupt politicians try to take everything that isn't bolted down. Download and listen to his talk as an mp3 file (big file - 17 megabytes.). photo © 2003 C. Jenks

photo © 2003 S. Miller

September 12-14

This year's New England Regional Gathering of War Tax Resisters, "Confronting Our Fears, Acting On Our Consciences" meets at the Pioneer Valley Co-Housing Community in Amherst, Massachusetts. The Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters signs displayed on Tax Day, 2003 appealed to many appalled by Federal spending on death and destruction while teachers are laid off, SuperFund clean ups are delayed, and millions go without healtcare. For info, email:


Civil Liberties

Hear the Speakers - July 25-26 Conference - Frank Serpico, Professor Christopher Pyle, legal experts Williams, Newman and Khanbabai and Irvine Sobelman of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee. New: Closing songs by Tom Neilson.

© 2003 Charles Jenks
Immigration law expert Masha Khanbabai - Interview with Sunny Miller.

© 2003 Charles Jenks
Frank Serpico - Keynote Address (mp3) - RealAudio version; Questions and Answers (mp3) - RealAudio version PHOTOS - Saturday sessions - Friday night

10 Student Peacemakers of Franklin Country honored at the 4th annual Peacemakers Awards, sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Franklin County and Traprock Peace Center. See Photo-Album of all the student peacemakers with their families and faculty sponsors..

May 19 - Jeremy Corbyn (Labour MP) meeting with Colombian labor organizer Carlos Gonzalez, an unnamed Coca Cola and Nestle Colombian organizer and Andy Higginbottom of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign at Parliament. The Colombian guests discussed the killing of labor activists who had been organizing at Coca Cola and Nestle, and the international boycott of Coca Cola starting July 22. Hear this meeting (MP3 Audio)

May 19 - Sunny Miller interviews on depleted uranium in London. The BBC reported on his alert about high uranium levels in civilians exposed to US bombing in Afghanistan (see box to left). Hear the interview (mp3 audio). (photo ©2003 Charlie Jenks)

May 8-18 - Traprock's presented on depleted uranium at the 11th Annual International Conference on Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg, Russia, sponsored by the Harmony Institute (Russia) and Common Bond Institute (USA). This incredible conference has created an international community through wide-ranging workshops and shared experiences. See the PHOTO-ALBUM of this year's conference and follow links to sponsoring organizations. Highlights included programs programs on indigenous people's in North America and Russia. We will upload audio of interviews and indigenous music over the next few weeks.

Sunny Miller interviewed Jihad Hamad, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at the College of Science and Arts, Arab American University in Jenin-Palestine. They talked at the 11th International Conference on Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 15. Their interview covererd issues of democracy, civil society and violence in the Middle East. Listen to this interivew (mp3 file). Also, visit Dr. Hamad's website at (photo © 2003 C. Jenks)

May 3 - At the Albany (NY) Medical Center125 heard Doug Rokke (middle) speak on 'depleted' uranium. Hear this major talk (mp3) on DU use by the US with commentary during slideshow. Traprock worked with local hosts Peace Action and Physicians for Social Responsibility; many groups co-sponsored. See IndyMedia report on talk. See Ban DU Campaign.

May 3 - 50 Sleep-Out in cardboard boxes and tents in Greenfield, MA and raise $5000 for the homeless shelter. It was near freezing on a clear night. Thanks to Eve Brown-Waite and a community-wide effort. Eric Wasileski represented Traprock's Core Group and Sunny helped with publicity. (Photo by Sunny Miller)

It's been amazing how many activists, as well as people in the US, do not know about the US contamination of Iraq with so-called depleted uranium. The US has spead an estimated 5 times as much radioactive material in Iraq as it did in the Gulf War - about 1500 tons compared to over 300 tons. See articles to the left, which we will update. We will also keep you updated on the progess of DU legislation in the US House. (Photos: Charlie Jenks, April 27, Amherst massachusetts Earth Day Celebration)

April-May - The Campus Anti-War Network (CAN) held regional student conferences. Pictured here are students at CAN's April 27-28 Northeast Conference at Brown University participating in a workshop on 'depleted' uranium led by Sunny Miller. The Northeast Conference brought students from Vermont to DC for planning and workshops. See coverage of CAN's creation and previous CAN events. See also CAN website for more information on regional conferences and CAN news. (Photo - Charlie Jenks)

May 1-4 - Fourth National Grassroots Organizing Conference on Iraq. See photo-album.

April 29 - Hundreds marched at UMASS-Amherst and at state colleges in MA to protest massive proposed budget cuts and 'reorganization' plans. MA is facing a $3 billion budget deficit. Most states that are reeling from large deficits. These deficits could have been largely if not totally erased if the US had directed funds to the states rather than fund the Iraq war. In MA as elsewhere, public housing programs, substance abuse programs (50% cut in detox beds) and education are facing deep cuts. (Photo - Susan Callahan)

April 12 - It's STILL not OK to kill thousands in an illegal war. Where ARE the weapons of mass destruction that we were told poised a 'threat' te the US? See April 12 protests in DC and around world. (Greenfield vigil photo: Susan Callahan)

April 27 - After the Sunday noon Amherst vigil, Traprock joined the Earth Day march. Here, two budding peace makers pose with the banner they carried.

April 5 - Thousands Protest War at Student Organized Rallies in Chicago (above), East Bay Area, CA; Washington, DC and Austin, TX see also Washington, DC Photo-Journal (photo courtesy of Kirstin Roberts, Campus Anti-War Network)

March 29 - Boston - 50,000 or more rallied and marched against war with massive 'die-in' - see huge photo-album and Globe Story.

March 28
- Die-In as hundreds march to Northampton; 20 plus arressted. Photo-albums of Rally, March - "Die-in".

Mohawk Students for Peace unleash creativity on peace shirts in honor of man arrested at CrossGate Mall for refusing to remove his peace shirt.

March 22 - About 2000 demonstrated for peace at Westover Airforce Base - a major transit for cargo to the war zone. About 54 people were arrested for civil disobedience. Susan Callahan photo abve. Photo-album by Charlie being uploaded. Here are .March, Rally and Civil Disobedience albums.

March 21 - Springfield, MA. See photostory.

March 21 - Walk across MA by Leverett Peace Pagoda and friends arrives in Boston. See Wake up Peace.

March 20 - About 100 gather in Greenfield (above) and 150 in Amherst. See photoalbum.

March 19
- Hours before the start of the war is 'declared,' people gather at Greenfield Common and elsewhere in towns across the region. See photoalbum.

March 17 - 7 arrested at sit-in at US Rep. Neal's federal building office in Springfield, MA. Photo-album.

March 16 - 300 gathered in Greefield above, 600 in Amherst and 1500 in Northampton.. Over 6400 vigils in 129 countries.

March 15 - A large turnout for the weekly Saturday, 11 AM vigil in Greenfield. Sunny Miller made this banner for MFSO. They'll be back in federal court this week to try to stop the war.

AUDIO of March 5 Student Rally in Amherst.
Several hundred took over downtown intersection for 45 minutes. Police diverted traffic. See PHOTOS!

March 5 - Students rally against war at Greenfield Community College.

Feb 24 - Folks in Boston sat in front of a recruiting station.

Feb 22-23 -
Campus Anti-War Network (CAN) - Chicago - 100 Schools send delegates to national conference. Photoalbum and Media Alert.

February 15 - Minou Arjomand, student, spoke at post-rally student-organized benefit for students going to Campus Anti-War Network conference in Chicago, Feb 22-23. See PhotoJournal.

Feb. 15 - New York City rally and march drew hundreds of thousands
of people who want peace, not war. See PhotoJournal.

Feb. 9 - 400 joined Five College Anti-War Coalition march from UMASS through Amherst Banner by Sunny Miller. See the PhotoAudioJournal, hear Magdalena Gomez's poetry (MP3), Eric Wasileski (Traprock Core Group and veteran) and others.

Jan. 20
- International connections were created when Jeremy Corbyn, MP (Labour) met with US peace organizers in DC after weekend of rallies and marches. See also the Jan. 18&19 PhotoAlbum of the DC March and the Action on Jan. 19th at Lafayette Park. The Album features a special guest to the US - Jeremy Corbyn, UK MP (Labour) and leading human rights advocate. He spoke at the mass rally and at the national student peace conference and saw the US peace movement first-hand. He gave many media interviews, including CNN and the BBC, on his impressions of US peace movement. On Jan. 20 he met leading US peace activists and joined us at Black Voices for Peace.

Jan. 20 - Peace Banners over the Interstate Western Mass. activists unfurled banners from overpasses over Interstate 91 - a grand display of opposition to war. For a report on making the banners, and to see how it was done, go to Bridges to Peace
Thanks, Branka. We laughed at this one

Jan. 20 - Clara Muhammad School Chorus at Black Voices for Peace in Washington, DC. See Photostory.

March 8 - Dave and Joelle with her peace flag, at Karen Brandow and Charlie King's Peace benefit concert. Hear their "We Don't Need No Stinking Badges!"

Jan. 4 - Give Peace A Dance Benefit for Traprock Peace Center and AFSC/Western Mass. Photo Album

Jan. 1 - First Night for Peace. Celebrants took time to show
how they feel about War. See photoalbum - First Night for Peace

Weekly VIGILS Saturdays at 11:00 am at the Common in Greenfield, Saturdays at 11:00 at the Northampton Courthouse, Sundays at noon on the Amherst Common and Tuesday at 12:30 at the Common in Greenfield.

Click on photo to see full size image and story. Will their suffering end, or will they experience

January 18 - Jeremy Corbyn conducted many media interviews in DC to show people in the UK that there is a strong US peace movement and to show Americans that the majority of British strongly oppose a war on Iraq. He gave interviews on developments in the US on returning to the UK and remains available for interviews; follow link above.
Jan. 15 - 9 arrested after BLOCKING gate at Westover Air Base. Watch for details. Sunny Miller went into the belly of the beast - drive-time, AM talk radio (WHMP, 1240) - for interview. Good hearted & misinformed people listen to these shows. Let's not cede the airwaves to hate and war mongering.

The Amherst Middle East Education Committee
is an affiliate project of the Peace Center
. We are proud to be working with this organization. At left is Faraj, a 17 year old Palestinian. AMEEC is sponsoring Faraj while he completes high school locally. Faraj is a peace activist who was featured in the award-winning film "Promises." He just started school after attending Seeds of Peace camp this summer.

Click on image for larger image and to learn more of veteran
Ward Reilly - his peace work and his sculpture above.


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