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Kristina Olsen

The Art of Being Kind (for Laurie) from "Home to Love" CD by Kristina Olsen

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Kristina and Myrna Bethke (middle) meet with an Afghan woman, Aurufa who lost eight family members when an American bomb struck her house in Kabul. Myrna Bethke is a Methodist minister who lost her brother Bill in the WTC. Aurufa sewed a traditional Afghan outfit and gave it to Kristina as a gift.

This photo set taken by Natalie Behring-Chisholm

KRISTINA OLSEN is a nurse/ singer-songwriter who shares music as a prayer for healing in our world.
Having lost her sister Laurie Neira on September 11th aboard American Airlines Flight 11, Kristina has
committed herself to promoting peace through understanding, compassion and loving-kindness, as a way
to best honor her sister's memory.

Having recently returned from Afghanistan as part of an 18 member Interfaith Peace Delegation, through the
San Francisco based humanitarian organization Global Exchange, Kristina shares her experiences of Afghanistan,
through song and the spoken word, highlighting the healing connections she has made with Afghan families who
have lost loved-ones as a result of the U.S. bombing campaign.

Kristina is a member of September Eleventh
Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, an advocacy organization
founded by families who lost loved-ones at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and United Flight 93. It's
mission is to seek effective non-violent responses to terrorism and to identify a commonality with all people
similarly affected by violence throughtout the world." Kristina may be contacted at for
appearances, interviews or to obtain a copy of her "Home to Love" CD. Click on the link below to hear her song "The Art of
Being Kind (for Laurie)"
on RealAudio. Thank you Kristina for allowing us to make this wonderful song available.

(IreneMichaud, Sunny Miller and Kristina Olsen; Kristina, Sister Claire and Brother Kato of the
Leverett Peace Pagoda; Photos by Charlie Jenks, 2002)

Kristina Olsen sang with loving kindness, on September 5th at Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield. Sunny Miller conducted a video interview with Kristina at 4:30. This was followed by a picnic on the lawn and a gathering of neighbors in the peace center for concert and conversation with Kristina.

While visiting Traprock, Kristina met our friendly Chipmunk. She asked if we had named the Chipmunk. We hadn't and invited her to do so. Nicolina! What a wonderful name. Nicolina visited us the next day and posed for this photo.


Click on the link to hear Kristina Olsen on RealAudio (if you do not have real audio or you need the new version of Realplayer,
click on the Realplayer link below.

The Art of Being Kind (for Laurie) from "Home to Love" CD by Kristina Olsen (Please note that the sound quality, while ok for the web, is not nearly as good as the CD due to compression of the sound to enable streaming audio.) If you cannot hear this song, then you may need a newversion of Real Player Basic. Youn can download it free; click on (The Basic versio of real player is free).


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