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Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

Anyone who honestly believes that the Congress of the United States is
going to stop the American invasion and seizure of Iraqi oil
assets and resources is deluded.

What the anti-war movement should be thinking about right now is:

1. How is it going to respond to the barrage of SUPPORT OUR TROOPS
messages, banners, bumper stickers, ribbons, signs, songs, et al that
are just waiting to be unleashed. (NPR is already playing
messages from our troops overseas to folks here in the Gulf South)
During Gulf War I, when that happened, the anti-war movement was
castrated and rendered totally inert. What will happen this time?
Madame Dowager Pelosi of the new Democratic leadership has already
told us how all those Congressmen and Senators who voted against War
Powers in Iraq are going to respond:

"If our young people are called to duty," she said, "certainly we'll
support the action of the president." When asked to reconcile this
with her previous opposition, she dismissed e interviewer with a curt,
"That's neither here nor there now. Let's put that aside."
How will the anti-war movement respond this time?

2. The second thing that the anti-war movement should be thinking
about is what is going to happen next. After Iraq, where? Iran?
Saudi Arabia? The War Machine has a strategy and a vision, with
near-, intermediate, and long-term goals and objectives, and enabling
action plans to achieve each and every one of those goals and
objectives. That is exactly why it is so successful at accomplishing
what it sets out to accomplish.

What is the strategy, the vision, the goals and objectives, and the
action plans of the anti-war movement? What is the plan after the
invasion of Iraq is not stopped? What is the plan to prevent the
seizure of Iranian and then Saudi oil assets and resources? What is
the plan for the responding to The Second Major Terrorist Event in the
United States?

Somebody needs to be thinking about the next and the next and the
next war.

Somebody also needs to be thinking about the Dawn of the Age of
Fatherland Security and the Nazification of America. Because if that
is not confronted and defeated, then there will ultimately be no
protest against any future invasions, because there will be no

3. Finally, doesn't anyone who pays taxes directly help to pay for
the existence and actions of the State? Doesn't a taxpayer thus make
the State's very existence and actions possible?

Whether that taxpayer agrees with what the State is doing or not,
does that not make a taxpayer a very direct and active participant in
what "we," the State does as "our" action?

Thus, to the degree that we are compliant, are we not complicit?
What does the anti-war movement do about that? Is marching against
the war and paying taxes the act of a hypocrite, a liar, a coward, or
merely a fool?

The issue is not at all what the State is "attempting" to do to us
"psychologically," but what it has in fact already succeeded in doing
to us legally, financially, politically, and morally.

Jeff Moebus, a retired US Army Master Sergeant;

Page created December 8, 2002 by Charlie Jenks.