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The War on Truth

From Warriors to Resisters

Army of None

Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

Also Students on Counter-Recruitment - Cindy and Craig Corrie on Occupation of Palestine

Rally Against War and Empire
Socialism 2005 - Chicago - July 3, 2005

Hear this stirring rally against war and empire at the Socialism 2005 conference. Photos and links below.

This conference was held in Chicago from July 1-4, 2005 and attracted over 1000 antiwar activists from throughout the US with many international guests. It was sponsored by the Center for Economic Research and Social Change, publisher of the International Socialist Review and Haymarket Books. It was co-sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, publisher of Socialist Worker. Links to organizations and speakers are found at the conference website,

Download MP3 for radio airplay with attribution to Traprock Peace Center as audio producer and with identification of the conference. Audio © 2005 Charles Jenks and the Center for Economic Research and Social Change; all rights reserved.

Part A
38:33 minutes; 13.3 mb; 48 kbps mono - Sherry Wolf, statement by Giuliana Sgrena, Julie Fain, Camilo Mejia, Victor Paredes

Part B
49:24 minutes; 17 mb; 48 kbps mono - Cindy Corrie, Peter Camejo and Ahmed Shawki; Monique Dols leading chants and closing by Sherry Wolf.

We encourage radio air play. We only require that radio stations notify us so we can see the reach of this program. Please notify us at 413-773-7427 or charlie[at] Websites may link to the audio on this site but may not post it to another site. The audio is © 2005 Charles Jenks and the Center for Economic Research and Social Change; all rights reserved.

Speakers in order of speaking. Some photos show speakers seated. We did this simply because some of the seated photos were of better quality than the speaking photos. See biographical information on most of these speakers at

For Nicole Colson's report on the rally, see

See also Australian coverage by Alex Bainbridge -

Sherry Wolf moderated. She is shown here joining in chanting that preceded the speakers. Sherry Wolf is on the editorial board of International Socialist Review and has written articles on "The Origins of Gay Oppression" and "The Democrats and War: No Lesser Evil."

Journalist Sergio Finardi read a statement by Giuliana Sgrena, who was shot by US troops after her release by Iraqi resistance forces. She is recovering from her injuries and was unable to attend the conference.

Julie Fain is on staff of the International Socialist Review.

Staff Sgt. Camilo Mejía, Florida National Guard, became the first soldier to go public with his refusal to redeploy. He spent seven months in military confinement for his decision, and was released in mid-February, 2005.

Victor Paredes spoke on behalf of his brother Pablo, who refused to redeploy to Iraq.

Camilo and Victor

Cindy Corrie, mother of Rachael Corrie who was murdered while trying to block a bulldozer that was about to bulldoze a Palestinian home with children on the other side of the wall. She and her husband Craig are touring with the Rebuilding Alliance.

Cindy and Sherry.

Peter Miguel Camejo was Ralph Nader's vice presidential running mate in 2004
and was Green Party candidate for governor of California in 2002 and 2003.

Ahmed Shawki is editor of International Socialist Review.

Monique Dols is a student at Columbia and a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Campus Antiwar Network. She is shown leading chants at the end of the rally.


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