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Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

Thoughts Concerning Iraq's Unaccounted for Chemical Weapons (Thanks, Eric)

Excellent piece of work debunking the arguments for war against Iraq. As
matters are developing, however, I am quite concerned that Iraq will be
caught in the "Can't prove a negative" trap because it has lost or
destroyed records and physical evidence relating to its destruction of
certain weapons containing mustard gas, anthrax, VX gas and a few other
substances. In the end, this is an argument Bush et al. can make that
will be difficult to refute.


One focuses on two points:

1. According to several former inspectors (Scott Ritter, for example,
has written much on this), it was not disputed among the inspectors that
Iraq's ability to PRODUCE any more of these noxious substances had been
eliminated. Thus, the only risk comes from what might have been produced
before 1991 and is still out there AND STILL HARMFUL.

2. Very little, if any, of what might possibly be still out there
would not have broken down by now. I don't recall Ritter's comments on
each specific substance, but I recall fairly clearly that mustard gas
and sarin deteriorate in no more than five years.

Bottom line, I think with a little exploration along this line, you can
minimize, ideally eliminate, the force of what I believe will end up
being the only otherwise unanswerable argument in favor of war.
I hope you'll make this effort. Either way, I thank you for the effort
you've made so far.

Eric Brill

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