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Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

IRAQ-ALERT - December 19, 2002, vol. 1, no. 4
a service of the National Network to End the War Against Iraq


i. Two-Thirds of Americans Think Bush has Failed to Make his Case for
Attacking Iraq (LA Times)

ii. Repression on the Rise:
a. FBI Tells Corporate Leaders to Beware Peace Activists
b. Thousands Protest INS' Denention of Hundreds of Muslims
c. Robert Fisk: Journalists are Under Fire for Telling the Truth
d. Defend Anti-War Journalism: Media Action Alert from Media Alliance

iii. Two Initiatives to Mobilize Women Against War and for Peace:
a. Code Pink! Women's Vigil Against War to Spend Winter Outside White
b. United Methodist Women Begin Prayer Campaign for Peace

iv. US-Iraq Conflict in the News and other News
a. Weapons Inspections or Witch Hunt?
b. World Opinion of US Continues to Decline
c. Who are the 'Chickenhawks'?
and more...

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Most Unconvinced on Iraq War

Two-thirds believe Bush has failed to make the case an attack would be

Many think weapons are there, but they want proof.

December 17, 2002 -- Los Angeles Times
By Maura Reynolds, Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON -- Despite a concerted effort by the Bush administration, more
than two-thirds of Americans believe the president has failed to make the
case that a war with Iraq is justified, according to a Los Angeles Times

The overwhelming majority of respondents — 90% — said they do not doubt that
Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction. But in the absence of new
evidence from U.N. inspectors, 72% of respondents, including 60% of
Republicans, said the president has not provided enough evidence to justify
starting a war with Iraq.

The results underscore the importance of the outcome of U.N. arms
inspections underway in Iraq if the Bush administration expects to gain
clear public support for an attack.

The poll also found that support for a possible war appears to be weakening,
with 58% saying they support a ground attack on Iraq. In an August Times
poll, 64% said they would support a ground attack. Last January, after
President Bush first denounced Saddam Hussein in his State of the Union
address, the Times and other polls found support for military action greater
than 70%.

The poll also indicates that Americans do not agree with the president's
argument that any error or omission in the arms declaration Iraq sent to the
United Nations earlier this month is adequate to justify war. Instead, 63%
of respondents said war would be justified only if the United Nations finds
a pattern of serious violations by Iraq. Just 22% agreed with the
administration's position; 6% said it would depend on the nature of the
omissions; and 9% said they were not sure or declined to reply.

Respondents also expressed concern that the president may not be getting
balanced information from his advisors. Fifty-one percent of respondents
said they believe Bush's advisors favor going to war; 20% said the advisors
present a balanced view; and 11% said the advisors are opposed to war.
Roughly a fifth said they are not sure whether Bush's advisors favor or
oppose war.

If the United States should launch an attack, 68% of Americans want it to be
only with the support of the international community. Only 26% said they
were willing to support war if the United States acted alone.

However, at least theoretically, Americans agree with the administration's
argument that sometimes preemptive or preventive war is justified.

Sixty-four percent of respondents, including 49% of Democrats, believe the
United States should reserve the right to launch a preemptive attack against
regimes that threaten the country. Only 25% said they opposed such a policy,
and 11% said they did not have an opinion on the issue.

If the United States does go to war, the decision is likely to have serious
ramifications at home and abroad, respondents said. Sixty-seven percent said
war is likely to increase the threat of terrorist attacks in the United
States; 51% said they feel it would destabilize the Middle East; and 45%
said it will have a negative effect on the U.S. economy.

They are also concerned about the possibility of military casualties. Of
those who initially said they support a ground attack against Iraq, 18% said
they would do so only if no American soldiers are killed. However, support
falls off gradually as the theoretical death toll is raised, but 29% said
they would support war no matter what the cost in American lives.

Finally, in the wake of a war, the vast majority of Americans — 70%,
according to the poll — feel the country has an obligation to stay and
rebuild Iraq.

Full Story:,0,4324573

What's The ANSIR?
FBI Warns Corporate Leaders Of Possible Attacks By Antiwar Activists

Bill Berkowitz;
December 16, 2002

At a time when the peace movement appears to be gaining traction, it is
troubling to read the latest e-mail advisory from the FBI's Awareness of
National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR) program. A December 4
communication, sent to thousands of "corporate security professionals,"
warns that "a loose network of antiwar groups" opposed "to possible U.S.
military action against Iraq, are advocating 'explicit and direct attack
upon the war machine.'"

According to the advisory, the week of December 15-21 has been set aside as
a "week of action against warmongering." An Internet posting by a group
calling itself "Every Day a Circle Day" has "called for attacks on the
headquarter facilities and other assets of oil companies and defense
contractors, singling out Boeing and Lockheed Martin," claims the FBI
e-mail. It also points out that "Department of Defense (DoD) assets also
represent potential targets for attack."

Other possible targets, says the e-mail, could include "major media
companies by 'sanitizing' newspaper vending machines, jamming or hijacking
radio and television signals, or attacking broadcast towers and damaging

Does the FBI know more about upcoming activities of the antiwar movement
than the antiwar movement itself? Or is its recent communiqué a blatant
attempt to scare the public, smear the antiwar movement and discourage
antiwar protests?

Jason Mark, the Communication's Director at Global Exchange, the Bay
Area-based international human rights group, said neither he nor his
colleagues had heard of Every Day a Circle Day. He did, however, think that
the timing of the ANSIR advisory was suspicious.

"Clearly this is a time when the antiwar movement is reaching more and more
people, and we believe we are beginning to affect the debate over going to
war with Iraq," said Mark. "The administration is obviously concerned that
support for war is eroding with recent polls showing that four out of 10
Americans are against a war with Iraq."

Global Exchange is one of more than 100 peace, social justice and religious
organizations that have joined together to form United For Peace, a new
nationwide coalition.

"Given the FBI's notorious history for trying to discredit social justice
and peace movements, I wouldn't be surprised if the agency is trying to
leak the idea that this peace movement involves some violent factions,"
Mark added.

Full Story:

Hundreds Are Detained After Visits to INS

Thousands protest arrests of Mideast boys and men who complied with order to

by Megan Garvey, Martha Groves and Henry Weinstein
December 19, 2002 by the Los Angeles Times

Hundreds of men and boys from Middle Eastern countries were arrested by
federal immigration officials in Southern California this week when they
complied with orders to appear at INS offices for a special registration

The arrests drew thousands of people to demonstrate Wednesday in Los

Immigration and Naturalization Service spokesmen refused Wednesday to say
how many people the agency had detained, what the specific charges were or
how many were still being held. But officials speaking anonymously said they
would not dispute estimates by lawyers for detainees that the number across
Southern California was 500 to 700. In Los Angeles, up to one-fourth of
those who showed up to register were jailed, lawyers said.

The number of people arrested in this region appears to have been
considerably larger than elsewhere in the country, perhaps because of the
size of the Southland's Iranian population. Monday's registration deadline
applied to males 16 and older from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Syria. Men
from 13 other nations, mostly in the Mideast and North Africa, are required
to register next month.

Many of those arrested, according to their lawyers, had already applied for
green cards and, in some instances, had interviews scheduled in the near
future. Although they had overstayed their visas, attorneys argue, their
clients had already taken steps to remedy the situation and were following
the regulations closely.

"These are the people who've voluntarily gone" to the INS, said Mike S.
Manesh of the Iranian American Lawyers Assn. "If they had anything to do
with terrorism, they wouldn't have gone."

Immigration officials acknowledged Wednesday that many of those taken into
custody this week have status-adjustment applications pending that have not
yet been acted on.

"The vast majority of people who are coming forward to register are
currently in legal immigration status," said local INS spokeswoman Virginia
Kice. "The people we have taken into custody ... are people whose
non-immigrant visas have expired."

The large number of Iranians among the detainees has angered many in the
area's Iranian communities, who organized a demonstration Wednesday at the
federal building in Westwood.

At the rally, which police officials estimated drew about 3,000 protesters
at its peak, signs bore such sentiments as "What Next? Concentration Camps?"
and "Detain Terrorists Not Innocent Immigrants."

The arrests have generated widespread publicity, mostly unfavorable, in the
Middle East, said Khaled Dawoud, a correspondent for Al Ahram, one of
Egypt's largest dailies. He questioned State Department official Charlotte
Beers about the detentions Wednesday after a presentation she made at the
National Press Club in Washington. Egyptians are not included in the
registration requirement.

full story:

Journalists are Under Fire for Telling the Truth
by Robert Fisk, the Independent, December 18, 2002

First it was Roger Ailes, the chairman of the Fox News Channel, who advised
the US President to take the "harshest measures possible" against those who
attacked America on 11 September, 2001.

Let us forget, for a moment, that Fox News's Jerusalem bureau chief is Uri
Dan, a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the author of the
preface of the new edition of Sharon's autobiography, which includes a
revolting account of the Sabra and Chatila massacre of 1,700 Palestinian
civilians and Sharon's innocence in this slaughter. Then Ted Koppel, one of
America's leading news anchormen, announced that it may be a journalist's
duty not to reveal events until the military want them revealed in a new war
against Iraq.

Can we go any further in journalistic cowardice? Oh yes, we can. ABC
television announced, a little while ago, that it knew all about the killing
of four al-Qa'ida members by an unmanned "Predator" plane in Yemen but
delayed broadcasting the news for four days "at the request of the
Pentagon." So now at least we know for whom ABC works.

The Pentagon said that the murdered men – and let's not lose sight of the
"murdered" bit, though that's not the word ABC used – were between "two to
20" of the top ranks of al-Qa'ida. Really? So were they numbers two, three,
four and five in al-Qa'ida? Or numbers 17,18,19 and 20? Who cares? The press
are onside. Don't ask who is resisting forthcoming US censorship of the Iraq
war. Ask who is first to climb aboard the bandwagon.

In Canada, the situation is even worse. Canwest, owned by Israel Asper, owns
over 130 newspapers in Canada, including 14 city dailies and one of the
country's largest papers, the National Post. His "journalists" have attacked
colleagues who have deviated from Mr Asper's pro-Israel editorials. As Index
on Censorship reported, Bill Marsden, an investigative reporter for the
Montreal Gazette has been monitoring Canwest's interference with its own
papers. "They do not want any criticism of Israel," he wrote. "We do not run
in our newspaper op-ed pieces that express criticism of Israel and what it
is doing in the Middle East..."

But now, "Izzy" Asper has written a gutless and repulsive editorial in the
Post in which he attacks his own journalists, falsely accusing reporters of
"lazy, sloppy or stupid" journalism and being "biased or anti-Semitic".
These vile slanders are familiar to any reporter trying to do his work on
the ground in the Middle East. They are made even more revolting by

Mr Asper, for example, claims that my colleague Phil Reeves compared the
Israeli killings in Jenin earlier this year – which included a goodly few
war crimes (the crushing to death of a man in a wheelchair, for example) –
to the "killing fields of Pol Pot". Now Mr Reeves has never mentioned Pol
Pot. But Mr Asper wrongly claims that he did.

It gets worse. For the Full Essay, go to:

Defend Anti-War Journalism
Media Action Alert from Media Alliance

On December 2nd, The Washington Post ran the most important and
powerful report that we've seen yet in the major media about the
anti-war movement in the United States.


But now the author of the article, Evelyn Nieves, and The Post are being
targetted by Right-wing talk show hosts and "media watchdogs". Rush
Limbaugh and others have been exhorting their followers to write the paper
and get rid of Nieves and such reporting. The Post is receiving lots of mail
to this effect. We need much more of this reporting, not less, in order to truly meet the
public's need for an informed debate about U.S. policy on a War with Iraq.


Please email The Post today to compliment them on their recent reporting on
the growing anti- war movement, and urge the paper to not only continue, but
to expand this coverage of popular sentiment and the growing movement
against War with Iraq.

We need to hear more of these viewpoints and voices, not less, for an
informed citizenry and for a full debate on the U.S. government's policy.
Tell them that as a reader, you look to The Post for such critical coverage.
** e-mail letters to: **
Note: The Post's Editorial Policy requires that letters must include the
writer's home address
and home and business telephone numbers.

Code Pink!

Women's Vigil to Spend Winter outside White House

Calling all students and youth who oppose the war in Iraq!!

We need you to liven up the streets!!

We are in the middle of a four month Women's Peace Vigil outside the
White House and are looking for creative ways and people to draw
attention to our message by showing how fun peace is!

The road in front of the white house is blocked off for pedestrians
only- so we want to fill it with more skateboarders, hoola-hoopers,
jugglers, soccer games, theater, radical cheerleaders, jump ropers, and
dance parties for peace! If you can't come to D.C. one way to
contribute is to knit/crochet/quilt pink! And send in your scarf-sized
creations! The vigil will culminate on March 8, where one of the actions
will be to surround the white house in pink- a huge net to catch the
war mongers!

The vigil is called by Code Pink- a movement of women and allies who
are outraged about the War in Iraq, being OUTRAGEOUS for peace. We
choose hot pink rather than Bush's Code Red, we want our money and
resources funding health care, education, housing, and the welfare of
people in our country rather than using 200 billion dollars for a war
for oil.

Since November 17, we have been outside the White House with our
banners and petitions from 9am-5pm, seven days a week -- come rain, snow or
sunshine. This vigil is the country's only daily show of protest right here
in our nation's capitol, where the decision to go to war or not will be made.
Hundreds of women and men have been coming to participate, to collect
signatures on our petition to George and Laura Bush, and to talk to the
constant stream of press and visitors. Some of the vigilers are local
folks who come for a three-hour shift; others come from out of town to stay
for a week or two, or even a month or two (we can provide housing).

The idea is to get enough people involved so we can have a constant pink
presence at the white house, and at the same time send people out to
have Outrageous Women initiated actions all over D.C. Some of the actions
we've done are: peace caroling at Bush's lighting of the Xmas tree, protests
at the headquarters of Exxon-Mobil over going to war for
oil, press conferences to denounce the administration's attempts to
scuttle the inspections, and rallies to stop the gutting of social services
for the needy while increasing the funds available to invade Iraq. Tomorrow
night we are anti-war carolling at the Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld's

Now it's your turn to join this amazing vigil. Come for an hour, a day,
a week or a month. Help us organize the week of actions that will mark
the end of the vigil on March 8, International Women's Day. Hang out with a
supportive community of organizers and activists. Use your energy and
creativity to build the peace movement.


contact Rebecca and Abigail, Code Pink Student/Youth coordinaters
at For more information, contact the
Women's Peace Vigil at or call 202-303-5016.
Also see and

United Methodist women begin prayer campaign for peace
By Kelly Martini, December 18, 2002

NEW YORK (UMNS) As violence continues across the Middle East and the
United States considers pre-emptive strikes against Iraq, the million-member
United Methodist Women?s organization is taking up arms in prayer.
The group?s new prayer campaign, "Christian Women Pray for Peace from
Advent to Easter," grew from a suggestion by a Washington state member
who wrote to the Women?s Division of the United Methodist Board of
Global Ministries in November. The division has administrative
responsibility for United Methodist Women.

"Imagine if the world heard that the churches in the United States cared
enough to pray that there will be no war," she wrote. "We could
revolutionize the way some other countries look at America."
Plans for the prayer campaign emerged after a brainstorming session of
United Methodist Women conference leaders and staff at a training event in St.

Across the United States, women are being asked to:

* Write a prayer for peace on a postcard some
time between Advent and Easter and mail it to the
Service Center, General Board of Global Ministries,
The United Methodist Church, 7820 Reading Road, Caller
No. 1800, Cincinnati, OH 45222-1800.

* Designate a day for prayer or form a 24-hour
prayer chain in each church, asking members to sign up
for one hour when they will pray for peace.

* Hold prayer meetings for peace in local,
district and conference United Methodist Women groups
and encourage women of other denominations to do the

* Collect prayer postcards in "prayer boxes"
stationed in public gathering places, such as stores,
restaurants and churches, and send all postcards to
the Service Center.

On Easter weekend, the Women's Division plans a demonstration for
peace in Washington. Church executives expect to deliver thousands
of prayers for peace on postcards to the White House.
A Web site is being developed for the campaign:
For questions email
For general information about the United Methodist
Church call InfoServ at 1-800-251-8140

*Martini is executive secretary for communications
with the Women?s Division of the United Methodist
Board of Global Ministries.

-= US-Iraq Conflict in the News and other News =-
A Review of Articles collected from: Dec. 7th to Dec. 13th

Weapons Inspections or Witch Hunt?
Lose-Lose Situation: The Independent comments on the lose-lose situation of
weapons inspectors. "It's like a witch trial from the 12th century. If
they're caught, they're guilty, if they're not caught, they must be guilty."

Latest 'Proof' of Al-Qaeda Connect: Bomb Now, Verify later
Lets Try Again!: The Bush administration tries another desparate attempt to
link Iraq to al-Qaeda without evidence, this time claiming that Iraq is
giving them VX smuggled through Turkey. All officials except one spoke on
the condition of anonymity, and nearly all stated that it was uncorroborated
and open to interpretation. Does anyone else find this reminiscent of when
Rumsfeld talked about "bulletproof" evidence of Iraqi links to al-Qaeada
that the CIA later admitted was simply a phone call from an al-Qaeda member
stating that he was "passing through Baghdad"?

Why the Dossier got into US Hands First
The Photocopier Technology Imbalance: America succeeded in getting a hold of
the only available copy of Iraq's 12,000 page dossier, to redistribute to
the rest of the security council, because "the US had the better photocopying
facilities." Plus: swapping secrets for the arms report (see ) - "secrets"
we should have given anyways if we actually cared about the success of the

US Preparing to use Illegal Anti-Personelle Land-Mines in Iraq
US Set To Use Mines In Iraq: The United States is preparing to use
anti-personelle land mines (of which 80% of their victims are civilians, and
1/3 children) in Iraq, despite international condemnation. Given the US's
track record of cleaning up cluster bombs (which are effectively
anti-personelle mines) in countries from Vietnam to Afghanistan, who wants
to wager as to whether we'll bother to clean them up?

Mystery Man
The Assasin Or The Spy?: Depending on whether you listen to a captured Iraqi
spy or a captured fundamentalist assasin, Abu Wael is either an Iraqi link
to al Qaeda or a deep-seated opponent of Saddam Hussein. He was last seen
either going to Afghanistan or in Kurdish territory in northern Iraq, or
possibly dead.

Ice Cream Man Does CD
Ben Cohen Of "Ben and Jerry's" Arrested: Along with over 100 other people,
including a number of religious leaders, Ben Cohen was arrested Tuesday for
the peaceful protest of the war on Iraq. CNN actually picked up the story,
hurrah! :)

World Opinion of US Continues to Decline
What The World Thinks Of Us: The Pew Charitable Trusts releases a survey of
over 38,000 people about what different countries in think of America. The
current number one opinion of America? Human-rights violating Uzbekistan,
with 85% support. Lowest ranked is our second biggest foreign aid recipient
(second to Israel), Egypt.

The "Perpetual War Portfolio"
The Perpetual War Portfolio: A web site unveils the "Perpetual War
Porfolio", a set of stocks that are based on the concept of a world perpetually at war.
Not doing bad so far compared to the rest of the market :)

Who are the Chickenhawks?
Chicken Hawks Website: Who are the Chickenhawks? Definition of a
'chickenhawk': "A chickenhawk is a term often applied to a public person, usually male,
who:1) tends to advocate (or is a fervent support of those who advocate)
military solutions to political problems, and 2) who has personally declined to take
advantage of a significant opportunity to serve in uniform during wartime.
The National Network to End the War Against Iraq
East Coast: (301) 270-4858 [toll free: 1-888-END-A-WAR]
West Coast: (650) 326-9057
Help Build the Network!
To Contribute to NNEWAI, address check or money order to "PPJC/NNEWAI", and
send it to:
PPJC Attn: National Network, 457 Kingsley Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

Iraq Alert prepared by Mike Zmolek of NNEWAI; webpage created December 24, 2002 by Charlie Jenks.