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Thank you, Marc W. Herold, for this contribution.
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The Striking Similarities Between Iraq and Afghanistan as Seen in Images

by Marc W. Herold
Departments of Economics and Women's Studies
Whittemore School of Business & Economics
University of New Hampshire


POSTED APRIL 15, 2003 --

The following pairings of images portray some of the stark similarities in the effects of the U.S. attacks upon Afghanistan and Iraq.

Similar Evidence of U.S. 'Precision' Bombing : Civilians maimed and killed

Agam village near Jalalabad, November 2001

Baghdad neighborhood, April 2003. A U.S. missile obliterated the home of Ali Abbas, 12, and most of his family, leaving him an orphan without arms.

U.S. Troops Humiliating and Violating the Personal Space of Muslim Women

in Masi Kalay village, Paktia, September 29, 2002

in Umm Qasr in late March 2003

Silencing the independent media by bombing it : Al Jazeera in Kabul and Baghdad

Al Jazeera's Kabul office took a direct hit in Nov. 2001. The Kabul staff had left the premises a few hours before.

Al-Jazeera's 2-storey Baghdad office took a direct hit in the morning of April 8, 2003, killing reporter, Tareq Ayoub, a 'victim of truth reporting.' Abu Dhabi TV showed Ayoub in a blanket being carried to a car. For an account of the attack, see

Airlifting-in the US-anointed, post-invasion puppet leaders :

Karzai and his US Special Forces handlers shortly after being airlifted by U.S. helicopter from a US base in Pakistan, November 2001. Karzai was known as the Gucci guerrilla and hung out in the Holiday Inn's lounge in Islamabad.

Ahmed Chalabi [right], indicted embezzler and leader of the CIA-funded Iraqi National Congress, was recently airlifted into southern Iraq by U.S. forces. Person on left is Senator Trent Lott.

The Occupier's Flag Flies Over Its Own 'Creations'

Whether over Kandahar International Airport [built by the U.S. in the 1950s] or the bust of Saddam Hussein [sponsored by the CIA in the 1950s]1.

Kandahar Int'l Airport, December 18, 2001

Baghdad, April 9, 2003


1. See Richard Sale, "Exclusive: Saddam Key in Early CIA Plot," Washington Times [April 10, 2003]

See Marc Herold's "Af'ghan Canon" - a complete body of work on Iraq, Afghanistan, depleted uranium use and related topics.

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