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Sent from Paul Amrod in Germany. Thanks, Paul.

Letters to the Editor

December 30, 2002

Can our war with Iraq be justified?
From Mr Andrew Davice

Sir, It was refreshing to see Charles Kennedy and others (letter, December 26) question the wisdom of an attack on Iraq without evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

However, I am at a loss to understand what possible threat Iraq could pose, even if (like us) it possessed these weapons, given the unparalleled military superiority of the West.

The entire annual military expenditure of Iraq is $1.4 billion, whereas America and the UK total some $430 billion. In military terms Iraq is tiny and insignificant. What moral or legal right do we have to attack it again?

Yours faithfully,
22 Hertford Street, Oxford OX4 3AJ.
December 26

From Mr David Skinner

Sir, As Mr Charles Kennedy and others suggest, as much intelligence information as sensibly possible should indeed be supplied to UN inspectors, and the number of inspectors inside Iraq greatly increased. And if war is averted, as we all hope, surely there should be a permanent presence, to prevent any weapons at present outside Iraq coming back in and future manufacture.

Some people imply that this is all about Western control of, inter alia, oil supplies. Of course, the US and UK would rather have friends in power there than enemies. But Iraq and North Korea are only two of many potential dangers.

Can we really turn our backs while proven aggressors build up their arsenals?

Yours faithfully,
16 Whitefield Close,
Coventry CV4 8GY
December 26.

From Mr Andrew Bradford

Sir, The leaders of the US and the UK, and not Iraq, are the ones clamouring for war. It is they who, in the last decade, have used their military machines to bomb civilians in the Balkans and who are known to have weapons of mass destruction.

It may well be that Iraq has the capability and plans for international terrorism but I, for one, require rather more justification for war than has currently been produced.

If UN inspectors were given free rein to investigate any US or UK establishment, would we allow that? If we produced a “full” declaration of our weapons capability, would we be content to allow the Iraqis to copy it before distributing it to the UN in abbreviated form?

If the US and UK were seen to be behaving in a more fair and less hypocritical manner, and were more open with the information they claim to have, perhaps they would have less problem getting support for the adventure upon which we seem to be set.

Yours faithfully,
Kincardine O’Neil,
Aboyne, Aberdeenshire AB34 5AE
December 24.

From Sir Bryan Thwaites

Sir, If President Bush and Prime Minister Blair personally take deliberate decisions which they know may “halt all Iraqi oil production, ‘seriously degrade’ the country’s electricity system, provoke civil unrest and create 900,000 refugees” (report, December 23), then in my book they should be arraigned as criminals who will have violated human rights on a scale not seen since the Second World War.

Yours faithfully,
A13 Albany, Piccadilly, W1J 0AL.
December 24

From Mr Richard Todd

Sir, It will be interesting to see when the first letter is published that puts the blame for North Korea’s reactivated nuclear programme (reports, December 27 and 28) firmly on the US.

Yours faithfully,
Mattingley Cottage,
Mattingley, Hampshire RG27 8JY.
December 29

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