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World Uranium Weapons Conference
Oct 16-19, 2003 - University of Hamburg, Germany

NEW The Trojan Horses of Nuclear War - international conference reader of the World Uranium Weapons Conference - is now available for free downloads as pdf files. Many thanks to the World Uranium Weapons Conference organizers for making this amazing resource available for download. It sold as a book during 2004. (see photo at left). See also Conference website for conference papers, speaker links and related information. See Conference Introduction below, with links to audio and photo-album.

Download this reader, by sections: (you may also order it in book form)

•Introduction: Dedication to Yalim Yacoub; Editor's Notes; Index; Forward; Conference Schedule; Opening Remarks by organizers David Kraft, Nuclear Engergy Information Service; Marion Küpker, Conference Coordinator; and Dai Williams, independent weapons researcher. (pages 1-18 - pdf)

•Science Panel: Presentations or papers by: Professor Yagasaki Katsuma, Japan; Chris Busby, Ph.D., UK; Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi, Iraq; Dr. Jawad Al-Ali, Iraq; Dr. Jenan Hassan, Iraq; Heike Schröder, molecular biologist, FRG; Professor Siegwart-Horst Günther, FRG; Dr. Eisuke Matsui, Japan; Professor Al-Aboudi Kadhum, Algeria; Professor Yuri Bandashevsky (article on his imprisonment in Belarus); Professor Huda Ammash, Iraq; Professor Alim Yacoub, Iraq. (pages 19-83 - pdf)

•Veterans Panel: Doug Rokke, Ph.D. (US); Susan Riordan (Canada); Patricia Rodriguez (Spain); Philip Steele (Australia); Dennis Kyne (US). (pages 84-103 - pdf)

•Civilians Effects panel: "Nibby" Richard David (UK); Henk van der Keur (NL); Pauline Rigby (Australia); Leuren Moret (US). (pages 104-144 - pdf).

•International Law panel: Karen Parker, JD (US); Solange Fernex (France); Professor Mandred Mohr (FRG); Professor Christian Scherrer (Japan/FRG). (pages 145-168 - pdf)

•Organizations panel: Professor Mohammed Daud Miraki (Afghan DU & Recovery Fund, Afghanistan); Nobuo Kazashi (NO DU Hiroshima Project, Japan); Rae Street (CADU, UK); David Garland (Pandora Depleted Uranium Project, UK); Tara Thornton, Military Toxics Project, US); John Axiak (for Mother Earth (Belgium), Malta); John LaForge (NUKEWATCH, US); Takashi Morizumi (, Japan); (pages 169-195, pdf)

"Cover-up" by Piotr Bein: (permission of author pending) (pages 196-209 - pdf) - html version

•Conference Workplan and Resolutions (co-facilitators Sunny Miller and David Kraft); Action Plans; Press Release; Contact-Addresses; Acknowledgments. (pages 210-226 - pdf)

We have published this Reader as we believe that is is an essential resource concerning uranium weapons. As it is the work of a conference, with many participants, the opinions are diverse. Necessarily, the views expressed in the reader are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Traprock Peace Center, its Core Group or supporters. Traprock Peace Center endorses the conference Resolutions and Action Plans and joins in gratefully acknowledging the work of the participants.

The reader has been made available as an educational resource for non-profit use. It may not be distributed for sale (including a price to cover costs only) without the permission of the conference organizers. The photographs were taken by several photographers, who retain their copyrights to the material. Requests to publish photographs from the reader should be made to the conference organizers.Those wishing to publish photographs may also contact Charles Jenks, who took many of the photos in the reader.

Click here to go directly to Index of Audio Presentations (mp3 recordings)
See also photo-album

Introduction to Conference (back to reader information)

The World Depleted (DU)/Uranium Weapons Conference was held October 16-19, 2003, at the University of Hamburg, Germany. More than 200 participants represented 21 nations from five continents, which included Iraq, Afghanistan, Australia, Japan, US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Cuba, and Malta.

"The evidence coming from the scientists, health professionals and legal experts at this Conference is clear: DU is causing significant health effects worldwide, and it illegal under existing international law and convention," concluded conference planner Marion Küpker, co-coordinator of the German anti-weapons group Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen (GAAA). "Now it's up to the activist community to force rogue governments like the US and Britain to observe international law the same way they preach it to other nations." Conference press release.

Group photo: Dr. Genan Hassan (Iraq); Pauline Rigby (Australia); Leuren Moret (USA); Souad Al-Azzawi, (Iraq); Heike Schröder (Germany). See Photo-Journal of Conference photos © 2003 Charlie Jenks

We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with conveners Marion Küpker - Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen; David Kraft - Nuclear Energy Information Service; Davey Garland - and John LaForge - . This writer thanks Sunny Miller for her excellent work as interviewer. photos © 2003 Charlie Jenks

We wish to thank Marion in particular, who edited all but a few of the conference presentations on this page (except Drs. Chris Busby, Jaward Al-Ali and Mohammed Muraki and the interviews.) and contributed her recordings for this site. She kindly provided text of presentations, where audio was not available. Select conference reports were provided by Marion, Karen Parker, Piotr Bein and Christian Scherrer. .For conference reports, resolutions and much more, see the conference website and consider pre-ordering the Conference Reader (html or doc version)

We also give thanks to Martin Voelker, No U Turn Radio, who did file conversions for audio that Traprock recorded at the conference.

Many individuals did excellent work as moderators and facilitators at the conference. For their photos and links, as well as biographical information on the presenters and their links, see the conference website.

This page is evolving. Look for additions and updates to this index. Comments and corrections are welcome.

Audio Index (click on links)

Presentations (click here to start at top and scroll down through all presentations)

Scientific Panels (click on categories to go directly to a particular panel)

International Law Panel

Veterans Panel

Civilians Panel

Organizations Panel

Special Presentations

Interviews (click here to by-pass presentations and go to interviews) followed by selection of confernce papers.

For Conference Resolutions and reports, see the Conference website.

Much more is coming in the Conference Reader. Pre-Orders available (html or doc version)

Photo-Journal of Conference

Conference Presentations

Click on blue links for mp3's or other resources. The links open in a new window. Audio was not available for a few speakers - in those cases we have provided prepared remarks or or other resources.


See also biographical references at
World Uranium Weapons Conference website

Scientific Panels

Katsuma Yagasaki (Japan) - see text of presentation (pdf) - audio not available

Eisuke Matsui (Japan) - see text of presentation. (html) - audio not available

Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi, Iraq (mp3)

Dr. Genan Hassan, Iraq (mp3)

Dr. Jawad Al-Ali, Oncology Center, Basrah, Iraq
"Effects of War on Iraq"
- see slide show and hear audio of presentation.

Heike Schroder, Germany - (16:36 mp3)


Science Panel Discussion (10:43 - mp3)

Dr. Chris Busby, UK - (23:43 min - mp3 file) on the health risks of low level radiation. See also Health Consequences of DU
Chris Busby, Ph.D. at World Uranium Weapons Conference, Hamburg, October, 2003.

Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti, Italy - see website - audio unavailable (photo from conference website speakers index)

Siegwart Horst-Gunther, Germany (12:18 - mp3) (This lecture is in German)

International Law Panel

Karen Parker, J.D., US - (mp3 audio - 23:25 min), non-governmental delegate to UN Commission on Human Rights and its Sub-Commission since 1982, on the illegality of 'depleted' uranium weapons under international humanitarian law.
See also The Illegality of DU Weaponry (pdf)

Solange Fernex, France - (13:50 - mp3)

Manfred Mohr, Germany (13:29 - mp3)

Christian Scherrer, Japan (20:15 - mp3). See also Invasion of Iraq, the U.N., U.S. Unilateralism and Crimes Against Humanity:
Perspectives for Accountability
by Christian P. Scherrer, Professor at Hiroshima Peace Institute, HPI. See also


Law Discussion (19:37 - mp3)

Veterans Panel

Susan Riordon, Canada, widow of Terry Riordon, Canadian Gulf War I veteran - ( 12:56 - mp3)

Doug Rokke, US Army ( ret.) - Gulf War I and Vietnam veteran - (17:43 - mp3). See also Immediate Action Required (pdf file) and search Traprock website for many more Doug Rokke resources.

Patricia Rodriguez, Spain - (18:49 - mp3)

Philip Steele, Australian veteran - (8:15 - mp3)

Dennis Kyne, US Army Gulf War I veteran (110:36 - mp3) - See Dennis' website.


Veterans' Discussion (20:04 mp3)

Civilians Panel

Richard 'Nibby' David, UK - (15:15 - mp3 )

Pauline Rigby, Australia - (12:25 - mp3)

Leuren Moret, USA - (19:04 - mp3) See also
International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan (November 25, 2003) Question 11: What does the US government know about DU? You may also search Traprock website for more Leuren Moret resources.

Henk van der Keur, Netherlands - (15:55 - mp3)


Civilian Panel Discussion (mp3)

Organizations Panel

Prof. Mohammed Daud Miraki, Afghanistan (15:43 - mp3)

Rae Street , UK, Campaign Against Depleted Uranium (11:09 - mp3)

Davey Garland, UK, Pandora Project (7:46 - mp3)

Tara Thornton, US, Military Toxics Project (6:56 - mp3)

Nobuo Kazashi, Japan (10:46 - mp3) - NO DU Hiroshima Project

John Axiak, Maltese Islands (3:09 - mp3)

Dai Williams, UK - (11:14 - mp3) presentation on weapons systems (the audio is not complete, unfortunately.) See Dai's website (scroll down the page for uranium weapons reports). Also, see the text version of his other remarks at the Conference.

Piotr Bein, Ph.D. - Canada - moderates DU-Watch, premier listserv on uranium weapons (audio presentation unavailable). See also Uraniun Weapons Cover-ups - a Crime Against Humankind by Piotr Bein, Ph.D., M.A.Sc., P.Eng. and Karen Parker.

Takashi Morizumi - see description of Confence photo exhibit - Children of the Gulf War with links to his website.
photo from

Interviews by Sunny Miller

October 18, 2003 Interview (mp3) with Professors Siegwart-Horst Gunther, back from visits to Iraq hospitals,
and Albrecht Schott (on chromosomal damage.)

Prof. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, Germany

Albrecht Schott, Germany (not pictured)

Souad Al-Azzawi (Iraq) - (16:17 - mp3)

Dennis Kyne (US) - (8:43 - mp3)

David Bradbury - filmmaker - Australia (3:00 - mp3)

Pre-Conference Interview

Dr. Asaf Durakovic, Uranium Medical Research Center (Washington, DC and Toronto)

May, 2003 interview interview with Dr. Durakovic (42:26 - mp3)

Conference Papers

Health Consequences of DU
Chris Busby, Ph.D. at World Uranium Weapons Conference, Hamburg, October, 2003.

Karen Parker, JD
- international legal expert - The Illegality of DU Weaponry (pdf)

see also Uraniun Weapons Cover-ups - a Crime Against Humankind by Piotr Bein, Ph.D., M.A.Sc., P.Eng. and Karen Parker

Invasion of Iraq, the U.N., U.S. Unilateralism and Crimes Against Humanity:
Perspectives for Accountability

by Christian P. Scherrer, Professor at Hiroshima Peace Institute, HPI

See conference resolutions and reports at World Uranium Weapons Conference

See more on uranium weapons on this website.

Page updated March 19, 2004 by Charlie Jenks; . All photos @ 2003 Charlie Jenks.except where noted.