November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became one of the most populace sites in the US, and an important resource on the antiwar movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored virtually all of its web pages and multimedia content (photographs, audio, video, and pdf files. As the author and registered owner of that site, his purpose here is to preserve an important slice of the history of the grassroots peace movement in the US over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and to the many friends of Traprock Peace Center. Blogs have been consolidated and the calendar has been archived for security reasons; all other links remain the same, and virtually all blog content remains intact.

THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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Community of Peace Makers

All MEMBERS of Congress can be reached at 202-224-3121.

"If someone with courage and vision can rise to lead in nonviolent
action,the winter of despair can, in the twinkling of an eye,
be turned into the summer of hope."

~~Mohandas K. Gandhi,

Contributors, Advisors, Committee Chairs, Volunteers,
Interns and Members welcome!

Nov. 16 - Our Core Group had its annual retreat today. We reflected on our work to stop war with Iraq and our continuing mission to provide educational programs and resources on non-violence for adults and children. We are grateful for our community of peacemakers and thank old and new friends - here and abroad - who are working with us to explore non-violence and promote justice and sustainable living. (Pictured: Sarah Thayer, Sunny Miller, Charlie Jenks, Irene Michaud, Jamie Babson; Eric Wasleski is on a peace walk in Japan; photo by Norm Lerchen, Core Group nominee.) We closed by singing Humble.

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton (Founder, Pax Christi) with
Wally Nelson, Charlie, Steve and Juanita Nelson.

The Amherst Middle East Education Committee
is an affiliate project of the Peace Center
. We are proud to be working with this organization. At left is Faraj, a 17 year old Palestinian. AMEEC is sponsoring Faraj while he completes high school locally. Faraj is a peace activist who was featured in the award-winning film "Promises." He just started school after attending Seeds of Peace camp this summer.

Sunny and Irene at the "Peace College," Newport, RI.

Sarah Pirtle at Traprock's 20th birthday celebration (1999).

On Hiroshima Day, 2000, Traprock sponsored a survivor
of the bombing in Northampton and Greenfield.

Jim Perkins (beloved former Core Group member and plowshares activist - and arrested last year at Westover Air Force Base for trespass (charges were dismissed) and Randy Kehler (former natinoal director of the national nuclear freeze - both former directors of Traprock Peace Center).

Traprock co-sponsored Interfaith Pilgrimage across
Massachusetts protesting prison conditions.

Sara (former intern), Sunny (Director), Tom and Bill at Traprock.

Dr. Sarah Kemble (center) at Greenfield post-September 11 vigil

People gathered at the Sunday Vigil on the
Greenfield Common.  Co-Sponsors:  Community Health Center of Franklin County (founder) and Traprock Peace Center

Kristina Olsen sang with loving kindness, on September 5th at Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield. Sunny Miller conducted a video interview with Kristina at 4:30. This was followed by a picnic on the lawn and a gathering of neighbors in the peace center for concert and conversation with Kristina. (You can now HEAR her wonderful song - "The Art of Being Kind (for Laurie) by following this link to Kristina Olsen's page on this site.

While visiting Traprock, Kristina met our friendly Chipmunk.Kristina asked to name her Nicolina. What a wonderful name! Nicolina visited us the next day and posed for this photo.

All about Traprock Interns!
If you are interested in an internship (residential or non-residential), check out the Interns page and contact Sunny Miller at the Peace Center.)

May 3 - 50 Sleep-Out in cardboard boxes and tents in Greenfield, MA and raise $5000 for the homeless shelter. It was near freezing on a clear night. Thanks to Eve Brown-Waite and a community-wide effort. Eric Wasileski represented Traprock's Core Group and Sunny helped with publicity. (Photo by Sunny Miller)

Ingrid Bredenberg (Montague, MA) and Doug McDonnell on Jan. 1, 2003.

Mutsumi and Professor Akio Hayashi, University of Shiga Prefecture, visit Sunny and friend at Traprock Peace Center.

Robbie with Wally and Juanita Nelson

Hiroshima vigil with many friends in Amherst, August 5, 2002

Sunny and former intern Eleanor (middle) and friends

She has family in Iraq and hopes for Peace.

Kristina Olsen fed our spirits on Sept. 4 and 5. See new page about her trip to Afghanistan and listen to her song "The Art of Being Kind (for Laurie)". .(Photo: Kristina (leftt) ; Aurufa, an Afghan woman who lost eight family members when an American bomb struck her house in Kabul and Myrna Bethk. Photo: Natalie Behring-Chisholm.)

Protesting sanctions and bombing against Iraq.

///////////////// A LITTLE INSPIRATION ///////////////////
History tells a limited story, but people aspire to more. In February, 2002 at the Boston Research Center in Cambridge, Rosemarie Harding told us, "We didn't call it a civil rights movement. We called it a freedom movement!"

Eric Johanson of San Francisco reminds us to connect the dots ... to see where we are complicit. As social beings it's challenging to write our opposition and believe in possibilities or even trends that headlines rarely announce until a success is as undeniable as the fall of the Berlin wall or the end of Apartheid. In community we find affirmation, inspiration, share hardships, and as Gandhi suggested, '... become the change we want to see.' Eric sends this quote:

"If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil Deeds and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart? " --Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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This shy Bruin was photographed outside our window. Hunters - leave our bear be!

Frances Crowe, a Traprock Peace Center founder, is a wonderful local peacemaker featured in the exhibit
. (Photo © Charlie Jenks)

All photos © Charlie Jenks, except the top with Bishop Gumbleton, © Sunny Miller.

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