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"Comments on the US/UK Draft Resolution" by Glen Rangwala, Author of Counter-Dossier II

November 7, 2002:

Contact: Dr. Glen Rangwala: concerning Comments - please follow these links to text:

Please distribute the following paper widely (This paper was faxed and emailed to members of the Security Council on November 7, 2002 by Traprock Peace Center. For information on contacting the Security Council, go to

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HTML (web page) document - (includes additional comments by Douglas Foxvog)

Dr. Glen Rangwala, Lecturer in politics at Cambridge University and co-author of the Counter-Dossier Part I with Alan Simpson, MP (and author of Part II, the Addendum - the definitive rebuttal of Tony Blair's dossier against Iraq) responds to the draft resolution put forward on November 5 by the US and UK.

The draft resolution sets the stage for starting war with Iraq. It virtually guarantees failure of renewed weapons inspections by imposing terms that attack the core aspects of Iraqi sovereignty. Even if Iraq accepted the terms, the resolution may fail given the seeming impossibility of implementing its terms fairly.

Dr. Rangwala addresses the following themes:

Draft Shifts Focus from Disarmament
Draft Would Frustrate Council Members Who Wish to Re-Link Disarmament with Lifting of Sanctions
Draft Attempts Post Hoc Legal Justification for Bombing to Enforce Unauthorized No-Fly Zones Established by US and UK
Draft Misrepresents History of Termination of Inspections and Fails to Recognize Incomplete but Extensive Iraqi Cooperation
Draft Resolution Creates Fabrication and Shifts Blame for Iraqi Suffering
US/UK Attempt to Side-Step Requirement That Only the Security Council May Terminate Cease Fire.
US and UK can no longer claim that they are trying to ensure Iraq’s compliance with resolutions dating back to 1991.
Inventory Requirements Set Impossible Standards
Allowing Unmovic to Abduct Individuals is Irresponsible and Threatens to Thwart Cooperation
Unilateral Nullification of Resolution 1154 Undermines Credibility of UN
Inclusion of UN Armed Force Creates Unnecessary and Dangerous Risks
Unlimited Powers Likely to Derail Cooperation of PartiesThese Comments are published at with Dr. Rangwala's permission.

Page created November 7, 2002 by Charlie Jenks.