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Rally: Stop the Attacks on Antiwar Student Organization
Friday, May 5, 10:00 AM
University of Texas Campus, SSB building

The Campus Antiwar Movement to End the Occupation (CAMEO), an student antiwar group at the University of Texas, is being charged with infractions of the UT student organization code, including chalking on campus sidewalks, putting a poster on the MLK statue telling people where to go for a rally with Cindy Sheehan, using amplified sound in an unauthorized location, and having non-student organizations on campus. These are attacks on free speech; what the administration is saying is, “You can have a rally, but be quiet and don’t advertise for it.”

Change has never happened by people being quiet. If the university punishes CAMEO, they may not be able to have rallies or put fliers up on campus. Given that these “rules” are violated every day by various campus organizations, it seems the university is targeting CAMEO because of its political stance and activism.

Support student activists !

Call the Student Activities and Leadership office at (512) 232-2835 — or e-mail the officials below — and ask that all charges be dropped. You should ask for either Cindy Braly, Annemarie Seifert, or Margaritta Arrellano.

And come to the rally on Friday, which is being timed to coincide with CAMEO’s disciplinary hearing.

Cindy Braly, Student Affairs Administrator,
Annemarie Seifert, Dean of Students office,
Margaritta Arrellano, Associate Dean of Students,

CAMEO had its last meeting of the semester on May 3rd. More info: