November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became one of the most populace sites in the US, and an important resource on the antiwar movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored virtually all of its web pages and multimedia content (photographs, audio, video, and pdf files. As the author and registered owner of that site, his purpose here is to preserve an important slice of the history of the grassroots peace movement in the US over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and to the many friends of Traprock Peace Center. Blogs have been consolidated and the calendar has been archived for security reasons; all other links remain the same, and virtually all blog content remains intact.

THIS SITE NO LONGER REFLECTS THE CURRENT AND ONGOING WORK OF TRAPROCK PEACE CENTER, which has reorganized its board and moved to Greenfield, Mass. To contact Traprock Peace Center, call 413-773-7427 or visit its site. Charles Jenks is posting new material to, a multimedia blog and resource center.

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Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

UPDATE: (see also Boycott proposals)

Human Shields to Stop War Against Iraq

This is an idea that has been voiced for a while and was recently adopted by the Cairo Conference as a recommendation. See the Cairo Declaration. Traprock had participated in discussions of this idea, as noted below with its proposal that Nobel Peace Laureates go to Iraq. We wrote to Jimmy Carter on December 23 proposing that he head such a delegation.

See Back to Iraq as a Human Shield (December 29, 2002) from the the Observer.


Action Ideas from Voices in the Wilderness and Traprock Peace Center
(sent via email to lists)

Greetings - Traprock is reprinting below a letter from Voices in the Wilderness and offering its own campaign idea as well. (VITW's suggestions concerning a letter are gearred for US citizens. Our international friends may wish to adapt the suggested format to a non-American perspective. (Photo of Muslim couple in Wichita, KS by Charlie Jenks)

Another campaign suggestiona (and perhaps others have proposed this as well) is one that I proposed on Oct 1 to a major international peace organization. I then followed-up a phone conversation with an email that included the following:

"As you know, Voices in the Wilderness has organized citizen groups to go to Iraq as human shields and witnesses. [I expressed doubt that this would deter the start of a bombing campaign by itself.]"

"What if Nobel Peace Prize Laureates went? I am thinking of the 20 or so who signed the appeal for a decade of education in non-violence. For example, they could go in pairs and stay in Baghdad for a spell to be replaced by another pair."

It's an idea, and a desperate one perhaps, but desperate measures may be the only ones available soon. It would dramatize the situation and perhaps cause a pause and enable international outrage to intensify. (Photo of Kids at peace rally in Greenfield, MA by Charlie Jenks)

This writer believes that the US is trying to get the UN to effectively wash its hands of the situation with the new "compromise" resolution. The UN would feel it did not authorize force, while the Bush Administration would point to the UN resolution as suportive (even if mildly so) as well as the Congressional resolution. If it did not have a suportive UN resolution, it has said it could rely on the Congressional as all the authorization it would need to attack Iraq. Recently, I have talked and written to another group that works a lot with Nobel Peace Prize winners. They have considering whether to support the idea and convey it to the Laureates.

Charlie Jenks
Traprock Peace Center

October 15 2002

TWO IMMEDIATE ACTIONS (as suggested by Voices in the Wilderness) (Photo of Khafar Macknala in Iraq by Voices in Wilderness)

As the Security Council begins to debate a new resolution relating to military action against Iraq, Voices in the Wilderness would like to generate a huge number of letters to specific members of the SC. Mr. Hans von Sponeck, former head of the UN Food for Oil prograim in Iraq until he resigned in protest in 2000, has concurred that this could be an effective action at this time. Letters should go to three of the permanent members of the SC (France, China - President for November, Russia) and to Cameroun (was President for October) and to Denmark (currently heading the EU). Here is the contact information for the member states we are suggesting.

[Traprock Note: We have researched the Security Council contact information and have updated it significantly. We have also added contact information for the Danish Presidency of the European Union. You may find a complete list of Security Council members at Here is a letter sent to the following missions by email]


Wang Yingfan, Ambasador
Permanent Representative of the People's Republic
of China to the UN
Telephone: 212-655-6100 (general)
FAX: 212-634-7626 (general)
Tel: 212-655-6191 (Wang Yingfan)
Fax: 212-481-2998 (Wang Yingfan)


S. E. M. Jean-David Levitte, Ambassadeur
Permanent Representative of France to the UN
Telephone: (212) 308-5700
FAX: 212-421-6889 (Main and weekends); fax Political Division: (212) 207-8765

On-Line Email:
French foreign ministry -
See an online letter that we've sent.


H.E. Mr. Sergey Lavrov
Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation
to the UN
Telephone: (212) 861-4900, 4901, 4902
FAX: 212-628-0252

On-Line Email:
President of the Russian Federation
: or email to


Martin Belinga-Eboutou
Permanent Representative of Cameroon to the UN
Téléphone : +1(212)-794-2296
Fax : +1 (212)-249-0533

DENMARK (Danish European Presidency website)

Prime Minister’s Office

Michael Kristiansen
Press Officer
Phone, +45 33922259, e-mail:

Per Poulsen-Hansen
Ambassador, Diplomatic Adviser (Head of Foreign, European and Defense policy)
Phone +45 33922203, e-mail:

Jeppe Tranholm-Mikkelsen
Chief Adviser (EU Policy)
Phone +45 33922271, e-mail:

Michael Borg-Hansen
Senior Adviser (Foreign and Security Policy)
Phone: +45 33922299, e-mail:

Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Minister for European Affairs

Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen
Press Officer to the Minister for Foreign Affairs
Phone: +45 33920601, e-mail:

Søren Juul Jørgensen
Press Officer to the Minister for European Affairs
Phone + 45 33920615, e-mail:

Kim Jørgensen
Head of EU Policy Department (Danish EU Presidency, EU policy, Convention on the future of the EU)
Phone +45 33920655, e-mail:

Liselotte Plesner
Head of EU Enlargement/Eastern Europe Department
Phone: +45 33920415, e-mail:

Lars Faaborg-Andersen
Head of Middle East Department 
Phone: +4533920345, e-mail:

Carsten Damsgaard
Head of Security Policy Department (EU common foreign and security policy: security and defence matters, including the Danish defence exemption)
Phone: +45 33920669, e-mail:

From Voices in the Wilderness: "Write short letters saying how as US citizens we have worked to keep our nation from escalation of the economic and military warfare on Iraq. Tell them that now we ask them to do all in their power to keep the US from carrying out its war plan against the Iraqi people. (Photo - Traprock Peace Center)

And we would like to keep track of how many such letters are sent. Just send a brief e-mail to saying you sent some number of letters. We are encouraging other organizations to begin similar campaigns.

And while you are at the writing desk: Please write to Jimmy Carter. Congratulate him on receiving the Nobel Peace
Prize, and ask that he continue to use his unique position to speak out vigorously against military action in Iraq and against the
administration's arrogant policies toward the UN and toward other nations (the so-called Bush Doctrine). Write to President Jimmy Carter, FAX to 404-331-0283. If you would rather leave a message, you can call the Carter offices at 404-331-3900 and ask for extension 125 to leave a recorded message. [Traprock Note: If you fax Jimmy Carter, we suggest sending a letter to his following mailing address as well:

President Jimmy Carter
The Carter Center
One Copenhill
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307

(by the way, his website says he declines to accept emails.)]

Please do this now as the UN debate is beginning.

Thanks for this and for all that you are doing for peace.

All best,

Kathy Kelly
Gabe Huck
Jeff Guntzel
Ken Hannaford-Ricardi

Voices in the Wilderness"

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