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Photographs by Charlie Jenks; all images Traprock Peace Center
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0Farmers2 0Farmers3 0Farmers4 0GreatFall 0GreatFalls
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0GreatFalls2 0GreatFalls2a 0GreatFalls3 0GreatFalls4 0GreatFalls5
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0Montague 0Montague0 0Montague1 0Montague2 0Montague3
0Montague.jpg 0Montague0.jpg 0Montague1.jpg 0Montague2.jpg 0Montague3.jpg
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0Montague9a a1010002 a1010007 a1010008 a1010010
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a1010011 a1010019 Amherst h1010017 h1010019
a1010011.jpg a1010019.jpg Amherst.jpg h1010017.jpg h1010019.jpg
h1010027 h1010028 h1010030 h1010033 h1010034
h1010027.jpg h1010028.jpg h1010030.jpg h1010033.jpg h1010034.jpg
Hadleywalk hadleywalkers hpuppetfolk hresting P1010003
Hadleywalk.jpg hadleywalkers.jpg hpuppetfolk.jpg hresting.jpg P1010003.jpg
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P1010014.jpg P1010015.jpg P1010016.jpg P1010018.jpg P1010021.jpg
P1010024 r1010004 r1010012 r1010025 r1010025a
P1010024.jpg r1010004.jpg r1010012.jpg r1010025.jpg r1010025a.jpg
r1010026 r1010027a r1010028 r1010039 r101004
r1010026.jpg r1010027a.jpg r1010028.jpg r1010039.jpg r101004.jpg
r1010040 r1010047 t1010001 t1010001a t1010002
r1010040.jpg r1010047.jpg t1010001.jpg t1010001a.jpg t1010002.jpg
t1010003 t1010006 t1010007 t1010011 u10100114
t1010003.jpg t1010006.jpg t1010007.jpg t1010011.jpg u10100114.jpg
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u1010028 ubportrait1 ubportrait2 ufaithgroup uP1010015
u1010028.jpg ubportrait1.jpg ubportrait2.jpg ufaithgroup.jpg uP1010015.jpg
uP1010016 Vacca1 Vacca2 Vacca3
uP1010016.jpg Vacca1.jpg Vacca2.jpg Vacca3.jpg

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Please call ahead to visit or volunteer. Our Peace Center is located 1/2 mile south of Greenfield, in Deerfield Massachusetts, on a ridge between the Deerfield and Connecticut Rivers. From Route 5 & 10 take Keets Road to the top of Woolman Hill and turn left at the mailboxes. Look for blue and white signs. If you'd rather not stumble into the conference Center or someone's house -- look for our sign.

Please call to confirm events, especially in stormy weather.

(413) 773-7427;

For more information and updates to calendar, contact us.

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