On October 11th between 1 and 2 pm, fourteen people from western Massachusetts were denied entrance to Sen. John Kerry's office. They came to ask him to explain his vote in favor of the war resolution and to obejct to his decision. One person was told that the office was "closed." Another had been told that people were not allowed in the office due to fire safety reasons. See Press Advisory concerning the lock-out on Oct. 10. Thanks to Eve Brown-Waite for her great organizing for these visits!

People had gone to the office singly or in small groups; none were allowed to enter. After a brief vigil, 11 went to the office as a group to register their protest about being denied entrance. The office person, Amanda, was polite but would not let anyone in the office. She took individual statements and passed out Sen. Kerry's speech to the Senate. She was able to reach an aide to Sen. Kerry - Michael Vito. He did talk to two visitors by cell phone.

Photos copyright Charlie Jenks, 2002
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Knocking on the door; jamming the halls with no one allowed inside; Eve Brown-Waite taking a moment to meditate on the day's events (thanks for your work bringing this together, Eve.)

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