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During these times, many are coming together to work for peace with a spirit of cooperation. For us, this song inspires listening to each ohter and learning from each other, so that we may lift each other.

Humble, from Journeys of the Night Heart, Vol. 2, was recorded in Easthampton, Mass. at Touchstone Farm, Center of Sacred Dance, which holds the copyright to this recording. We gratefully acknowledge Touchstone's permission to make this song available on this site. Thank you Anja and Shaker. The song appears on the album 'Journies of the NightHeart, Long Dance, Volume Two'. This album has dance steps by Anja and Shaker and is available from the Touchstone catalog of music.

Credits: "Anja Daniel: vocals & guitar; Lissa Carter: vocals; Jim Desmond: vocals & accordion; Jonathan Vacanti: mandolin; Christian Hine: percussion; George Shaker McNeil: recording engineer and main soucce of inspiration to make this all happen."

This Album is part of the Touchstone catalog and is found at


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