Boston Rally Against War with Iraq - October 4, 2002
Photos copyright Charlie Jenks, 2002; all rights reserved.

Hundreds greeted George Bush at the Seaport Hotel at noon on October 4th. Protesters were not allowed near the President, but they were able to interact with attendees of $500 a plate fund-raiser for GOP nominee for Governor. One protester asked attendee "Hey, Buddy, can you spare $500 for a meal?"

At 6:00 pm, about 2000 gathered at the North Bridge off Atlantic Avenue to protest the war. After a rally, they marched peacefully through the business district to the Common, chanting "We don't want your racist war!" Amazingly, the Boston papers gave scant mention of these protests, particularly the evening one.

The following photos were all taken by Charlie Jenks. Sunny Miller and he attended the rally and march and passed out literature such as the Labour Against the" target="_blank">War's Counter-Dossier. They ran into friends from various peace organizations, such as Jennifer Horan of United for Justice with Peace, Sally Shaw of MaMoveon, folks from MA Peace Action and friends Carolyn Fuller and Bill McAvinney, who responded with a letter to the editor for our campaign of writing letters to newspapers in the UK.


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