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Traprock Peace Center helped facilitate the walk through Massachusetts and into Connecticutt. .  Here is a log of October 20 - October 26 in Massacusetts .  It has now arrived in New York City where it is on display at the Interfaith Center. Watch this page for an update on the trip to NYC on the Clearwater ship and it's temporary resting place.

Saturday:  The Recorder published a thorough story by Janet Bond on the top half of their front page, with a full color picture of Friday's walkers! We were thrilled to see the Ark-of-Hope web site address at the end of the article.  Many more drivers honked and waved, as they saw us on the road, Saturday.  After a morning visit at Farmers' Market we walked to Historic Deerfield, visiting with one another along the walk. We encountered a mix of parents, faculty and folks visiting the colonial village on a beautiful day, somewhat sleepy day in old Deerfield.

Sunday: Three mid-day stops caught people's eye, as the Ark visited All Souls Church, a peace vigil on the Greenfield Common and neighbors preparing to depart for the Crop walk. Traffic was heavy on Route 5 & 10.

Monday:  As people came to school Monday we were waiting, asking, "Would you like to hear some good news?" From 7:20 to 10:20 about 150 students at Frontier Regional School in South Deerfield visited the Ark and heard about the Earth Charter. When art, social studies, history and English classes visited the cafeteria students had a chance to add poetry, art and letters. Later this week the school's video crew will air an interview with Theresa Elder of Vermont and Sunny Miller of Traprock Peace Center. Traprock is providing contact information, phone support and help with housing and publicity while the Ark tours western Massachusetts. Volunteers are passing out about 100 flyers per day suggesting neighbors bring the Earth charter before town meetings this spring. Vermonters set a brisk pace today as 3 Vermonters and 3 locals moved the Ark south along a quiet River Road. They lunched on the lawn at the home of Leela Whitcomb-one of the walkers' The Ark awaits interest at the garage of Desmond's Barber Shop on Main Street.

Tuesday:  The Hampshire Gazette's Carolyn Lorie wrote a helpful account of the walk as it comes to Hampshire County.  Walkers plan to leave Hatfield Center at 10:30 am, just south of the Library, Main St. Elm St, Rt. 5&10--about 5-6 miles. Tuesday evening Kip Moeller, a nurse and foot specialist who has walked for four days, will bring the Ark to Sirius, Community in Shutesbury. We'll use the truck of veteran civil rights activists and simple living experts, Wally and Juanita Nelson, organic farmers in Deerfield. 

Wednesday, October 24 is United Nations Day:  The walk came to Northampton in the morning. Sunny took the Ark to a United Nations Association luncheon, co-sponsored by many local groups at the Red Barn at Hampshire College, Route 116, South Amherst. That evening, a pot-luck was hosted by Kelly Gallagher, Assistant Minister of First Churches on Main Street.

Thursday: The Ark went south on 10, Later west on 20 and 23. The walkers visited Holyoke Community College with the Ark that evening.

Friday: Visited the Islamic cultural Center in West Springfield

Photos © 2001 Charlie Jenks or Sunny Miller
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