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MARC HEROLD, professor at the University of New Hampshire, CONNIE CHOW, member of the Brookline/Boston chapter of Amnesty International USA, and a member of the Steering Committee of the Women’s Human Rights Program of AIUSA, amd Sunny Miller, Director, Traprock Peace Center, spoke at a press conference organized by Traprock on June 20 , at Greenfield Community College in downtown Greenfield. The Recorder, Greenfield, MA and the Union News, Springfield, MA. attemded. They then spoke at the Interfaith Council of Franklin County and Mr. Herold was interviewed on WFCR, 88.5 FM, on Friday, June 21st. Later that day, Professor Herold spoke at the Vigil for the Loss of Life in Afghanistan, at the Energy Park, Greenfield. Ssinger-songwriter, Julia Burrough and Rashna Singh also participated. The vigil was co-sponsored by Traprock Peace Center and the Interfaith Council of Franklin County

Connie Chow is a member of the Brookline/Boston chapter of AmnestyInternational USA, and a member of the Steering Committee of the Women’s Human Rights Program of AIUSA. Connie has been working to highlight the plight of Afghanistan’s refugees and the abuses against women under the Tailban regime for the past few years. Connie Chow was invited to participate in a women’s delegation that visited Kabul, Afghanistan in early March. This delegation was organized by Global Exchange, a non-profit organization working on social, cultural and economic rights issues. Connie is a lecturer at UMass Boston, and holds a doctorate degree in Virology from Harvard University.

Marc W. Herold, is a professor of ecomonics and women's studies at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H. and is on of the world's foremost authorities on impact on civilians of the war in Afghanistan.


Professor Marc Herold's "Afghan Canon" - a collection of articles with hyperlinked references.

Go HERE for Marc Herold's research on the daily casualty count of Afghan civilians killed by U.S.
bombing from October 7, 2001 to the present.
(Click on the AfghanDailyCount.xls link to download the excel database.)

Here is a brief summary of his research and rerporting on the human costs of the
U.S War in Afghanistan:

Mr. Herold has published articles in Germany, Pakistan, Britain, India and the United
States. His dossier on civilian casualties has been translated into German,
Italian, and Japanese. In addition,he has had hundreds of radio
intewrviews, invitations for national T.V appearances [turned down], T.V
shows in Germany and California, public speaking engagements from Boston to
Iowa and California, and research reported in major dailies and weeklies in
New Zealand, Australia, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Italy, Germany,
Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Britain, Ireland, France, Brazil,
Canada and the United States, including Der Spiegel, Corriere della Sera, Il
Manifesto, forum in Le Monde, The Guardian, the BBC News Online, the
Financial Times, the Irish Times, South China Morning News, Pravda, Publico
daily [Portugal], Switzerland's two major dailies [Tages Anzeiger and Neues
Zuricher Zeitung], La Vanguardia [Spain], Die Zeit [Hamburg] and Die
Tageszeitung-TAZ [Berlin], the Tribune de Geneve, Ny Tid [Norway], Al-Ahram
Weekly, Dawn and The News and The Balochistan Post [Pakistan], the New
Zealand Herald, Sydney Morning Herald, Jornal do Brasil and Correio
Braziliense [Brasilia] and Jornal Hora do Povo [Sao Paulo], Time, the U.S
Catholic, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Village Voice,
The Progressive, Earth Island Journal, Harper's, Hartford Courant, Boston
Herald, Des Moines Register, the UT Daily Texan, St. Louis Post Dispatch
[letter to editor], San Francisco Chronicle, PaxChristi USA, ZNet, Counterpunch, the Toronto Globe & Mail and the Centre for
Research on Globalisation [Montreal], Cyberpresse [Toronto], as well as all
the local newspapers, to mention just a few. His research was mentioned at
this year's World Social Forum in Porto Alegre [Brazil]. Professors of
journalism interviewed him and wrote up articles in the Houston Chronicle,
the San Francisco Chronicle, and the American Journalism Review. His
research formed the basis of pointed questions posed in a press conference
held by Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld [USA] and in the House of Commons to
Geoffrey Hoon [UK].

As of this writing [June 5th], he has published the
following articles:

Herold, Marc W., "U.S Bombing and Afghan Civilian Deaths : The Official
Neglect of 'Unworthy' Bodies," International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
[forthcoming September 2002]. Herold, Marc

W., "Truth About Afghan Civilian Casualties Comes Only Through
American Lenses for the
U.S Corporate Media [our modern-day Didymus]," in Peter Phillips
[ed.] and Project Censored,
Censored 2001: The Year's Top 25 Stories [New York: Seven seas
Publishers, forthcoming 2002].

Herold, Marc W., "'Collateral Damage'? : Civilians and the U.S Air War in
Afghanistan," S + F
- Vierteljahreeshrift fuer Sicherheit and Frieden [University of
Hamburg, Germany] 20, 2
[forthcoming 2002], 24pp.

Herold, Marc W., "Karzai & Associates' Trickle-Down Reconstruction," The
Balochistan Post [Quetta,
Pakistan] [May 17, 2002], 12pp.

Herold, Marc W., " 'Collateral Damage'? : Civilians and the U.S Air War in
Afghanistan," in Aftab Malik
[ed], Shattered Illusions: America's War on Terrorism
[Brighton, U.K.: The Amal Press,
forthcoming 2002]

Herold, Marc W., "Casualties and Weapons in the U.S Air War Upon
Afghanistan," in on-line television
program, "Media: Global Wake Up Call 2: panel of three media
experts" [Monterey Bay:
California State University at Monterey Bay, April 4, 2002],
at :

Herold, Marc W., "Bombardamenti in Afghanistan. Le vittime civili,"
AltrEconomia [Milan, Italy] no. 25 supplemento [25 febbraio 2002], 23pp.

Herold, Marc W., "The Failed Campaign," Frontline. India's National Magazine
19,3 [February 2 - 15, 2002].

Herold, Marc W., "The Human Cost of War," The Balochistan Post [Quetta,
Pakistan] [January 16, 2002], 5 pp.

Herold, Marc W., "Who Will Count the Dead? U.S Media Fail to Report Civilian
Casualties in Afghanistan," Eclipse [Univ. of Sussex] 4 [January 2002].

Herold, Marc W., "Afghan War's Human Cost," Frontline. India's National
Magazine 19, 1 [January 5 - 18, 2002].

Herold, Marc W., "The Human Cost of War," in Roger Burbach and Ben Clarke
[eds], Behind the Curtain of Smoke. September 11 and the U.S War [San
Francisco: City Lights and Freedomvoices, 2002]

Herold, Marc W., "Appendix 4. Daily Casualty Count of Afghan Civilians
Killed in U.S Bombing Attacks, October 7 until Present Day," a constantly
updated data base on the Internet, at :

Herold, Marc W. "Who Will Count the Dead? U.S. Media Fail to Report
Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan," Media File 21,1 [December 2001], at

He has been accepted for publication of a book chapter in
Arabic [in Morocco], an edited volume on media, has sumbitted an article
accepted in the world's premier journal in urban studies [the International
Journal of Urban and Regional Research], and has a contract for a solo book
manuscript here in the United States. His article on cluster bombs dropped
in Afghanistan is listed on many of the landmine demining agencies' Internet
home pages.

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