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November 5, 2007: This website is an archive of the former website,, which was created 10 years ago by Charles Jenks. It became the most popular grassroots peace center site in the US with about 10,000 visitors a day by July, 2007. Its content remains an important resource on the grassroots peace movement, student activism, 'depleted' uranium and other topics. Jenks authored all of its web pages and virtually all multimedia content (photographs, audio and video). As the author and registered owner of that site, Jenks's purpose here is to preserve an important slice of grassroots peace history over the past decade. He is maintaining this historical archive as a service to the greater peace movement, and for Traprock's many friends. He is grateful for having worked with the Traprock community, and particularly with Sunny Miller. Without her supreme organizing, and her collaborations with Scott Ritter, Doug Rokke, Jeremy Corbyn, Kathy Kelly, Bishop Gumbleton, and a host of local and national organizers and groups, that site would not have reached the heights that it achieved.THIS SITE DOES NOT REFLECT THE CURRENT WORK OF TRAPROCK CENTER FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE. Traprock reorganized its board and changed its name and mission, starting in late 2007. To contact Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, call 413-522-8892 or visit its site. Charles Jenks may be reached at charles@peacejournal*org.

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War on Truth  From Warriors to Resisters
Important New Books

The War on Truth

From Warriors to Resisters

Army of None

Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal

Sign Petition to Military - NO WAR ON IRAN!

From Kathy Kelly:
What Happened in Nahr Al Bared?
- Michael Birmingham

Special: Hear NPR interview Chris Dols (Wisconsin/Madison) on Campus Antiwar Network


Open Letter to Progressive Opponents of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
from the Columbia Coalition Against the War

We Shouldn't be Causing This
Kathy Kelly

Get to Work
Kathy Kelly

She Stands by Every Door
Kathy Kelly

The Slide
Cindy Sheehan

Torture is
a War Crime

Cindy Sheehan

Summer of Love '07: On a journey for humanity
Cindy Sheehan

Call Out the Instigator
Cindy Sheehan

Congress Can
Still Follow the Libby Oil Trail

by Nick Mottern

How to Destroy an African-American City in Thirty Three Steps – Lessons from Katrina
by Bill Quigley

Consumer's Guide to Gasoline
Rating Oil Companies on war and peace

Turn, Turn, Turn
by Cindy Sheean

Streaming Video Blog
53 on YouTube
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Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan
Campus Antiwar Network

Being Hope
by Kathy Kelly

Cindy Sheehan's Heartbreaking Conclusion

Book Says Kerry weighed politics in 2002 vote for war and knew that WMD claim was dubious

Writers Blog

Where have all the giants gone?
Cindy Sheehan

Street Heat
Cindy Sheehan (on May 14th arrests at White House)

Students to Speaker Pelosi: support immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Terror and Genocide in Rwanda - Keith Harmon Snow interviews Paul Rusesabagina

Why Students Occupied Senator's Office

(press release)

Torture Taxis Action
by David Taylor (4/10)

NEW - Jeffrey Scahill on Blackwater

April 14 Update
Traprock Peace Action Report

"Death of Congress" shifts weight of war resistance to military

Are House Conflicts of Interest fueling Occupation?

Defend Palestinian Students Free SpeechDefend Palestinian Students Free Speech

Marchers Send Message - and Deserve Better

US Generals Profiting from War Want More

Defend Media: Restore Uruknet to Google News

News Releases
Arabic edition of War Crimes Report

Defend Human Rights in Turkey

Bill Quigley on HUD's destruction of New Orleans public housing

Israel's "mystery" eapon in Gaza
Were Palestinians used to test new DIME weapon?

Active Ingredients Media - Ed Russell

Hear Noam Chomsky on Washington's Messianic Mission

Nuke Notes
NRC staff support VT Yankee extension


"Oh Freedom" sing video clip with Annie Hassett, Sunny Miller, Wally and Juanita Nelson, Jude & Jontz

Anja Daniel singing "Humble" at Traprock, July 4th © 2006 Charles Jenks

Aimee Allison

Aimee Allison @ 2005 Charles Jenks

Ahmed Shawki

Mixed Nuts in Concert

Nick Mottern on ExxonMobil

Cindy Sheehan

Holly Near

David Swanson
© 2005 C Jenks
Want to End War? Ask for investigations.

New Media Offensive for Iraq War
Norman Solomon

Norman Solomon

Iraq Troop Withdrawal looks far off

Corporations Plunder Gulf Coast

War Crimes Report
10 organizations publish jointly

Rep. James McGovern'sTrojan Horse

Victory in San Francisco! JOTC will go.

Support GI Resistance and Rights

Gaza - Reuters

Defend Columbia U. Students

Gilbert Achcar interview
Israel holding whole population hostage

SFSU Students
Open Letter to SFSU President Defends Student Protests

"Last Stand - the military’s problem with the President’s Iran policy" by Seymour M. Hersh

War Boycott
Activists call on big oil to boycott Pentagon over Iraq war

"Youth" - a poem by Avery Friend

DU News

David Keppel
Iran Talking Points and Petition

© 2005 C Jenks
Anthony Arnove
"Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal"

Student Counter Recruitment
RIT Antiwar Counter Recruits with Local Rochester High School Students

New York City Labor Against the War blog


Steve Werlin

London Peace Conference

Jazz Funeral for Democracy - January 20, 2005
Celebrate Peace and New Orleans!

Phil Gasper
Tookie Williams and the politics of the death penalty

Podcasts and ranscripts
Scott Ritter, David Airhart, George Galloway

Transcript of David Airhart's description of the killing of civilians and abuse of detainees

Read Statements Defending Kent State student rights to protest
Camilo Mejia
Cindy Sheehan
E. Wrigley-Field
Howard Zinn
Stop the War (UK)
Pablo Paredes
and others

Ward Reilly
Supporting Kent tate tudents more>

Galloway Tour Transcript of hicago talk

Palestine & Israel
Much Ado About Nothing - Christine Lane
Galloway, Bonifaz,Ritter

Podcast feed

Glen Rangwala

War Without End

©2004 Charlie Jenks

More by Rangwala

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Campus Antiwar Network

Coalition (UK)

International Socialist Organization

Student Stop the
War Coalition (UK)

Courage to Resist

Iraq Veterans
Against War

Veterans For Peace

Voices for Creative Nonviolence

US Labor Against War

Labour Against
the War (UK)

Military Families Speak Out

Miliary Families Against the War (UK)

United for Peace and Justice (US)

A.N.S.W.E.R. (US)

World Tribunal
for Iraq


New York

Boston Social Forum

Better World
Links (DU)

New Democracy

Nuclear Weapons Inheritance Proj

Peace One Day
September 21

Low Level Radiation Campaign

Iraq Body Count

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Rocky Mountain
Peace & Justice Ctr
US progressive directory

information from occupied iraq

Clearing House


Socialist Worker
US youth journal


Orb Standard
alternative news


What Really



Selves and Others
"key to Palestine"

Int'l Middle East
Media Center

Iraq Occupation

war stories

Crisis Pictures
images of Iraq

Jordan Times

OnLine Writers
Against War

Research Inst. Jerusalem

alternative news

hard, original news

National Security Archive


Hiroshima-Nagasaki Days Links



Stan Goff blog


Robert C. Koehler
news from occupied Iraq

Joe Public Films

InfoShop News

The Agonist (blog)

Eschaton (blog)

Cost of War

From Iraq
a Soldier's Blog

"Girl Blog from Iraq"


Recent Findings on Iraqi Deaths
British poll of Iraqis "suggests a total of 1,220,580 deaths since the invasion in 2003. Calculating the affect from the margin of error we believe that the range is a minimum of 733,158 to a maximum of 1,446,063."
Dave Cline - Friend of Peace - RIP
by Cindy Sheehan

Aimee Allison and David Solnit Coming to MA on Army of None Tour

Aimee Allison, Gulf War objector and community organizer, and David Solnit, Courage to Resist organizer - co-authors of "Army of None" - go to the Amherst, MA vigil on Sunday, October 14, 2007 at noon (Amherst Common). On Monday, October 15th join them with the Campus Antiwar Network, Traprock Peace Center and other area groups on strategies to counter recruitment, end war and build a better world in Room 803, Campus Center, UMASS Amherst, 3-5 PM.

video © 2005 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved.

Check back for details on when she'll be in MA in October.

Bombing Afghan Civilians

Marc Herold “The Bomb Drop was reported to have Good Effects by the U.S. Air Force:  Bombing a Village Market in Baghran, Helmand on August 2, 2007 by Marc Herold
grahpic photos of war maimings
Iraq Before and After this War
stunning PowerPoint
(right click and download to disk to play)
Exclusive Video Coverage:
Iraq War Vets: How to End the War
Socialism 2007, Chicago, June 16

Kelly Dougherty spoke on IVAW's strategy for ending the war with IVAW members Garett Reppenhagen, Camilo Mejía, Chanan Suárez Diaz and Martin Smith. Videos of commentary by Carlos Arredondo, Juan Torres, Agustin Aguayo, Patty McCann, Ashley Smith, Drew Cameron and Aaron Hughes, plus wrap up comments from the 5 main speakers. photo © 2007 Charles Jenks
8th Annual Peace Maker Awards
May 29, 2007, held at
Franklin County Technical School

© 2007 Charles Jenks

24 high school peace makers were honored at the 8th Annual Peace Maker Awards, co-sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Franklin County and Traprock Peace Center.

More video coming

May 13: Frances Crowe tells story of Mother's Day protest 25 years ago

© 2007 Charles Jenks

"They can't kill love." - Cindy Sheehan calls it a "must watch" video. Recorded by Traprock April 13, 2007 at IUPUI, Indianapolis (28:38 minutes)

See notes and video of
Cindy Sheehan at Purdue

WMass Students and Activists on why they're excited about
Socialism 2007 - June 14-17
Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare

Photo of Elizabeth Wrigley-Field and video © 2007 Charles Jenks

Chaplain James Yee on Guantanamo

Jump to segments on his becoming a Muslim
and on Guantanamo and his arrest and solitary confinement.

Cindy Sheehan at IUPUI
"Speaking Peace to Power"

She gave the Plowshare Keynote Address at 3rd Annual Midwest Peace and Justice Summit, IUPUI campus, Indianapolis, April 13, 2007 © 2007 Charles Jenks

If video starts and stops, hit the "pause" button and let it load for a while

Indiana Peace & Justice Network was a sponsor of the conference, along with IUPUI Student Advocates for Global Equality; Plowshares Consortium of Peace Studies Programs; IUPUI Center for Service and Learning; Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center; and IUPUI Office of Campus and Community Life. More information. photo © 2007 Charles Jenks

Perpetual War for Peace?
Iraq, Iran & the Corporate Agenda,
with Rostam Pourzal, Iranian;
Raed Jarrar, Iraqi, and Antonia Juhasz

feature length video- 1:45:15
© 2006 Sunny Miller; all rights reservedSee more information.

Stop Torture Taxis
Protest with Ann Wright and North Carolina Stop Torture Now at Aero Contractors LTD
Click on image to see 14 minute video video and photo © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved. See full copyright notice with replay provisions.

Remembering Wally Nelson
Civil Rights Pioneer

March 27, 1909 - May 23, 2002

Moments and song with Wally and friends from 1999 - 2002 © Charles Jenks

Video Coming
Scott Ritter: "Target Iran"
February 15
Williamstown, MA

Scott Ritter © 2005 Charles Jenks

*Israel seeks OK from US to
use Iraq airspace for Iran attack
*US funding terror groups in Iran
*UK doubles naval forces in Gulf

Complete Coverage of
Son of Nun, Anthony Arnove
and Kelly Dougherty

January 27 - Washington, DC

Kelly Dougherty on Tragedy
of US Occupation of Iraq

On January 27, 2007, after 500,000 marched against war and occupation in Washington, DC, Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: the Logic of Withdrawal spoke with Kelly Dougherty, co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against War. Son of Nun, hip hop activist/poet, performed 3 works. Sponsored byInternational Socialist Organization and Busboys and Poets.  Also at TraprockPeaceTV on YouTube. Video and audio © 2007 Charles Jenks

US Out of Iraq NOW
Statement and Petition

Join Noam Chomsky, Kelly Dougherty, Cindy Sheehan, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn and others.

John Rees on Activism

© 2005 Charles Jenks

Al Norman on
Wal-Mart - "chain of exploitation"

© 2005 Charles Jenks

Martín Espada recites:
"Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100"

Poet Martín Espada © 2006 Charles Jenks

See video of Martín Espada, Lynne Stewart, Aimee Allison, Ahmed Shawki, Anja Daniel, Cindy Sheehan, Scott Ritter, Joel Geier, Holly Near, Mixed Nuts, Ricky Clousing, Martín Sanchez - with many more coming. New videos plus video from archives of historic events.

The Stuggle for Self-Determination
and Resisting Empire
Midwest Socialism Conference - Chicago

See and Hear these speakers
Video Excerpts and full audio

Martín Sanchez, Venezuela's consul general in Chicago, on "The Struggle for Self-Determination in Venezuela" © 2006 Charles Jenks

Joel Geier, Associate Editor of the International Socialist Review, spoke on "Resisting US Empire" © 2006 Charles Jenks

Least We Forget

Glen Rangwala de-constructed bogus claims in Powell's 2/5/03 UN speech
See also Glen Rangwala's definitive 3/18/03 "Claims and Evaluations of Iraq's Proscribed Weapons"

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Least we forget:
1 in 4 Marines reported
killing Iraqi Cilivians

Our point is not that these Marines are evil; rather, that it is a war against the Iraqi people.


Join Traprock Peace Center for a potluck
dinner and an evening with:

Kathy Kelly, two time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of "Other lands Have Dreams:From Baghdad to Pekin Prison" and
David Smith-Ferri, activist and poet and author of "Battle Field without Borders: Iraqis in Crisis."

Sunday, October 28, 2007 - 5:30 Potluck
6:30 Kathy and David, followed by Q & A and discussion
United methodist Church (corner of Franklin & Church, 1 block from Federal on Church St.)

Sponsored by Traprock Peace Center, 10 Park St., Greenfield (new location!) (413) 773-7427

© 2005 Charles Jenks

Hear her during her last visit in Greenfield, February, 2006
1:04:00 min; 64 kbps mono mp3 with introduction by Sunny Miller

Visit: Voices of Creative Nonviolence

Sign petition
Support veterans' free speech.
Military threatening to rescind honorable discharge of veteran Liam Madden.
Celebration of Peace, Learning and Democracy - May 25, 2007
Post-protest gathering and speakout
at Jones Library, Amherst, MA

@2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved. Websites may embed video with notice

Video: Uproar at UMass Commencement over Andy Card Honorary Degree
May 25, 2007

Over 107,000 viewings. © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved. Other websites may embed video using Youtube code.

 UMass Students and Faculty rally against war and honoring war criminals

Watch May 15, 2007 video against giving Andy Card honorary degree at UMass


Read more videos © 2007Charles Jenks; all rights reserved

Honorable Andy Jacobs exposes bi-partisan sellout that finances US wars with foreign investment

Read more>> Recorded April 18, 2007 at War Memorial, Indianapolis by Charles Jenks
© 2007 Charles Jenks

Campus Antiwar Network
Madison - Ruters - West Coast

CAN students ask Pelosi for forum

Madison Walkout and Sit-in
at Sen. Kohl's office - 4.18.07

more at Youtube

Great Rutgers Walkout - 3.20.07

© 2007 Rachael Krane

Scott Ritter Answers Questions

Why was media silent about US funding al-Qaeda groups in Lebanon?

Watch our YouTube Video (14:48)

Scott Ritter © 2007 Charles Jenks

Scott Ritter © 2007 Charles Jenks

Watch also Ritter proposing a way to avoid war against Iran
April 18, 2007 - Indianapolis

Watch video (12:38)

Iraq: Prize for Oil Companies

See full size graphic

© 2007 Nick Mottern,

Jeremy Scahill - April 9
Hear this program (mp3 audio)
Blackwater: The Rise of the Most
Powerful Mercenary Firm in the World

See Videos of March 17th Protest in Fayetteville, North Carolina at TraprockPeaceTV

Click on image to see video
Sunny Miller interviewing Iraq War veterans Matt Southworth and Paul Abernathy. See video at TraprockPeaceTV photo © Charles Jenks

Vermont Voting for Impeachment

Cindy Sheehan with impeachment tour at March 4th rally in Vermont. © 2007 Randy Holhut

March 6 is Town Meeting Day in Vermont. Resolutions for impeachment can be presented under "other business" and quickly seconded. More information

Active Duty GI's Opposing War

See also the "invaluable" Soldier's in Revolt (held by Jonathan Hutto in photo)

Jonathan Hutto with Sally Weiss, Traprock Core Group member. photo © 2007 Carl Moos

Call Congress!
Put it in your cell phone!
"Bring them home now!"

Occupation Projects starts
at Office of Sen. John McCain

© 2007

Feb 5 News Release
Democracy Now interview - Kathy Kelly

March on Washington
January 27, 2007

New video of march (3 min)

Students Rally & March Washington, DC 8 min video


Right click here to download
student video (mp4 - 47 mb)

Over 200 March Photos

Campus Antiwar Network (CAN)
CAN photos at Face Book
(registration required)

At TraprockPeaceTV on YouTube

Click on photo for large image
photo © 2007 Charles Jenks

The International Socialist Organization had the biggest contingent at the march. Click on photo for large image. photo © 2007 Charles Jenks

Each donor counts

White House Crime Scene

New Photos - See Album

© 2006 Ward Reilly

School of Americas Watch

Photo Album
Newly expanded - 85 photos

Pat Humphries (Emma's Revolution) with
Avery Friend, extraordinary Louisiana activist. Click on Avery's page at Kids Reconstruct with Creativity © Meredyth Friend

Avery with Bruce Berry © Meredyth Friend

Frances Crowe on
Conscientious Objection

Frances Crowe - Juanita Nelson
© 2004 Charles Jenks

New Report
War Crimes Committed by the United States in Iraq and Mechanisms for Accountability

New Study
War has killed over 600,000 Iraqis

Photo by Christian Peacemaker Team in Iraq
Thank you Mark Frey and Chicago Support Team

Ray McGovern interview/Sunny Miller

download mp3 audio
53:04 min: 64 kpbs mono
audio may be aired with attributions and notice
© 2006 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved

on Iran, Iraq, terrorism, Israel, USS Liberty, media and assaults on civil liberties

Ray McGovern (testimony before Conyers committee, Jun 16 05) © 2005 Ray McGovern

See also report on US deployment of carrier group to the Persian Gulf in The Nation See also report on Oct 1 protest at Norfolk and new report on US buildup in Persian Gulf.

Protest at Textron
maker of cluster bombs
October 5, Wilmington, MA

Michael True at Texton © 2006 Sunny Miller

GI Resister Ricky Clousing
now faces court martial. He worked in interrogations in Iraq for the Marines. On the street he witnessed US-initiated brutlaities.

Transcript (pdf)

Hear Ricky speak (mp3 audio)*
1:09:54 length with Q&A; 64 kbps mono
He spoke in D.C. Sept. 16, 2006 (introduced by David Swanson). Clousing says the US is "creating the insurgency...It's this crazy mindless cycle of violence and death and killing and wasted money and nobody seems to understand the big picture."

Sgt. Ricky Clousing © 2006 Charles Jenks

See of his description of a war crime, the killing of Iraqi teen*

Download original Quicktime version

See Ricky Clousing website

and Courage to Resist

*Audio/Video may be replayed with attribution and notice; please let us know that you are using it.

Howard Zinn on Activism
conversation with Sunny Miller
download MP3 audio

Howard Zinn file photo © 2002 Charles Jenks

"[A]fter all, and this is a very important thing to understand, the power of governments and the power of all large entities like corporations, rests and depends upon the obedience of people. The government and the military, as powerful as they are, cannot carry out a war."

US 'Precision' bombing more lethal to Afghan civilians than suicide bombings

New report by Marc Herold, Ph.D. (pdf)

Damadola homes destroyed by US 'precision' bombing

Marc Herold, Ph.D
© 2002 Charles Jenks

Download petition to cease
making cluster bombs (pdf format)
Nick Mottern, Consumers for Peace
on ExxonMobil War Boycott
National Mall, Washington, DC, Sept 16

Hear Mottern Speak (mp3 audio)*
23:55 minutes; 64 kbps mono
(introduced by Sunny Miller)

© 2006 Charles Jenks

Activists Call on Big Oil to Boycott Pentagon over War on Iraq

Labor Day - Immigrant Rights
September 4, 2006
Vigilia y Evento Público
Vigil and Public Meeting
Springfield, Massachusetts

Photo Album with Videos & Links

© 2006 Charles Jenks

Highway Peace Blogging

Sunny Miller over I 91 ©2006 Charles Jenks

This is a great way to reach many people. Rather than leave a sign over the highway, we do it "live."

Now with Video
July 26: Middle East Forum
See photos, video - hear audio

© 2006 Charles Jenks

July 24: Calls for Middle East cease fire and end to civilian killings - photoalbum

© 2006 Charles Jenks

An iman makes plea for peace.

War News
Tired of CNN/FoxNews?
See links to other voices below.

Mass grave in Lebanon - Al Anwar

Daily Star -

Alternative Information Center - Israel IndyMedia

Palestine news links - More

Arab news - Paletine News Agency

Lebanon news links - Israel news links

Angry Arab News Service (blog)

Beirut News (World News) -

Seige of Lebanon blog - Jerusalem Post

contact US Reps & Senators

Middle East Peace Rally
Amherst - Aug 2
Online petition for Immidiate Ceasefire

Rally photos w/multimedia

Rally organizer Hassan Awaisi photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

Photo-Ablum w/multimedia

July 30 Peace Meeting and Rally
Brattleboro, Vermont
Hear rally audio and see photos
with newspaper coverage

© 2006 Charles Jenks

Frances Crowe spoke on alternative media - how to get it and how to use it © 2006 Charles Jenks

Traprock July 4th picnic

Anja Daniel of Touchstone Farm and Yoga Center led dance circles © 2006 Charles Jenks

Activists and neighbors gathered at Traprock
on July 4th to skip fireworks and nationalism in favor of the simple beauty of song, dance and community. We are posting this late due to our organizing for Camp Democracy and our coverage of Middle East war events.

Darfur - Should West intervene?
Or is this US imperialism again?

Listen to these experts

Keith Harmon Snow, Sara Flounders, Dr. Elliot Fratkin, Dr. Enoch Page © 2006 Charles Jenks

What's Behind the Tragedy?
an open letter by Keith Harmon Snow et al

Sudan Oil Concession Map, showing concession areas, with block boundaries, and those on offer as of 1997. See full size map and recent map (without North Darfur block)

Hear Jeremy Scahill on the Myth of Humanitarian Intervention 47:08 minutes

Tragedy in Afghanistan

US May 22 massacre of civilians at Afghan village of Hajiyan provides case study in US manipulation of public opinion. Read this new analysis (pdf download with photos) by Marc Herold.

photo by Noor Khan, AP

See also

“Afghanistan as an Empty Space: the
Perfect Neo-Colonial State of the 21st

An important paper by Professor Marc Herold, revised and updated April, 2006 - pdf download, 119 pages, 44 photos

photo source

The Killing Goes on in Afghanistan

Socialism 2006 Conference
at Columbia University, NYC
June 22-25, 2006

Hear movement lawyer Lynne Stewart, immigration rights leader Nativo Lopez, journalist Jeremy Scahill and other great speakers:

Audio Index and Photo-album
(64 kbps mono: available for radio airplay)

Lynne Stewart faces a possible 30 year sentence for calling a press conference. Stand with her on September 25th in NYC. (MP3 audio - 14:26 min) photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

Nativo Lopez photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

Shujaa Graham photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

Ahmed Shawki photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

Sherry Wolf photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

Annie Zirin and Michael Letwin photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

Iraq War veterans Kelly Doughety, Camilo Mejia, Pablo Paredes, with Eric Ruder.
photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

See and hear Socialism 2006.

Don't Attack Iran Petition
42,000 signatures brought to White House
May 18, 2006, Washington, DC

Photo Ablum - rally audio & videos of rally & delivery of petition to White House

Kevin Zeese, David Swanson, Ray McGovern, Cindy Sheehan and Medea Benjamin lead people bringing Don't Attack Iran petition, with over 42,000 signatures, to the White House. copyright © 2006 Charles Jenks

Don't Attack Iran Petition passes 43,000!

At the White House gate. © 2006 Charles Jenks

A Path to Peace with Iran
photo © 2002 C Jenks

Scott Ritter archives


May 1, 2006
National Boycott for Immigrant Rights
Amherst (1:25:47) and Springfield (48:11)
audio and WMass photos

Hear poet Martin Espada! (mp3) reciting his poem "Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100"

Student organizers speaking to 800 at Amherst, MA rally photos © 2006 Charles Jenks

Hear James Fiorentino, International Socialist Organization (ISO) Speaking - MP3 audio

ExxonMobil War Boycott

Nick Mottern on ExxonMobil
profiting from war on Iraq
Quicktime Video

April Outside ExxonMobil world headquarters in Irving, Texas. photo © 2006 Charles Jenks

NEW Roundtable on the March to Redeem the Soul of America with great stories of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Crawford Peace House.

ExxonMobil Reacts
"March to Redeem" Responds

March to Redeem the Soul of America
April 1 - April 16

Join Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn, Kathy Kelly, Camillo Mejia and many individuals and organizations by endorsing boycott and march.

ExxonMobil War Boycott

ExxonMobil Boycott Talking Points

John Bonifaz on impeachment
phone interview with Sunny Miller at Traprock, July 4 - mp3 audio 10:18 min; 64 k mono

John Bonifaz on Downing Street Memo
Bonifaz on Failure of Government

SFSU Protest Photos

Police breaking up student protest

See Open Letter to SFSU President

CAN photo-history Can website
From Protest to Resistance:
CAN's East Coast Conference report

Defend Students' Rights to Protest - defend U Texas students - sign San Francisco State U letter online supporting student activism

"School Ownership is the Goal" - Army School Recruiting Program Handbook
(pdf) (doc)

Counter-Recruitment by CAN

*Horrifying photo report on US massacre of Iraqi civilians (pdf) - caution: extremely graphic - from Association of Victims of American Occupation Prisons (Iraq)
*Health Consequences of the War in Iraq - Barry S. Levy, M.D., M.P.H.
Uranium Weapons
Nuke Power, Weapons and More

Don't Attack Iran Petition

Q and A with Scott Ritter*
28.44 min - mp3

Target Iran
Jan 24, '07

Hear Scott Ritter*
29 min - mp3

*Replay permitted for non-profit & non-commercial use, with attributions, no changes and notice. Audio © 2007 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved. Thanks to Ed Russell of Active Ingredients Media for recording this for us.

Sen. Cantwell wants answers from
Rumsfeld on DU (pdf)

Abolish 'Depleted' Uranium Weapons

See Photo-Album of 9/24 National Exhibit on DU

Sunny Miller and activists explained DU's harm to hundreds on 9/24. © 2005 Charles Jenks

'Depleted' Uranium

World Uranium Weapons Conference

Also, Melissa Sterry, Gulf War vet

Hear and download talk

"When our government starts saying "Screw you, we aren't going to take care of you," we have a broken contract."

The Trojan Horses of Nuclear War
free download here

Download World Uranium Weapons
Conference reader and
hear presentations.

Hear Ernest Sternglass Dec 10th talk on nuke radiation health effects ( 50:54 minutes 23.3 meg, 64 kbps mono, with musical introduction)

photo © 2005 Charles Jenks

Ray Shadis talk
(53:59 minutes)

MP3 audio (64 kbps mono) may be played on radio with email notice to Traprock. Links encouraged. Download for private use only.

Active Ingredients media by Ed Russell recorded and edited Sternglass and Shadis talks.

Vernon 7 Arrested at Entergy Nuclear

Nov 7 Photojournal

Women arrested as walked toward Entergy's office in effort to meet with company officials on reactor safety concerns.

Tooth Fairy Project

Vernon Reactor AP photo

Vermont Reactor
Coalition Seeks Injunction to Halt VY Nuke Uprate

Why did 5th NRC Commissioner object to immediate VT nuke power boost?

Feds had put Vernon VT Reactor Uprate on hold due to excess vibration

Nuclear Engineer had testified on Vernon Reactor: "NO Assurance of Reactor Containment"

July 27, 2005
Groups Assessing Stontium 90 levels around Vernon, VT reactor
Preliminary results show higher
levels nearer to reactor
Brattleboro Reformer
Greenfield Recorder
Valley Advocate

NRC 'clarifies' failure - VY still shut down
Union of Concerned Scientists
looks behind the 'nukespeak'

An urgent message
on radioactive munitions
from Doug Rokke
and Damacio Lopez.

Tell DOD to obey the law!

DOT ends DU exemption for DOD
press release (doc)
Traprock Special Report

Will US Military Apply its own regs on DU?
Will it comply with environmental and health care mandates?
DOT ends DU exemption for DOD
press release (doc)

Active Ingredients by Ed Russell

Norm Chomsky - Oct 11, 2005
"Washington's Messianic Mission"
59:45; 64 kbps mono; 27.3 meg
Q & A session
Delivering the Eighth Annual Eqbal Ahmad Lecture at Hampshire College.

Dahr Jamail - Oct 26, 2005
Michael Tigar Audio
"The Enemy Combatant Doctrine and the Scope of Executive Power"

Marc Herold

Marketing of
US Wars

(doc - 2 mb file)

American, Afghanistan and Iraq Children's Memorial (doc)

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New Campaign
and Website!

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Peace Poems

A wonderful time--the War:
when money rolled in
and blood rolled out.
But blood
was far away
from here--
Money was near.
- Langston Hughes, poet and novelist (1902-1967)

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