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Traprock's Web Manager's Computer Stolen

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Traprock Peace Center suffered a temporary blow to its website, as the computer used to manage the site was stolen, along with a backup drive, in NYC on May 1, 2005.

The computer is owned by this writer, Traprock's website manager. More than a device for updating the site, the computer was a workstation for editing audio, which comprise a major part of Traprock's original offerings on its site.

Sunny Miller, Traprock's Executive Director, and I were attending a welcoming dinner for Hibakusha and veterans of the current war against Iraq on Sunday evening. These veterans were contaminated with 'depleted' uranium while they were in Iraq. (This was a great event, hosted by Cathy Breen of Mary House and Dr. Tom Fasy of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.)

We returned to the car after the event. It was parked in a busy area with many restaurants lining the street. We discovered that the lock to the trunk and driver's side doors had been pushed in. People in the area said they hadn't seen anything unusual. Taken were the computer, a case full of electronic equipment, a briefcase and a backpack. (We had been planning to 'set up shop' for several days at a friend's apartment while we recorded and participated in NPT events.) Curiously, it seems to me, the thief neglected to look in the suit coat's breast pocket, as cash was (dumbly) left behind. The coat was hanging within easy reach - the pocket seemed like an obvious place to look if one were looking for cash.

Perhaps this was just a random theft, with obvious out-of-towners an easy mark. In fact, I like to think that's all that is was. But perhaps not. I just heard that a computer was recently stolen from a very well known activist who has been to Iraq. He was later threatened. He told his story to a close friend and colleague. I defer to the activist as to making this public. Activists and antiwar organizations have always faced politically motivated theft, intimidation and violence.
I think it's important to go public when these things happen, so activists can discern any pattern and offer support to each other. Also, I ask that comrades and friends who see this note email me - as I lost my email address book with this theft. Our website, audio and photos are well backed up, but alas the address book is lost.

This theft came at a critical time for Traprock, as we are embarking, with many co-sponsors across the US, on a national educational campaign concerning the US use of uranium weapons in Iraq. A press release will follow on our national tours of the award winning public German TV film - "The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children." The film follows investigations who went to Iraq after the invasion to study DU use and health affects. More information is available on the Traprock home page.

Best wishes,

Charlie Jenks
Website Manager; Past President
Traprock Peace Center

June 19, 2005 - page created by Charlie Jenks