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Reality of War
by Major Doug Rokke, USAR, Vietnam and Gulf War Veteran

As war looms on the horizon we must do everything that we can to prevent the
immediate and enduring effects on our health, our environment, our lives, the
lives of our families. After combat participation during two wars and
military service during peacetime that spans over 35 years I believe that I
have some insight into the reality of war that can be used to discuss what
has, will, and may occur.

1. War is 58 minutes of boredom followed by 2 minutes of sheer terror.
2. War is about killing and destroying.
3. War always involves combat participants and noncombatants who are injured
or dying.
4. War is about medical triage where you must decide who lives and who dies.
During and following battle you may or actually will encounter so many
casualties and while you possess a very limited ability to save lives or
treat the casualties that you must let some die in order to save others.
5. War is about watching you best friend die in your arms.
6. War is about immediate or delayed casualties.
7. War is about destroying of a nation's, city's, town's, or farms
infrastructure with resultant air, water, and soil that cannot be cleaned up.
8. War is about loosing the quality of your life that remains because of
combat injuries.
9. War is about the psychological trauma that you must live with each and
every day of your life.
11. War is realizing that you are never safe.
12. War is trying to survive with defective equipment.
13. War is realizing that you are out of ammo, out of food, out of bandages,
and out of time.
14. War is total hell!
15. War is stimulating and thrilling and motivating.
16. War is about watching children die.
17. War is about killing children, women, or other noncombatants
18. War is about watching your friend die after being shot or stabbed or
blown up by a child that you sought to care for.
19. War is the last result.
20. War is human failure to resolve differences.
21. War is the absence of feeling, compassion, ethics, morality, and hope.
22. War is realizing you are going to die because your rifle or pistol jammed
or misfired.
23. War is about destroyed families.
24. War is not healthy for anything living thing.
25. War is realizing that your battle plans will not work
26. War is realizing that your combat intelligence was inadequate
27. Finally, to paraphrase Hawkeye from an episode of MASH:
During war people including men, women, and children will get wounded or ill
and neither doctors, nor nurses, nor medics nor GOD can save them.

These points reflect my insights into the reality of war. So when we discuss
war with someone who still desires of advocates war then we can list these
points that in part reflect the reality of war. As a warrior who has killed,
who has saved lives, and who has had to many friends die in my arms, I must
do what I can to prevent another disaster when justification or viable
threats have not been proven. I ask each of you who receive this to pass
this on, publish it, and think about the reality of war before you send more
kids to die. Please add your own insights too.

dr. doug rokke
warrior and patriot

As we consider the realties of war another warrior has sent me some thoughts to consider.


The first casualty of war it the TRUTH.

Civilians will die with no reason.

The ultimate failure of man is war. A nations mindset to kill results in war.
Women (aside from cloning) are the only ones capable of reproducing their own
kind. Why are humans killing humans? Killing another is deemed murder but
if the state sanctions it-then it is OK to kill. An indefensible logical
argument. How is it that the mindless state can kill in an organized manner
without accountability? Yet individuals doing the same thing are tried and
KILLED for killing.

Resorting to war by a state is analogous to a parent who beats his children
because the parent cannot find an answer-both positions indefensible if one
accepts the tenets of Christianity and almost all other religions.
And so it goes.

PS My heart is not with this one and I have a sinking feeling this time that
there will be NO winners--all will lose. Might makes right and the powerful
are always right and ignore rules of civil society.
If we are after the oil has it dawned on anyone that the oil wells can be
contaminated with long acting nerve agent making production impossible also
may contaminate the wells with dirty nuclear material-like Chernobyl.
The government is no longer functioning by advise and consent.
The Constitution say that only congress can declare war. Where is the
declaration of war? It doesn't exist. The administration says it supports
strict interpretation of the constitution yet the declaration is missing.
This whole thing is based on one thing GREED.

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