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Letter from Worried Mom About Faulty Gas Masks and Doug Rokke's Reply

Subject: Need a decent gas mask
I very much need to buy a mask for my son, [Name Deleted] who has been re-activated ..... he's off to perform in the Mid East (and I don't mean Chicago). Can you tell me where I could buy a DECENT mask for him that would protect him from very specificly listed germ warfare or nerve gas or any of the other things he may encounter over there? Thanks, a worried mom, [Name and email deleted]

This email is my grandson's. I hope he won't be fighting this same war when he grows up, if he grows up.

[Name Deleted]: The military has the obligation to provide your son with effective
equipment and to ensure that spare parts are available for the duration of the war.
The M40 is junk! His unit commander is required by regulation to report
defective equipment on the Unit Status Report (USR) and to provide all unit
members with functional equipment prior to deployment. The unit cannot deploy
without functional equipment. The old M17A1 is the only mask that works or
actually stays on the head with movement. However DA, USAF. USN, USMC do not
possess and do not issue filters that will work in the toxic environment of
the Persian Gulf. If you buy one mask then that is useless because you need
all kinds of spare parts to replace those that are contaminated by exposures.
Then you still need effective MOPP suits and all kinds of stuff. You need all
medical support and it is not there. Right now preventive medicine problems
are rampant in SWA - gulf region.


dr. doug rokke
disabled Vietnam and Gulf War I veteran

See Doug Rokke on Depleted Uranium - Address at Fall Congressional / Coalition Leadership Breakfast, 325 Russell Senate Office Building
U.S. Senate, Washington D.C., November 10, 2000 and

Traprock Peace Center/Doug Rokke Campaign page for many resources on faulty protective equipment, depleted uranium and Guld War casualties.

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