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August 1, 2005

Thank You

The Army has found Sgt. Kevin Benderman not guilty of Desertion, but guilty of Missing Movement, and has sentenced him to 15 months confinement, reduction in rank, loss of pay and dishonorable discharge.  Sgt. Kevin Benderman will serve his time, but he will do it knowing that he has done nothing wrong - that his is a stand, not only for Conscientious Objection and a non-violent resolution to our problems, but also for the right of soldiers to be treated with respect, to be given the honor they deserve, and to have the sacrifice that they have made in their service to this country met with equal sacrifice by those they have volunteered to defend. 

War is dehumanizing in all aspects.  There is nothing about war that can bring lasting peace.  It is not until we learn to lay down our weapons and face our differences with rational conflict resolution, confident strength in not backing down from our principles, and a strong stand for what we truly believe, that we will ever have the freedom we desire.

Sgt. Kevin Benderman maintains his integrity by showing others how to handle the greatest adversity with dignity and honor, and in doing so, he represents the very values laid down in the constitution of our country that he continues to defend with his current actions.

I am proud of my husband - and I stand with him in his conviction that, as human beings, we must rise above violence and reach for a better way. 

To everyone who has supported us since Kevin has filed his Conscientious Objector application, we say THANK YOU.  We cannot tell you all just what it means to have your thoughts and prayers with us.  Words never seem to work, but actions do.  We hope that our continued efforts to speak out on behalf of positive solutions, and to remain committed to seeing that the sacrifices of our soldiers, past and present, are given the respect they deserve, will serve to show you just how much we appreciate what people from around the world have done for us. 

In Peace,


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