650 Petitioners Support Hampton Students

These signatures and comments were received as of December 4, 2005 at 1:30 AM. The total is several less than indicated; there were some (10 or so) duplicate entries. The petition campaign started requesting signers on December 1st.

See update – students not expelled.

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657. ken yocom

656. Jimmy Blackford Richmond, VA – USA

655. Jesse Power

654. Nellie Hester Bailey
It’s a pity that the administration is so out of touch with the truth about the racist war for oil in Iraq and the overwhelming opposition against the war by the majority of people of African descent in this country not to mention Bush’s plummeting credibility with the public. The army is nearing mutiny according to Murtha and these Amos and Andy clowns at Hampton want to punish student activists for a campaign of “driving out the Bush regime.” My good friend Jim Haugton, founder of Harlem Fight Back recently wrote a poem I want to share with the students. It is called The Kook Kook Train, ” Be wary of kook kook train, Can carry you insane, without feeling pain, As it rumbles and tumbles, On hard steel tracks, Carrying Black hacks, Swiftly moving in dead night, Darkness illuminating streaks of light, By watching kook kook train, The Black insane, In quiet pain, Still traveling on kook kook train.” Stay strong brothers and sisters, just remember you are not on the kook kook train. NH Bailey, Harlem, NY

653. Michael Keefer

652. Charlotte Koons
Academic freedom must extend beyond the walls of the classroom!

651. Randall Childs Los Angeles, CA

650. Kathleen T Neary

649. Jeffrey Segal

648. Doug Cavers

647. Melanie Henderson
Protect our basic rights to freedom of speech. The Hampton 7 have my undying support!

646. Ebony Bowden

645. Sid Kivanoski

643. Kimberly O. Snowden !

642. Charlene Mitchell
Repression is the signature of the Bush administration. Hampton dare not make repression the mantra of the University

637. Conor Reed My name is Conor Reed; I live and politically organize in New York City. Upon hearing that students at Hampton University experienced repression following an antiwar demonstration they held, I became outraged. The tide of public opinion is now in the form of dissent against the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, against Palestinian refugees, and basically all across the globe where the U.S. inflicts its disgusting might. As administrators, as the school’s public face, you have a responsibility to show that your campus supports student opposition to the war. You have an obligation to recognize student groups that form in your classrooms, on your campus lawns, and in your students’ ambitions for what they want to do to change the world in which they live. This mentality SHOULD be wholeheartedly supported in any school, but sadly you’ve decided to repress the people that will lead your universities in the future. This is despicable. The public demands that you drop the charges against these students! -Conor Reed

634. Father Claude Mostowik

633. Candice Grose
I support these students for what they are doing. Number 1 because I am a journalism student, a former writer for the Hampton Script. Once that got taken away I felt as thought I was silenced. I felt as though I wasn’t a real journalist, how does that teach me to be a journalist in the real world? Does the president take away USA Today when they write the truth? I also stand behind my peers because my twin brother, my only brother who came in this world with me, has recieved his orders to go to Iraq and Ramadi in the month of our Birthday. Even he could not explain to our family why he is still fighting in a useless war. Although I had no classes at the time the protest was arranged, I would have gone even If I did have classes. Hampton Insitiute is built on ideology, and that is ridiculous! It is unrealistic. It does not prepare anyone for the real world!

632. Margaret McGraw

631. peter linebaugh

630. Leta Licata

629. Omar Dahi

628. Nancy Haiduck

627. Joan Braune

626. Amanda Woods

625. Charles T. Peterson

624. Jerry George
We can’t have human rights on the planet if we don’t have them at HU.

623. Jane Bark

622. Kristin Sweeney
In the name of free speech!

621. Scott Johnson

620. Terry Burnsed Ph.D.

619. Tom Wells
Surely, the adminstration has more important work to do.

618. Charles Newlin

617. Michael O’Shea

616. M Hooper
These fascists know what they are doing. Watch repression spread now that the right has near complete grasp on country at grassroots level.

615. Ian

614. Andrew Sawtelle
Coming from a school where dissent on campus was allowed, I cannot imagine how Hampton officials can deny this to their students. I hope Hampton students work to change this or leave the school for a more open learning community elsewhere. Quashing of dissent should not be tolerated, in America or anywhere else.

613. Frank Durgin

612. Phil Sullivan

611. Courtney Smith

610. Laura Hernandez

609. Robert VanWinkle
Let us remember Martin Niemoller’s poem, “They came for the communists, and I did not speak up because I wasn’t a communist; They came for the socialists, and I did not speak up because I was not a socialist; They came for the union leaders, and I did not speak up because I wasn’t a union leader; They came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak up for me.”

608. Philip Chagnon

607. Frank Richards

606. Tina Louise
Free speech is precious and the root of civilisation and an absolute necessity. That our places of education should be subject to an attempt at silencing is beyond ridiculous to criminal. The next generation have to be allowed their voice and theirs is wisdom.

605. George Thompson
You have disgraced your school.

604. Robert B. Livingston

603. Ronald MacKinnon

602. Anthony Trent
I think that an institution of learning should be the one place where the democratic process is not only learned in the classroom but also put into practice. If that process is taken away from the students, then there is no democracy.

601. Alfred James Buono
Thomas Jefferson was a Virginian; you apparently don’t know him or his writing.

600. Raymond Green
I am an unconditional supporter of the 1st amendment of the citizens of our country..

599. Christian Christensen
A disgrace for Hampton. A victory for Fox News addicts.

597. Me If you did school work you wouldn’t have time to do this crap!

596. Nothing better to do at school,so there you are. If you did school work you wouldn’t have time to do this crap!

595. Jonathon Blackwell Perhaps you have failed to notice that President Bush’s approval raiting amongst African Americans is TWO PERCENT! As a majority of your students are black, I find it disturbing and shameful that you would sell your students down the river. This administration turned its back on the black community of New orleans, leaving them to rot and die. Has Dunbya’s oil money found its way into your pockets? HOW DARE you threaten students with expulsion for engaging in an activity which is their CONSTITUTIONAL right. Perhaps you may not agree with the politics, or have been paid off, but if you continue down this path, it will be a shame and a disgrace. As one of the more prominent and respected pillars of the black community, I hope you will not contimue down this unconstitutional, idiotic, and disgraceful road.

594. Stan Nixon

593. Mark o’brien

592. Adrienne Hurley, Asst. Prof, U of Iowa

590. Arturo Sernas Drop all charges NOW!

589. Caitlin Flynn

588. Kurt Krueger

587. Suzanne Nguyen

586. suchetana chattopadhyay

585. Terry J. Motto

584. Larry Lambert

583. Gabriel Gardner

582. k. kennedy
Hands of our precious children

532. James Gilland


530. Davis Kroondyk

529. dustin
peacful protest! i damand you give these students a fair hearing and do not expel them. you have a responsibility to do the right thing. SHAME SHAME SHAME

528. Antony Schofield

527. Nikki Robinson

526. Andy Gnadt

525. Ginny Gnadt

524. Gabrielle Spell
“Civil rights have collapsed at the hands of fundamentalist and national insecurity is at an all time high” Michael Franti

523. Nicola Sparrow Hampton University Class of ’98

522. Damon Spell
Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of American principles.

521. duff westbrook
This is truly shameful and another tragic, recent incident of the censureship of opinion in the United States.

520. Tracy McLellan

519. laurence palmer
promises promises lies

518. Jacob Burns

517. barbara m. gieger

516. Anna Melichar


514. JJ Holoubek

513. Tracy S. Egan

512. Mike Corwin

511. David Fairley
The last I heard, freedom of speech and assembly were still guaranteed by our Constitution.

510. Michael Gillespie

509. Bill Enloe

508. Lawrence V. Cosby
As a 2005 graduate and current Howard University Law Student I am deeply saddened by the actions of the administration of my “Home by the Sea”

507. Steve Schilz

506. K. Rasthjens
As an academic, I find this conduct on the behalf of H.U.’s administration despicable. It will tarnish the university’s reputation among its peers.

505. David Cronin

504. Rick

503. Richard Johnsen
Honor our Constitution and respect free speech!!!

502. Louis Proyect

501. Joanna Graham

500. John St. Lawrence

499. Pat Pather
What ever happened to the First Amendment?

498. thomas strock c’mon pirates you can do better!!!

497. Lianna Vivoli
496. nathan moore

495. Jeffrey Deasy
Students should be encouraged to assemble and exercise their right to free speech just as they should petition their government for political change.

494. arturo giraldez

493. Sabina Sawhney

492. Arben Ndoni

491. Jason Stabile
Universities Should Support Democracy. Hampton University Is Shamefull In This Action Against Free Speech! Expelling Students! Give Us A Damn Break Ya Silly Fascists!

490. Eric Pawlett

489. Gregory Stricherz
When the government fears the people, there is liberty; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny. – Thomas Jefferson

488. Manijeh Moradian
These charges are outrageous and a disgrace to higher education. They should all be dropped immediately and students should encouraged to take initiative and organize themselves to question ideas they disagree with.

487. James Hutchinson

486. Devon Sean McCullough
as free speech is the right and duty of every American student, so repression of political speech is an intolerable abuse of administrative power. Virginia’s heroes were dissenters themselves.

485. Daniel Rose Student from Marlboro College

484. Joe Orosco

483. Alex Walker – I am a Hampton graduate (’72) and the son of a Hampton graduate.
These ridiculous charges are a disgrace and an affront to the ideals of the University.

482. Augusta Bryant 2003 Graduate

481. Dr. Anthony Gronowicz
As the recent Green Party candidate for mayor in New York City (ww.greenmayor.org)and author of Race and Class Politics in New York City Before the Civil War, I deplore your despicable stance against free speech and human rights.

480. Terry O’Rourke

479. Anthony Saleyar
Stop fascist censorship from our universities

478. Nia Bodrick

477. Barry Scott
Support free speech! Stop attacking students!!!

476. Morton Skorodin

475. Diishan Imira

474. Willard Mittelman

473. Benjamin Grant Purzycki

472. Gail Miller
I support the students and free speech for all of us

471. Joseph Tan
[End] Imperialism!

470. Nadine L. Chan, MPH PhC

469. James C. Faris

468. Kendra Gaskins

467. Professor David O’Brien
466. Nicole Harrison

465. Chris Murphy
As a fellow activist I feel the actions of your univeristy are reprehensible. I will be watching to make sure your university apologizes to the students and concentrates on education not violating civil liberties.

464. Marjorie Bunday

463. Tom Swetland
Rosa lives!

462. Rosemarie Zacchi

461. george e little

460. James Holstun
An attack on free speech at an American university is a double-fault: if universities do not merely tolerate but encourage free speech and dissent, they are no longer universities. James Holstun, Professor of English, SUNY Buffalo

459. Sascha Rubenstein
Who will be cracked down upon next? Save free speech!

458. Craig Frey
Please end support of the fascist, bloodthirsty plutocratic bush administration, and reaffirm the principles of Democracy and free speech.

457. Anthony Davis
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

456. Chris Reilly

455. Jeff Skinner

454. michael stirrup

453. Krista Smith

452. Sherry Wolf

451. Charlene Tiedemann

450. Matt Malacarne

449. Delabian L. Rice-Thurston
I am shocked that a black college would deny on campus legitimate status to student organizations that seek equality for low income and lower class people. The military preys on us because so few ways to earn a living give minority people a chance to move through the ranks to the highest levels of command. Unfortunately, to use this venue means you agree to kill others in the name of our standard of living and, generally, against the best interests of the third world. That my stepmother thinks so highly of Hampton make this the more disappointing.

448. Mark M Giese

447. Nicole LaBrie

445. Jeffrey St. Clair

444. Ramona Rihn
I remember how active the students were during Vietnam. They (We) had been taught from elementary school, “America, you have the right to express your opinion”. Now it seems as though a University (institution of higher learning) wants to silence those students. If the board does not approve or agree with the opinions of the students, the board has the right and responsibility to publically state their opinion. But to punish the students for practicing their first amendment rights is criminal.

442. Kenesa Ahmad

441. Thomas Osmand
An Apparent violation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

440. Harold McKinney

439. Carolyn Oats

438. Sunny Miller, Executive Director, Traprock Peace Center
I commend these students for exercising their freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I urge University Trustees and the Administration to commit to and announce their support for human rights and civil rights of all members of the University Community, and the world at large. Only when we see others as our equal partners in discourse do we gain the benefit of their wisdom. I appreciate the opportunity to consider the comments of all concerned. Rosa Parks took her seat on December first. If 90\% of Montgomery riders had not decided to join the bus boycott by December 5, we might not have learned of her commitment. Please understand that YOUR actions now have great import. Your direct support for ending bloodshed now, could prevent calamity on an even greater scale. Please consider fully the merits of the messages students bring to your door, to your hallways, and to the commons.

437. Steven Brown
As a Hampton University Graduate, I support our Troops by demanding an immediate withdraw from Iraq. It also concerns me to hear how, such an honorable University, is now discouraging free speech on it’s own campus…

436. chris reed

435. Devin Michael Ackles

434. Gale Hathcock
support freedom of speech

433. Dr Zeljko Cipris
The university should take pride in the actions of its students.

432. Gale Hathcock
support freedom of speech

431. Eric Ferrante

430. Rebecca Ellington

429. Jason Boehk
These students are entitled to their freedom of speech and assembly, in the USA!

428. Derron Thweatt
I think that the students should be treated with respect and not have their rights infriged upon. They were passing out flyers and to put the students through this disguisting perceution is absolutely outrageous and myself and other students and people around the country will fight until all charges are dropped and the university gives a very public apology. Also, I will stand in solidarity with the students to fight these illegal rules.

427. Levon Saunders
selective rules and repressive enforcement are wrong

426. Jeremy Riggle

425. Bradford Riley

424. Jack and Mindy Trudell

423. David Greening

422. Alice Kim

421. cwcurtis

420. Rebecca Bor

419. Evelyn Miles Giebel 1969 graduate HU

418. Jenny Olson
Students shouldn’t face expulsion for excercising their first ammendment!

417. Liz Locke
free speech is protected for EVERYONE

416. Sheila Croke

415. Jenee Sallee

414. Jonathan Murr

413. Justin Goldberg, National Coalition Against Censorship

412. James Lindsay

411. Hilary Pickerel

410. Maia Murphy

409. susie day

408. Marilyn Stripling
Nazi Germany is alive and well in the US.

407. Robin Gee

406. Rose Trejo

405. Robert Curtis

403. Dr. Susan L. Anderson
President Harvey needs to read John Hope Franklin’s stunning new autobiography, Mirror to America. President Harvey might change his mind after reflecting on John Hope Franklin’s strength and integrity which has been consistent and clear for 90 years.

402. Susan Zegarra
Your actions will only make the resistance stronger.

401. emily lewis
hampton u – shame on you! you should do better.

400. Katie Ray
These students deserve an apology for all they have been through! I have my eye on this situation!

399. Christian Skoorsmith
I can’t believe an institution of higher learning would penalize its students for participating in actions that shape the best of what our culture has to offer.

398. Jeff Duritz
We must stop repressing free speech!

397. Elena Borstein, Prof.Emerita

396. Jennifer Maassen

395. John Osmand
Protect students’ right to protest, especially against the brutal occupation of Iraq!

394. Arlene Halfon
Peaceful protest is an American right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. If there are two issues that make the U.S. unique, it is the diversity of population and a written Bill of Rights. Neither should ever be disgraced.

393. Daniel Brophy
I am shocked that any institution of higher learning would seek to quell free speech in any form. Hiding behind certian university rules in an attempt to prevent free speech bespeaks of evil intentions at best. Some claim the troops in Iraq are fighting for freedom. Clearly Hampton University’s version of freedom in not worth one drop of blood. Shame on you. I will pray for the salvation of your evil souls.

392. Andrew Jagunich

391. Nagesh Rao

390. Adriane Allen

389. Kathleen Brown
Stop repression of students by Hampton U Administration

388. Charley Grevers

387. Portia Williams
We faced these same issues upon coming to Hampton in 2000. It’s sad that administration is more concerned about control than freedom of thought. Hampton attracts some of the most intelligent and sophisticated African-American youth in the country. How can you say you have the best and then treat them as if their brains are incapable of analyzing and synthesizing thought. Why is President Harvey so intimidated by change? Why does he associate with those that do not support prosperity for himself and his people. Capitalism has taken over the moral consciousness of Hampton University. How did we allow this to happen?

386. Paul Fleckenstein

385. mimi torres

384. James Altman

383. roderick ryon
The students should be applauded for criticizing the President.

382. carleen farrell

381. Rex Wheeler

380. peter berkowitz

379. Eleanor Oakley

378. Amy Briggs

377. Stephen Calkins

376. Amanda Robertson

375. Dr. Nick Turse

374. Marlene A. Archer
If we start limiting free speech, what next?

373. Roy Basch

372. Ronald Green

371. john sargis
Stop destroying the 1st Amendment to the Constitution

370. R. A. Liddell
You all realy disgust me…..”The great aim of education is not knowledge but action

369. Graham Forsyth
Democracy allows for free expression, dictatorship allows for suppression.

368. Susan Steinmann
They are the Rosa Parks of their time

367. Benjamin Shaffer

366. Lawrence J. Mosqueda, Ph.D. Professor of Political Economy and Social Change, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

365. Jonathan L. Bougie

364. Jerald Reodica

363. Nestor Casas
Solidarity from LA

362. Alex Salmon

361. Daniila Gueorguieva

360. Deanne Gwinn

359. grace mcconomy

358. Kenneth Love

357. Torri

356. Janine Carmona

355. Greg
You are right.

354. Joe-Joe McManus, Ph.D.

353. William D. MacKenzie
Expulsion from school based on these circumstances is immoral as well as a direct violation of our rights as humans in this country

352. Prof. Jacqueline DiSalvo

351. John Requard
Has the First Amendment been repealed?

350. Ted Engelmann
It appears the administration of Hampton University has leanings towards a political direction which is detrimental to the democratic process in America. These students are to be commended for standing up for their rights in a democratic manner. They’re the smart ones. The Hampton administration employs terrorist tactics. The Hampton University administration is not only plain wrong, it is illegal. Welcome to part of the Viet Nam Era.


348. Jasmine Noack

347. Carter McNeese Okaloosa Walton College; Niceville, FL

346. Jennifer Greene
I agree with what Wil LaVeist, adjunct professor at HU, wrote in his column entitled “HU Would Give Wrong Message by Punishing Activists.” Come on, HU–you can do better than this.

345. Michele Bollinger
solidarity with Hampton students. Students have the right to organize, demonstrate and protest!

344. Barbara Ehrentreu, Literacy Specialist
We cannot allow these students to be expelled for protesting a corrupt and damaging administration!

342. Sharon Spence-Wilcox

341. Alden Eagle

340. Blanca Hernandez
I support the student activities 100\%

339. Mark Clinton

338. Mariah Ahern Co-President of Conscious World Student Organization, Bainbridge Island High School, WA.
We stand in solidarity with the students of Hampton and respectfully demand that first amendment rights be upheld. To negate them should bring legal action against the Hampton University Administration.

337. Natania Crane

336. Shaun Joseph
University of Rhode Island, GAU/AAUP

335. Erin Gilday
Free speech on all US campuses now!

334. Yuval Sivan

333. Dr. Michael J. Monahan

332. Dave Zirin
We will stand with the Hampton students until the administration stands down.

331. Ago Martinez

330. william shorr
Harvard Graduate School of Education

329. Alan Wallach, Ralph H. Wark Professor of Art and Art History, The College of William and Mary

328. Vinie Burrows

327. Kate Walsh RN
this IS still a Democracy, despite the activities of the Bush-Cheney Cabal.

326. G Justin LeFurjah

325. Dr. Elisa Evett

324. Karen Sackett

323. Judy Munro-Leighton
Thanks for your hard work at Hampton Univ. We need to hold Bush & Co. responsible for the lies that led to war. Keep up the good work.

322. Kjerstin Rossi
These students are a sign that our enfeebled democracy has some kicking parts, support them.

321. Pat Walsh
“freedom” does NOT mean free to conform

320. Alan M. Zaslavsky Professor, Harvard Medical School

319. Peter O’Brien

318. Ryan Anderson

317. Carole Ramsden

316. Daniel I. Fearn
I thought that Hampton University thought its students subjects base on the ancient tradition of the Liberal Arts. Since the Latin root of the word liberal is liber which means free; I naturally assumed the University’s officials would actively support and defend free speech. I seem to be wrong. I guess Hampton University subscribes to the newfangled Conservative Arts curriculum. What the conservative arts are I don’t know. I suspect they would be suspiciously like the Seven Deadly Sins. What are arithmetic, astronomy, geometry, grammar, logic, music and rhetoric in comparison to Anger, Covetousness, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride and Sloth? LIBERate Hampton now!

315. Chris Gauss

314. Lucy Oppenheim

313. Wendy Linton

310. Dominick Lane

309. marnie jones

308. Jennifer Low

307. Kimberly Coughlin
If you deny the right of students to protest you run the risk that we will one day live in a society where no one can be protected from government or institutional repression. If we face reprisals when we raise our voices in solidarity with the oppressed anywhere we are all more oppressed everywhere than we think. When oppression, repression and censorship turn on you, you will wish that we were there once more so that we might join with you. Which side are you on?

306. Colleen McLelland

305. Amy Kosh

304. Carol Van Houten

303. Carl Sack
Stop censorship now!

302. Michael Letwin Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War; Former President, UAW Local 2325/Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys

301. Alexander English
As a teacher, I am ashamed of your conduct toward these young people.

300. Alison Dignam

299. Jeffrey Offermann

298. Deborah

297. Toufic Haddad
I am disgusted with the administration’s actions and would not expect it from an institution which has dedicated itself to the empowerment of black people through education. The war in Iraq affects poor and minority communities in America and the administration cannot pretend that they are blind to this by being ‘by the book’. Shame on them.

296. inda D. Wright What happened to the First Amendment???????

295. Hector Agredano

294. Dahr Jamail

293. Ian Chinich

292. Tom Scherer

291. Reynaldo L Trevino

290. Robert Sapp
I support the students

289. Daniel Saver
Stop repression!

288. Jeff Blackwell

287. Antonia Shouse
the university is the ground on which we train students to actively creatively think consider and take action, so therefore YOU should certainly stand behind these students.

286. Joyce Sealey
What happened to Democracy and the right to free speech?

285. Francois Laforge
in solidarity

284. Cathy McGuire

283. Antonia Shouse
the university is the ground on which we train students to actively creatively think consider and take action, so therefore YOU should certainly stand behind these students.

282. James Domenico
The first amendment applies to all your students, not just the conservative ones.

281. Scott Chwaliszewski
Leave our Freedom of Speech alone…

280. Ellen Kleyman
Your university’s treatment of these students is an embarrassment to me as an educator and a citizen.

279. Elizabeth Terzakis

278. R Wesley Hannah

277. Rose Woodbury

276. Abby Davidson

275. Francis Cook
A university should be a place where students freely express their ideas and feelings, and have free speech . Not repression because the administration disagrees with their message! This is an outrage and attack on FREE SPEECH!

274. Samantha Jordan

273. Yvonne De Carlo
As a Community College educator I am appalled by the actions of Hampton University

272. Colleen Schultz

271. Alex Logan

270. Poulod Borojerdi

269. Adrienne Johnstone

268. Kevin J Smith

267. Marissa Yanez

266. Sarah Knopp
as an educator, I am outraged.

265. Kim Gerard Dominick

264. Katherine Flanagan

263. Collin Niemiec

262. Adam Norden

261. Charles Ross
Freedom of speech is a democratic RIGHT – without FREE SPEECH – our Country is lost.

260. abbie jenks

259. Ramona Russell
DEMOCRACY = FREE SPEECH – without it – we have NO DEMOCRACY!!!!

258. hilary mosner

257. Cat Bromels
It is the right of all students as well as their responsibility to demonstrate.

256. Joshua Karpoff Rochester Inst. of Tech. Anti War (CAN Chapter)

255. Lucy Herschel

254. mustafa

253. Marvin E. Gettleman, Ph.D.

252. Pham Binh
It’s outrageous that the Hampton University administration claims to “encourage” peaceful protest and then calls the cops when activists actually organize one!

251. Jocelyn Blake

250. Eljeer Hawkins

249. Brian Belknap
Drop the charges and stop the harassment of student activists NOW!!

248. Carl Webb
I’m a soldier refusing to serve and I support the students fully. Go to http://carlwebb.net to see my website about my resistance.


246. Brian Kwoba
Defend free speech!

245. Chris Farrell

243. Br. Bronson Rozier
To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr , ‘By cutting off possible debate and free speech, you are inciting people to violence to make their legitimate concerns heard.’

242. Maggie Matviya
if it was a peaceful protest, how were they doing any harm?


240. Kailin Kreitz

239. Suzanne R. Carlson
letter already sent separately – see http://www.traprockpeace.org/hampton_university_students/

238. Calvin L. Hicks
To: senior Hampton administrators: How vile to stand in league with undemocratic elements of the regional and national power structure. How idiotic to align yourselves, and opt for mandarin relationships, with those who promote fascism. How remarkably suicidal to design a course of action that strives to forget the essence,the courageous, though tormented memories of your own incarnation; that sabotage, undercuts and cannibalizes your own children.

237. Frank D.Ford
Free expression of political thought is essential to democratic process

236. Robert D. Skeels

235. Lauren Walker

234. Brian Tierney

233. Max Aubain

232. Stephanie Jung

231. Sarah Hines

230. Elise Palmer

229. Ragina Johnson

228. Bridget Broderick

227. Jennifer Ramos
Hampton’s actions against its students are disgraceful!

226. Luke
This behavior by the administration resembles the causes of the 1964 Berkeley and 1968 Colombia U uprisings…

225. Sean Petty
Free the students or have it the hard way

224. Brian Jones

223. Katy I.

222. Maria E. D’Amelio
These students should be commended NOT punished!

221. Greg Love
Stop criminalizing dissent!

220. Mark Lewis
Virginia is still America!

219. Bo Chung

218. Phillip J. Kim
This is ridiculous. Is this Stalinist Soviet Russia or America the land of the free? Let the students speak and assemble.

217. Akunna

216. robert C Hawley

215. Christina Franjul

214. greg

213. Chris Schwartz
University of Northern Iowa

212. Paul Pryse

211. Elizabeth Geglia

210. Andree J Rathemacher

209. Sarah Johnstone

208. Stephanie Moy

207. Claire Harlam

206. Jeff Bale

205. Tom Arabia
Hampton U repression is unconstitutional and an outrage! For a university supposedly representing the epitome of free exchange of ideas, what is being done here is utter hypocrisy! Let students speak! Let us protest!

204. Erik Wallenberg

203. Lynne Stamm

202. Richard Fishman
please pay attention

201. Jim Macdonald
Dissent is a higher value than whatever value you think you are protecting by punishing these people.

200. Kyla Klein
As a student at Harold Washington College in Chicago, I have also experienced abuse from the Administration of my school for exercising my political beliefs. I stand in solidarity with the students at Hampton University.

199. Michael George Smith

198. Malachy Kilbride ( affiliated with the DC Anti-War Network/DAWN www.dawndc.net )
I can’t believe an academic institution is doing something like this. Yes, the whole world is watching!

197. Susan O’Malley

196. Tony Udell

195. Andrew Lyubarsky

194. Urszula Frydman

193. Erik Jorgensen
I’m a current college student at Warren Wilson College and the actions of Hampton University are infringing on their students 1st amendment rights.

192. Julie Southerland
Solidarity! from a C.A.N.-UNC-Greensboro member

191. Leigh Johnson
University of California Berkeley

190. Edward Bender

189. John Coursey
Punish the Bush Administration not the students who protest their bloody war!

188. Kirstin Roberts

187. Clayton Di Chiro
the barefoot people will bring about the change we all seek

186. Richard Martinez

185. Pete Perry
peace and solidarity in the face of oppression — forever!

184. Bill Trochim
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

183. Greg Vargo

182. Christine Renko
the administration at hampton university should be ashamed of themselves.

181. Norman T Merkel
Our colleges and universities should be bastions of free speach and intelectual freedom!

180. Allison Horman

179. Sam Bernstein
New Haven, CT

178. Elspeth Doll

177. Belen Cadena

176. Shane Dillingham
Member, University of Maryland’s Peace Forum

175. Jazmin Morelos

174. Quinn Miller
Retaliating against these students for participating in a peaceful protest is an outrageous attack on the First Amendment. Doesn’t Hampton University believe in democracy?

173. Thao Tu

172. jessica Muldoon
Free speech and freedom to assemble are our rights!

171. Elyse

170. Richard Huffman

169. Steve Stormoen

168. Anna Naylor Swanson

167. David Alt
your illiberal and reactionary behavior will not be tolerated

166. Camie Bradley
support the TRUTH

165. Natylie Baldwin

164. Leslie Cagan

163. Susan Carr
Americans have enough “hidden” with Bush and cronies in power, we have a duty to protest as well as a right!

162. Katharine Nelson

161. Liane Casten

160. Dionne Franklin
The charges should be dropped and students should be allowed to express their views.

158. Alessandro M. Tinonga

157. Maya Koenig

156. Lorraine Maxwell Professor Cornell University

155. Kristin Wall

154. Tamara Nisic

153. Rachel Odes
Stop the War!

152. Benjamin Ratliffe

151. Julien Ball

150. David Thurston
Hampton should immediately drop all charges and allow these activists full rights as a campus organization.

149. Shawn Redden

148. Susie Wasserstrom

147. Natalie Lubbert
Drop All Chrages Now!

146. Suzie Schwartz

145. Kaitland Kennelly
Drop All Charges Now!!!

144. Donald J. Barry, Ph.D.
An academic institution must by its nature grant the widest possible rights for speech, including speech which is symbolic, divergent, or inconsistent with the voiced position of the University. Otherwise the University ceases to be a place of ideas, and becomes merely another hierarchical center for assembly-line production of vocational practitioners — not scholars. Back down from these absurd threats against student protesters. They are the people you should value, not curse!

143. Kristin Lubbert
This is Outrageous! You cannot punish these students. They have done nothing wrong. Students still have the right to free speech.

142. LaVonna Lathrop
I fully support the student activists!

140. Dan Lori

139. tyrell haberkorn

138. rebecca kurti

137. Bill Linville UW-Madison Stop the War
We are also under attack at UW-Madison and are in solidarity with the Hampton students — same struggle, same fight! Check out campusantiwar.net for more info or call the investigating officer in our case Yolanda Garza at (608) 263-5700

136. Aaron Hess Columbia University

135. Josie Golembiewski

134. Amanda Maystead

132. Danielle Heck

131. Hannah Behrmann

130. Patrick Young

129. Peter Couvares
Associate Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison, AFT Local 223

128. Eva Woods

127. Elizabeth Schulte

126. Dennis P. Cimino
these students have FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS, folks! They are fighting FASCISM!!!!

125. Leela Yellesetty
Hampton University’s blatant disregard for students’ rights and free speech must be challenged. Drop all charges immediately!

124. Maxwell Owen Clark

123. Ashley Riley Sousa
West Valley College/Yale University/GESO

122. Sarah Treusdell

121. Darla Shelden
Free speech in America…remember?

120. David May
Stop silencing dissent!!!

119. Romi Elnagar

118. Ashley Smith

117. Joanna Bove
Students have the right to free speech and rally against destructive public policy such as the war in Iraq, the re-segregation of school systems, and the disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina.

116. Rachel Tutera

115. Andrea Hektor

114. Deepa Kumar
It is outrageous that students rights to free speech, to debate and discuss important issues like the war are being denied to them. Surely, this has no place in an educational establishment.

113. Tonya Douraghy
defend students’ right to free speech, drop the charges!

112. Kara Nickels

111. Teresa Montseny

110. Danny Katch

109. Megan Sullivan

108. Kamala Platt, Ph.D.

107. Siddharth Patel
Why does the Hampton administration want to place itself on the side of an unpopular, imperialist war, and an unpopular, war criminal President?

106. Todd Chretien
Students must have the right to express their anti-war opinions.

105. zac townsend

104. Susan Selvig

103. Benjamin Carson

102. Rebekah Ward

100. Roberto Rosario

99. Gary Mesker
One of this country’s founding precepts was the idea of freedom of speech, so much so that it was included in the First Amendment. It is disgraceful for any University, whether publicly or privately funded, to reject the concept of freedom of speech or freedom of expression. Woe to you who oppose this fundamental concept, by doing so you are subverting and undermining our democracy.

98. Mason Loke
Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere

97. Tom Feeley

96. Kathy Hass
Stop the fascism of the PNAC, not freedom of speech

95. Nicholas Hart
end the war, defend free speech!

94. steve cser

93. Richard J. Schaedler, Esquire
The conduct of the Administration of Hampton University is reprehensible and contrary to the ideals upon which America was founded.

92. Peter Crownfield

91. Laura Durkay

90. Emmett Shearer
Have any of you ever read the Constitution of the United States?!

89. Lawrence Palmer

88. Meredith Kolodner
It is outrageous that you would consider disciplining these students for peacefully protesting. You should be proud of them for their integrity and commitment, not punishing them for standing up for what they believe in.

87. Helen Scott

86. Lonnie Lopez
It’s pitiful that in the year 2005 students are still for fighting for their first amendment rights.

85. susan sandlin

84. Paul D’Amato
stop repressing activists

83. Jessie Kindig

82. Josh On
This is a time to be supporting activism and social engagement – not punishing people for it. Drop the charges!

81. Keith Danner
Protest is a fundamental democratic right.

80. Snehal Shingavi
Berkeley Stop the War Coalition, International Socialist Organization, AGSE/UAW local 2865

79. Blair Mosner
The whole world is watching!

78. Alison McKenna

77. Oskar Castro
I am of the understanding that Hampton University, an illustrious institution of distinction, was founded on the basis of serving the educational needs of Native Americans and Freed Africans who were former slaves. It is with this understanding that I am concerned about the repressive tactics under way to silence the courageousness of students brave enough to question a war of aggression and occupation. One of President Harvey’s elements in his “leadership model” is Courage. I encourage you to reflect on Dr. Harvey’s definition of courage as it should apply to your students and realize that their voice is no less important than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, or our beloved Rosa Park’s whose life and convictions we celebrate on this auspicious day of December 1st. I pray that the HU administration finds it in its hearts to let the spirits of all the ancestors affected by US racism, militarism & colonialism who ever attended HU to rest assured that it will do the right thing by them and these students.

76. Melissa Bowe

75. Mark Bernard

74. Ryan Potochnik

73. Jim W. Jaszewski
It is past time for students to be democratically running post-secondary institutions — alongside the regular staff.

72. Alex Bennett

71. Craig Sinclair

70. Brian
Defend Free Speech on Campus!

69. Heather Hutchins
Drop all charges against the students. It is their first amendment right to freedom of speech and the right to have a peaceful protest.

68. Julie Hagenbuch

67. James York

66. Dao Tran
keep protesting against the brutal occupation of iraq and don’t let the university’s repressive efforts demoralize you. people around the country (and probably the world) support you!

65. Dylan Stillwood

64. Todd Dewey

63. John McDonald
We can’t let administrative repression beat back our cause. Every time a school threatens an anti-war student, the movement MUST stand up to the intimidation and refuse to back down!

62. Wayne Standley

61. Keith Zehr

60. Lee Wengraf

59. Steve Ramey

58. Chuck Stemke

57. Noreen McNulty

56. Jeffrey Kornegay
Please follow Kent State’s example and rectify this situation at once. Drop all charges! Support free speech!

55. O. Gagne

54. Zachary Zill

53. Nathan Aaron Selles-Alvarez
We demand freedom of speech

52. Bill Roberts

51. Tom Lewis, Professor, University of Iowa
Instead of hounding student activists, administrators in higher education should be standing up for the freedoms of speech and assembly.

50. Craig M. Johnson

49. Lance Newman Associate Professor, Literature and Writing Studies, Cal State San Marcos

48. Annie Zirin
Shame on Hampton for its outrageous, anti-democratic polices.

47. Shaun Harkin

46. Derek Wright
I’m a member of the academic staff at UW-Madison and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. People all over the country are watching this insulting attack on free speech, and we won’t be silent while university administrations like Hampton’s attempt to deny our rights. Solidarity forever!

45. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Drop these outrageous charges!

44. Alana B. Smith

43. Lance Selfa

42. Ben Dalbey

41. Steve Leigh
The whole world is watching! The U.S. is supposedly fighting a war to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq but the administration at Hampton U. and many other schools is denying freedom and democracy to their students. The hypocrisy of this is beyond belief! Students will continue to protest. The only question is will Hampton U’s administration continue to give itself a reputation of repression and hypocrisy, or will it repair its reputation and create an impression of tolerance and enlightenment? Do the right thing! Stop the repression! Defend political freedom!

40. Tina Gross

39. Anand Gopal

38. Alan Maass

37. Elizabeth Lalasz

36. Jennifer Roesch

35. Sharon Smith

34. Nihar Bhatt

33. Jason Yanowitz

32. Aileen Paguio

31. Paul Loeb
I write extensively on civic involvement–this is a terrible model to set for our students

30. MoniqueDols
Drop All charges! Recognize the progressive students’ groups at Hampton!

29. Dorli T Rainey
We export “freedom” all over the world, why not practice it in the US?

28. Dana De Luca

27. Kären Ahern
Hampton University should be proud of the students for being true Patriots by taking a stand and speaking out. They certainly do not deserve harassment and punishment for practicing their right of Free Speech.

26. Leah Siegel

25. Ahmed Shawki

24. Nick Bergreen
Would The Hampton Administration have done to Rosa Parks what they are doing to their students today?

23. Rachel Smith

22. Danielle Laura
It is unacceptable to disregard free speech rights in this manner.

21. Ward Reilly
It is horrible to see the neocons police-state tactics starting to filter down into our universities

20. Mary Davis
free speech & free thought are essential for democracy.

19. Charmaine Kelsick
We need more students who are aware of conditions around the world. Let us not stifle these students voices

18. Ryan Fukumori

17. Susan Stollwerk

16. Adam C. Turl

15. Abby McAfee

14. diana mendez

13. Emerson McAfee

12. Brian M.

11. Professor Phil Gasper
Stop the shameful attack on free speech!

10. Amanda McAfee

9. John Burns
The repression of students at Hampton is part of a larger attack on student’s rights from counter recruitment protesters at SF state, to striking grad students at NYU. We will stand together on every front, and we will win this struggle.

8. John Grueschow
I support this petition and the right of nonviolent protest

7. Rayyan Ghuma

6. Carolyn Fuller

5. Daniel Botkin, Divya Shinn
support free speech on campus

4. Stephanie Schwartz

3. Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
Just as we won at Holyoke Community College, George Mason University, and Kent State University…we will win at Hampton!

2. Charles Jenks
This heavy handed attempt to clamp down on peaceful student protest is an outrage. To top it off, giving 4 days notice of an expulsion hearing is totally outside the bounds of reason. I call on the university to cancel the proceedings against these students and to honor their exercise of free speech on the campus.

1. John Robinson, Hampton University student

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